Yesterday, January 19, 2011, the sunrise in Spokane, WA was at 6:40 a.m., or so.  I've sent this question to the local TV stations and our newspaper, and still haven't heard of an explanation.  This morning as I write, 6:56 a.m., there still is no sunrise.  Does anyone else feel like they are the only ones paying attention to the oddities surrounding us?  Is there even an explanation for this?   I'll be logging sunrises in my diary!

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Good girl.
Janis - good point. There are so many oddities happening but people choose not to see. They may make note of them but move on to their daily life. Hope you get an answer from the paper/TV as to your question. It would be interesting if they respond.

Hey Janis I am in Oslo, Norway and have been checking the sunrise lately. this morning  January 20th it rose 09:17 am but the sun should have been up 08:56 am  according to the norwegian almanac!! 

And yeah on an office floor of 15 I was the only one paying attention.

Thanks for checking on this Janis. I would like to mention that webcams are also valuable tools for documenting and often come with timestamps.  In addition, webcams don't cause any eye damage!
Nice catch waveguide. I use to check out web cams. I think i am going to have to start watching again.
here is a site that gives sunrises and sunsets times in the US.

I find this a useful tool.
Hi Steve.  Sunrise was supposed to be 7:31 a.m.  This morning, Thursday, the 21st, it was 7:30 a.m, just like the newspaper says.  When I've asked people in the past two days if anyone else noticed, they just said it was a great morning.  I've lived in the same house for 21 years with the sunrise as my "clock" to get moving (east side of house), and I thought I was late!   It was a very bright and beautiful sunrise to boot!  Our temperatures lately have been, in the same week,  anywhere from 4 degrees at night to 55 degrees during the day.  Yesterday was 50's.  Today it's cloudy and cold, trying to snow.  Still no word from the emails I sent to TV and newspaper.  Definitely has woken me up, because I know what I saw!!!  I'll be keeping a daily log for some time now.  Thanks for the calendar!!
steve havas said:

What time were you expecting the sun to rise? Sunrise is supposed to be around 7:30 for that area. If you saw it at 6:40, that is 40 min early. Do you know what time you saw it rise the next day? Can you describe where/what you were looking at to see the sunrise, how was the weather?


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