This morning as I went about signing into my aol account, I was prevented.  I was told my account had been compromised and I needed to answer questions that I nearly couldn't remember.  Instead of seeing a security question, I was asked what is the answer to your security question.  Needless to say, I have had an aol account for more than 15 years and I didn't even remember the security question at the time so I proceeded to find another way to reestablish my account, then I was asked what the phone # was of the original account, daytime and evening and I couldn't remember what that # was from 15 years ago.  Then I was asked what the last 4 digits were of the credit card # I had used when setting up the account and it just got worse and worse.

I went back to the original way of getting in and tried my hand at giving an answer to a question I couldn't remember and I just, I'm here.

I can only imagine what Egyptians are going through.

I am now wondering how many of you went through this this morning.  I am a strong voice on facebook as someone who posts nearly everything from poleshift.ning and appropriate pieces from zetatalk as I find this a wonderful tool.  I have friends all over the world and am always getting the message out. 

Am I being tagged and was this a way to disturb me into quietude?  I don't know but I'm not shaken, just more pissed off.  The last thing I had been doing before going to bed last night was looking on ebay for a lightweight crossbow and a tazer shotgun (able to taze from 100' instead of close contact), which I found is only for police.  Hmm, makes me think that our movements are queries are being monitored.

Anyone else going through this?

I feel in my gut that this is a warning.

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Hi Starr,

      I am sure that this ning is becoming an ever greater threat to the tptb.  The info on hear could bring down the coverup if given main stream media attention.  I've had spotty internet connection for a week or so but could attribute that to anything.  I feel their franticness and it is a bit unnerving.  I wonder if the Z's and others protect the ning and zetatalk?   good post:)

On the main page of this ning, on the left hand side you will see a link that says zeta talk mirror sites.  This is this nings protection as if one is down then there are others you can log into.  It was also suggested that any information YOU feel is vital for your survival, you should copy it onto disk for safe keeping.

These are the times we live in now.  Best of luck to you all.

The presence of such debunkers on GodlikeProductions made me much more cautious, much more likely to keep things 'close to my chest' as the Zetas recommend. Has there ever been a request that attempts to monitor communications be thwarted? It would be nice if communication between the good hearted people here on the Ning could be protected from those wishing to use it against them but I do also understand that it probably isn't going to be the case. I would imagine they would consider this site a threat or would at least be monitoring it now in its early stages to ascertain whether it is a threat or not. If I was a power crazy, self-serving, paranoid part of the establishment trying to maintain the cover-up at all costs, I would certainly monitor the site; for one thing, it's a place where people talking about the poleshift come together in one place so no need to go hunting around for them. They must still monitor your communications which would mean a lot of content here - I don't think they'll ever stop thinking you're a threat.



Where the establishment - the wealthy and politically powerful - are concerned that an official version of the presence of Planet X may get out, they are not as concerned about unofficial versions. They have tried to sculpt the unofficial versions to avoid mention of Planet X, of course, promoting the theory of the galactic center and the exploding Sun, but these attempts are not accepted by the public. This has become clear. The Horizon Project was populated by prestigious scientists, NASA personnel, and yet was a blip on the stage and then forgotten. NASA is pushing the idea that the Sun will be causing havoc, but their primary problem is that the Sun is refusing to cooperate. The Emperors New Clothes is a child's tale, meant to teach the power of societal persuasion, but in reality if the Emperor were nude, the public would not only recognize this, they would point and laugh. NASA's Sun has no clothes. It has no large CME's, and even if NASA were to lie and paint pictures with SOHO, the many monitoring devices that measure solar wind and radiation from the Sun on Earth would paint a different picture.

The establishment understands that prophecy and the reality of what is being presented in the skies, and by the serious Earth changes in process, that the public will sooner or later understand the situation. In fact, the point of no return has already been reached. The pubic has already stopped listening to the media and instead turned to the Internet and intense discussions with friends and co-workers. Why is the weather so erratic? Global Warming was a fraud, and in any case the weather is far outside what was projected by the Global Warming models. Why are earthquakes increasing, and sinkholes appearing, and odd cloud patterns? And for those who have noticed that the Moon is not in the right place, and the Sun not rising or setting where expected, the fact that the media is not addressing these issues is a siren going off. Those in the establishment who are not congenitally stupid, and few are, understand that the day will come when the truth will out. It is that day they fear, and they have few options on how to deal with it.
One option was to declare martial law and march the public to their jobs, on threat of imprisonment or torture. Such options, along with sculpting the population to the desired worker base, were the dream of a few in the establishment, but that dream shattered when the Bush/Cheney cabal lost control of the White House.
Another option is to retreat to well guarded and well stocked enclaves, which is an option already being implemented by many. This option means limited travel and vacation opportunities, and relying upon electronic communications almost totally, but such a retreat can often be disguised by these means so is an option that is and will be heavily used.
Yet another option, considered by few in the establishment, is to stand and face the public's anger, so as to be leaders during the last weeks and in the immediate aftertime. The logic is that leaders who run and hide will not be accepted by survivors, and a cooperative work force will be needed. This option has yet to be tried, as the truth is not yet into the mainstream of public awareness.

