yesterday at ca 17.00 my mother 70yrs and my nephew 3yrs old was out buying milk and they were both in awe and was talking to several others who also took notice of the BIIIG fullmoon and the red sunset!!!!

at 17.00,and the sun came back because i watched the sunset at 22.20!!!! and later that night she asked me if it was possible for the moon to go from full to waxingcrescent in 5,5 hours because the moon had changed to what it should be in the first place.

if this is not evidence of the wobble then i dont know what is.

and yes i belive her,why or how would a woman 70yrs old make up something like that??

i sure am glad im moving inland as soon as my operation wound is healed and i am able to carry my bob!! i dont have the skill to explain properly,i hope it make sense to everyone.


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