The Moon rises and sets every day, like the Sun. The Sun always rises in
the morning and sets in the evening. The Moon, on the other hand, does
it at a different time every day.

These are the Official "2010 Moon Phase Peak Times"
inc Moon Times to nearest 5 minutes (GMT)

The times are not moonrise

Full Moon:
21:30     23 Oct

Last Quarter:
01:35     30 Oct

New Moon:
12:45     6 Nov

First Quarter:
04:50     13 Nov
end quoted

Nowdays it moves in odd paths in the Sky

I got a Web Cam, a Laptop with the Software Called Stellarium

and will post my findings here!

You too can post here your findings for all to see!

Best Regards

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Nov 9 Moon is 225 deg SW

and from Stellarium:

Note the inclination angle
Nov 11 Moon is 225 Deg SW

And from Stellarium:

Nov 12 Moon is 240 SW

From Stellarium:

Nov 21 Moon is on the Zenit Again

and form Stellarium:

Pictures posted by Recall 15 on October 21, 2010 at 4:37pm

Nov 22 moon @ 6.41 am 275W:

In Stellarium is almost in the Ecliptic

Then Sunrise and Moon set happend almost at the same time! 6:50:10 and 6:50:40
Moon@ 270W

Sun@ 100E

And from Stellarium:


What do you think?
Saw the moon this am in NW Saskatchewan in the NW setting at about 8:15 am. That is the first time we've seen it in the NW.
Yellow Moon Rising @ 22 Nov 65 deg NE

And from Stellarium:

More Moon Phase Peak Times

Last Quarter
28 Nov 20:35

New Moon
5 Dec 17:35

First Quarter
13 Dec 14:00

Full Moon
21 Dec 08:15

Last Quarter
28 Dec 04:20

Nov 23 moon and Halo @ 65 NE

And f rom Stellarium:

Nov 24 Moon @ 70 NE

and from Stellarium:

Nov 25 Yellow Moon @ 75 NE

and from Stellarium:

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