It is 650 am here in Massachusetts. I wanted to check the direction the sun was rising at as I know things have been off as of late.  Sure enough the sun was rising more north than east not just a little off of due east "a lot' off of east a few degrees off of north.  So it leads me to challenge others reading this blog to check the sunrise if they happen to be up that early to confirm what I have seen.

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I also was up today to view the sunrise in Pennyslvaina, but the clouds were to thick for viewing, and I did not take the compass with me, I did have the camera this morning and at 5:50 AM the sky had that rusty glow.  Use to be red at night (sailor's delight) red in morning (Sailor's warning),  Sailors must really be confused as I get red at night and red in mornings now.


I forget where i saw it but I was reading where someone was keeping track of the sun's position and that the sun was still north of the tropic of cancer by like 4 degrees when by now it should be south of the tropic of cancer which is one of the reasons i wanted to check where the sun was coming up.

I will join you in this, and will do both sunrise and sunset for the next 7 days and send you my results.


I am also in central Massachusetts watching the different poitions of the sunrise. Have you noticed that a couple of days after the full moon in July the moon could not be found rising until 1:30 or 2:00 o'clock in the morning?

a general rising of the sun more north than east?

I have been tracking the sunrise and sunset daily since my last post, both are off, as compass shows sunrise NE and sunset NW.

sometimes i am not to bright about these things but this is to give people an 'idea' of what direction I am seeing the sunrise at. Generally my sunrises and sunsets are either directly facing down route 20 or a "little' to the right or left of route 20 but this direction i have arrowed out is "WAY OFF"

Good Morning


I am new here an just finding my way around, but doing lots of reading.  I also am paying more attention to the sky and sun and have noticed things unusual and not seen before by me!  On foud occassions now I have seen a circle around the sun in the last month which almost looks like a rainbow its very beautiful and strange at the same time.  Strange because in all my years living here I have never it before and in one month I see it four times.

Also tons of helicopter activity....


This ZetaTalk explains the reasons for the halos around the sun


The side of the globe that faces the Sun of course gets more wafting from the tail of Planet X than the side experiencing night. There are compounds in the tail that create an oily smear, halos around the Sun when viewed from Earth, etc. This haze is another aspect of this oily substance in the atmosphere. Like light that shines through fog, sunlight is deflected and scattered, giving a bright haze appearance.



This is neither red dust nor the bending of light rays that occur in rainbow displays. This is a change in the chemistry of that portion of the atmosphere. Just as neon clouds or those portions of swirls affected by magnetism (such as the Norway swirl) can assume a color, temporarily. There are many chemicals in the atmosphere, due to the tail of Planet X, causing halos around the Moon or Sun and neon clouds and the like. This is one more such phenomena from these chemicals.


In my broken sleep at 5am this morning I decided to take a quick look at the stars, more specifically in the 42* NE direction that some other southern hemisphere people have been saying to check out. Unfortunately, the cloud was beginning to roll in blocking the horizon, so I went back to bed. At 630am when my alarm went off, I had another peek to see if the cloud had cleared enough ... no clouds but a definite thick haze. I did notice however, that the sun was just breaching the horizon at 30-35* N. Even now at 920am the sun is higher in the sky, but still around 20* N. It's almost like instead of evenly arcing across the sky, it's just gone straight up??

I am in New Zealand with an elevation of 160 meters above sea level and a clear view to the north, east and south - sheltered by the mountains to the west.

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