The Moon rises and sets every day, like the Sun. The Sun always rises in
the morning and sets in the evening. The Moon, on the other hand, does
it at a different time every day.

These are the Official "2010 Moon Phase Peak Times"
inc Moon Times to nearest 5 minutes (GMT)

The times are not moonrise

Full Moon:
21:30     23 Oct

Last Quarter:
01:35     30 Oct

New Moon:
12:45     6 Nov

First Quarter:
04:50     13 Nov
end quoted

Nowdays it moves in odd paths in the Sky

I got a Web Cam, a Laptop with the Software Called Stellarium

and will post my findings here!

You too can post here your findings for all to see!

Best Regards

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Nov 26 cloudy Moon Rising @ 77 deg NE

and from Stellarium:

27 nov Moon @ 80 deg NE
There was an another complete round object over the moon to the left color dark gray 1/2 Size the moon.
but this camera is not so sensitive to capture it.

and from Stellarium

Nov 28 Moon @ 257 SW

and from Stellarium 270W:

Moon @ 255 SW

And From Stellarium Moon @ 268 SW

I've been watching the moon for long time with my naked eyes. All I can say is that the moon's position and set times are not regular. Unfortunately the sky-watch is almost impossible this month due to cloud cover. Contrails effect? Oh yes. No wonder. They fly everyday above my head. The weather in here, Sydney has been changed dramatically since last year. I used to swim in the beach from the middle of October every year. But I couldn't make it this year. The weather is da** cold. However there is no explanation on mass media regarding about these weird phenomenon.
Thanks Moksha! ths is the meaning of this post ...
Nov 30 moon @ 250SW

And from Stellarium:260SW

thanks Margaret
Dec 03 5:35 am
Venus @ 90 deg E
Moon rise @ 102 deg ES

and from Stellarium:
Venus @ 98 deg ES
Moon @ 110 deg ES

Dec 8
Moon @ 225 SW

and from Stellarium @ 250 SW

Dec 10

Moonset @ 255SW 9.38:48 pm

And From Stellarium @ 260SW


on January 15 2011 in this 180 deg photo
Sun was Set 225SE                                                                                 Moon was at 20 deg NE 


Time 17:50:56

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