different wind speeds or directions?  the atmosphere being dragged during then wobble?



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i can see the changes in clouds even here in the north. i have been watching the sky last 2 months now and i have never seen clouds like these before in my life.  i think strange forms of the clouds maybe be couse of the wobble.  

Great [rhetorical?] question!  Plane in Slide 5 appears to be laying down a chemtrail.  Clouds remind me of James Joyce's Ulysses in which he describes the tops of the waves in Dublin Bay blowing froth off their tops as horse heads w/manes blowing in the wind.  Sorry to get poetic, but I've never seen clouds like that.

If these cloud formations are due to severe Earth wobble on its axis, then that would be right on target for the Last Weeks timeline.  I'm not sure bec. I don't want to jump to conclusions and I'm very uncertain about where we're at in the timeline.  People were posting YouTube videos of 2 suns rising and setting back in early August.  I can't be sure if this means we've got approx. 40 days until rotation stoppage.  See what I mean?  It's still a bit confusing to me. 

Waffle, waffle!

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