Part of the ongoing earth changes are the changes in weather. The main reason the weather is chaning is because of the earth wobble. A wobble that i noticed and wrote about in my blog.

According to Zetatalk the wobble has gotton more violent

The wobble still has a figure 8 form but has been drastically distended to include an almost violent push away of the N Pole and an equally violent bounce back. Thus it is the period when the Sun is over the Americas that the worst push and bounce occur. This will be the norm until the lean to the left begins.

source:ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

Now hurricane bill could threaten the Canadian east coast.

And when i think about the summer in my country, the Netherlands. I think it's a rather wierd one too. With periods of warm weather that comes in peaks.

Now what kind of changes do you notice around you and on this globe?

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This from Zetatalk about the Northern hemisphere. I also think that the summer we have over here in the Netherlands has to do with the more violent wobble. Normal temperatures combined with above average temperatues. And our weather got unpredictable too. Yet still a lot of people stick their heads into the sand and keep on living like nothing is going on.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/31/2009: At present the N Pole is tilted too far away from the Sun due to the violent push away of the magnetic N Pole when it turns to face Planet X. This is countered, however, by a violent bounce back during the wobble, forcing some parts of the globe under more tropical air. The hot and cold regions are like bands, vertical bands, showing the wobble to be a jerking back and forth of the N Pole. Hot on the West Coast, cold in the Great Lakes and New England states. Cold in Europe and too warm in western/central Russia. We predicted the wobble would get worse, and it has, but the worst is yet to come!

We explained recently that the winter of 2007-2008 was excessively cold in the northern hemisphere because the N Pole of Earth was being pushed away by the N Pole of Planet X. This winter of 2008-2009 is likewise excessively cold in many parts of the northern hemisphere for the same reason, though the more violent wobble has interlaced parts of the northern hemisphere with record heat. Unfortunately for the southern hemisphere, which had record heat during the summer of 2007-2008, their heat spells will continue during their summer of 2008-2009, at least in certain locations. We explained that the northern hemisphere will experience more cold until the lean to the left into 3 days of darkness starts. This unfortunately means that portions of the southern hemisphere will continue to experience their record heat also until that time arrives.
we had a chilly June in new york, then very hot summer so far,
I belong to a group that has mostly Vietnamese and Chinese in new york, and we follow our spirit teacher a woman named Supreme Master Ching Hai. this Master has told us we have 1248 days to prepare and make changes. and She recommended everyone to plant gardens and grow our own food and move away from the shore and oceans into the mountains. I am not sure if this is the reason that the Vienaese in Chicago are planting food, but it is a good chance they are members because we have millions all over the world and many in the USA. check out for Her info about saving the planet. and also for more information. Supreme Master Ching Hai recommends everyone become a vegan vegetarian to help save themselves and the planet before its too late.

Xtina said:
Yeah, in Chicago we had August in July and are now (Sept. 5) having October - chilly as heck for more than a week now. Last winter was viciously cold - cold early and hanging on well into May. Something very cool - I live in what we here call "Little Vietnam", and these people - the Vietnamese and Chinese who own land - some of it multiple empty lots - are growing food. I am dying to ask them where they got the idea to grow this food - via Mrs. Obama, or via something/someone else? I'm seeing that a few non Asians are growing a few things, but not to the extent and with the efficiency the Asians are.
Here in NZ in the Southern Hemisphere we are having crazy weather. GOOD CRAZY! We seem to have gone from Late winter to late spring.. missing early spring. August was the warmest for 155 years.. since rercords were kept. And September continues with warm summer like days. Just great...:-).

But you have to wonder what it means... especially with the El Nino setting up in the tropics as Gerard has pointed out. This could mean drought later in the summer especially on the East Coasts of NZ which are in rain shadow from the westerly winds. That could be me...
Meanwhile in the background I can hear the roar of trucks and diggers working on the new road. They will make good progress in the dry weather. I want it to be finished... just in case...;-)...
Hello Gerard and everyone in this discussion.

I live in the west coast of Canada. I live about one hour east of Vancouver. The weather has been very hot most of the summer. I have planted my garden in June. Has the seedling were coming out of the ground, we got our first heat wave. It was so hot and dry that the seedling died in one afternoon. The heat waves were spaced by rain. The rain was coming down stronger than usual. Through out the summer, the mercury did not go much below 30 C. We had a week or 40 C and above, which is unusual for this area. The normal is 25 C. for the summer months.

The winter 2008-2009 was strange too. We had a snow storm that blocked most of the highways in the Fraser Valley. For the first time in many years, we had snow on the ground at Christmas time.

Because of the heat, some snow caps on the neighboring mountains have melted. Yesterday on the radio, they told the listeners that the steam coming from Mount Baker was from the melting snow. This mountain is 10,720 feet high.

Yes Gerard, the weather has been weird since 5 years. But this year, the changes were more noticible.
Despite the fact that summer 2009 had more sea ice than in 2007 or 2008, scientists are seeing drastic changes in the region from just five years ago and at rates faster than anticipated. The findings were presented today in the annual update of the Arctic Report Card, a collaborative effort of 71 national and international scientists.

Among the changes highlighted in the 2009 update to the report card were:

* A change in large scale wind patterns affected by the loss of summer sea ice,
* The replacement of multi-year sea ice by first-year sea ice,
* Warmer and fresher water in the upper ocean linked to new ice-free areas,
* A continued loss of the Greenland ice sheet,
* Less snow in North America and increased runoff in Siberia,
* The effect of the loss of sea ice on Arctic plant, animal, and fish species.

A possible explanation given in ZETATALK is that the weather is changing is because of the earth wobble

Major earth wobble indicated on USGS reporting worldwide within past couple hours. Weather Radar maps all showing times up to about 6 hours ago, major disruptions indicated. WOW!

in Colorado (USA), more rapid weather shifts - from 80 degrees (F) to  6" of snow in two days:

Sudden wind swept through Southern Alberta on the Weekend, here is a link:

Although the 'official' version is explained as a high pressure pocket etc, they really don't have an explanation for the sudden wind storm that swept through BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The wobble is becoming more erratic and violent.


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