something is happening over midle Norway??! 5-7 ufo`s in 2 days

the last 2 days i and my spouce have seen flying objects over the mountains,and one was so close that my better half just turned into a beliver and she could see " the windows" on the flying object and understand that it was not anything made on this planet... my consern is that there is going to happen something here in the rural parts of Norway or the northsea... but atleaST my better half now belives that the zetas are real:)  but 5 alien aircrafts in 48 hours is crazy, and 2 im not sure but i cant find any planets on skymap so i guess they were "ufo`s" also..... what the freck is happening?????????????????????????????????????

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Hey Per,

Alien crafts of all sorts are appearing more and more these days, as the awakening proceeds. There are roughly a thousand visitors attending to Earth right now and all of these groups have different crafts. Here is some information on Norway: It could be also that you two are contactees and that this sighting was arranged for the benefit of your spouse. Such close encounters are more rare than distant sightings, though not for long as they will become increasingly obvious. This is all going to plan, be grateful you were gifted this sighting, which clearly you are! :) Pay attention to your feelings towards Norway, it is imperative that you get yourself to a safe location. Per the article I linked you to, it would be best that you get your booty to higher grounds.

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