So for any of these options, would the Pole Shift ning be a threat? This would have been the case under the Bush/Cheney cabal and their allies around the world, but the ability to muster the FBI or CIA and various wire tapping methods is no longer at the discretion of this crowd. This crowd, thus, is choosing option two, to retreat early to enclaves. For those taking option two, the threat of increased Internet chatter is only a factor in their calculations on when to retreat to their enclaves. They have one foot in their enclaves and one foot out, at present. Those opting for the last option, to stand and face the public's anger and eventually lead, are intensely interested in how the public reacts to the truth, and in particular how the public reacts to leadership by elements such as Nancy and the ZetaTalk message. Are they making serious and practical plans, or are they becoming disruptive and plotting riots? We have predicted, and stated, that as the public makes serious and practical plans, their governments will be more inclined to disclose the truth. Thus the Pole Shift ning is not being watched as a threat, it is being monitored as an experiment, one that is seen as a success!



SAN FRANCISCO (AP) 01/28/11 -- About a half-hour past midnight Friday morning in Egypt, the Internet went dead.

Almost simultaneously, the handful of companies that pipe the Internet into and out of Egypt went dark as protesters were gearing up for a fresh round of demonstrations calling for the end of President Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30-year rule, experts said.

Egypt has apparently done what many technologists thought was unthinkable for any country with a major Internet economy: It unplugged itself entirely from the Internet to try and silence dissent.

Experts say it's unlikely that what's happened in Egypt could happen in the United States because the U.S. has numerous Internet providers and ways of connecting to the Internet. Coordinating a simultaneous shutdown would be a massive undertaking....

In fact, there are few countries anywhere with all their central Internet connections in one place or so few places that they can be severed at the same time. But the idea of a single "kill switch" to turn the Internet on and off has seduced some American lawmakers, who have pushed for the power to shutter the Internet in a national emergency.

The Internet blackout in Egypt shows that a country with strong control over its Internet providers apparently can force all of them to pull their plugs at once, something that Cowie called "almost entirely unprecedented in Internet history."

The outage sets the stage for blowback from the international community and investors. It also sets a precedent for other countries grappling with paralyzing political protests -- though censoring the Internet and tampering with traffic to quash protests is nothing new....

I attempted to go onto RSOE site a few nights ago and normally just google RSOE and click on the 2nd option that comes up. (i need to put in favorites)  Anyway, I got a big red screen and at the bottom, it said something like  - you are unauthorized security risk - your IP address has been logged.


Occassionally on the ning when members have a diffiicult time logging in to zetatalk or this ning, we immediately post the reasons given as we all know that the tptb have tried to tug at the site, I guess to see what would happen, but as we have so many mirror sites it makes it difficult for them.  I had a hunch that my being shut out on the same day as the Egyptian blackout of internet access was a way for them to tug at us again in a manner that they thought was inconspicuous.

The way this relates to the earth changes becomes a tug on our first ammendment rights.  I'm frowned upon because I am a pole shift ninger and 2nd, I post most every important detail on my fb account, daily.  I wonder what else the establishment did on that day to mess with many of us.

Many of us have posts deleted for a variety of reasons and I should have been more clear in my post description as referring to the occasional tug we feel on this ning.  It's important to get that message out quickly as we are constantly being monitored and it's good to let the establishment know that we know. :)

This morning I've been locked out of my ability to post Nancy's 7 of 10 blog onto my fb account.  I receive "an error has occurred on the poleshiftning site, please try again later"  You bet your cookies I will.
For what it's worth, either I am doing something that I am unaware of that harms my computer, or it is something else...but a few months ago my Mac Mini actually broke down ...was loading very slowly and then when I tried the last resort of shutting it off at the computer, it just eventually would not load at all....could not even get my desktop.  Had the hard drive replaced and three months later it happened to  it too...only it happened the first time it began not loading....never to see my desktop again...What sites have I been on when this happens?  Zeta Talk, Planet X NewsLetter, Earth Changes and The Pole Shift Blog.... But I, with limited computer knowledge, could be the real culprit, don't know. 

because ive recently joined this site i have found that it has become very difficult for me to talk with like minded people in the uk and a very slow internet conection since posting my pic on this site and on my facebook page .

today was another fine day and the sun was shining but when i went to take a photo i noticed 3 miltary planes spraying chemicals across the sky's making it impossible for me to take a clear photo.

Very good point, because about a few day's ago I could't open the E-mail link's I received, got message "connection error, check your bla,bla, bla"  but still this ning PS site was working properly thru IE. Also noticed that there was a cut off when I didn't receive any message's about 2-3 day's and after this I suddenly received about 10-15 messages and noticed that there was messages days old. At that time I was thinking, should I ask this from mod's is there a problem, but skipped it... But now when you started this conversation make's me wonder too...
I actually very consciously make a point of trying not to be too blatant on my Facebook page. Right now I am focusing on posting information on floods in Indonesia, buoy movement, earthquakes, etc. Things that are common knowledge but which are not commonly posted all in one place as we do here.  TPTB can be very intimidating... I had lobbied for a time in the early 90's to block road projects that contributed to air pollution. We had made great headway but during the whole battle, many strange things happened on my phone and it was quite obvious I was being tapped and spied on. So, yes, be aware that this can be very real. I have had some flukey things happen recently when trying to open this website and my Avira antivirus has been very busy lately picking up worms and trojans!

Last November in Australia the National Bank experienced a major systems failure.  People could not access their funds, some for up to two weeks.  Every day it was supposed to end but just kept going.  This meant that people's mortgage repayments weren't made or rent remained outstanding, other bills could not be paid and caused general havoc.  Today another problem for the National with internet banking.....which it claims is not related to last year's problem.    We were warned about technology having glitches.  We have already seen it here with Efpos machines in several shops going haywire.  According to shop keepers it was not the first time.  Perhaps it is on the rise, so now may be a good time to be vigilant.

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