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  For those who are not aware, Nancy has indicated that she is not going to be available anymore to answer all of your questions that you email her as her health and resources are being stretched and has deleted all of those in her friends list except those on her mirror sites team.
  Additionally, the Zetatalk Chat sessions are ONLY for people asking the Zetas a question and all non-question related posts will be deleted by the mods.

  This is also being done as in the near future, due to the anticipated increase in interest in the Ning when the 7/10 events really kick in, even MORE policing of the site will be required of the mods and when that happens, any content to be deleted or members to be suspended will occur without warning or explanation.

   So, where you would have messaged Nancy before or posted on the ZetaTalk chat and now can't as it's not a direct question for the Zetas, post your questions here!  All questions welcome.

  Since the start of this Ning, you have a wealth of individuals who know the ZetaTalk message almost as well as Nancy does - there's no need to ask her, just ask here. Nancy is one person, but the Ning is a big group who can answer your questions (and want to answer your questions) in the same way!

 (and please don't PM me with your questions - post them here instead)

ADDENDUM by Nancy. This was a Zeta response on December 4, 2010 during the chats, and I think it applies. I have warned the chats that the time would come when I would only say 'accepted' for those accepted, and not respond at all to other questions. That time has come, as of this week. Here's the prior ZetaTalk:

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 70 years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek.

To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Hi Jake


 Nancy was perfectly justified in answering the way she did. She has incredible demands put upon her time by everyone who wants an answer to something and she works extremely hard to accommodate everyone which is an impossible task.  She doesn’t have the time to answer questions that can be answered simply by doing a Google search, if she spent all her time answering those questions she wouldn’t have time to answer the questions that humans don’t have the answers for. She isn’t being mean she is just letting people know this is serious and she is a limited resource so when you ask a question in the Zeta Talk Chat it really should be a question that you can’t find an answer for on your own.


Try and put your self in her shoes, just imagine if you were able to answer peoples questions like Nancy can and millions of people had access to you would you waste your time with the “why is the sky blue” type of question or would you focus on the questions that are really going to make a difference for mankind, questions that can’t be answered anywhere else? And if you are focused on the questions that are for the greater good you would have no choice than to be short with those who were attempting to waste your time. Even if the person asking the question is sincere they are still wasting your precious time and if your concern is for the greater good than you really have no choice but to let them know in no uncertain terms that your time will not be wasted.


So anyone who gets snapped at should look and the big picture as to why that happened and they would be wise not to complain about it. 


There are other places on the ning (like this forum) you can ask those types of questions and many people (including me) who will be happy to help you find answers.

Jake Montoya said:

Thanks Derrick and Richard for the info/links about the "stars" question in the Zeta question thread. To Nancy. I was being serious. I honestly never heard of a meteor being the same as a "falling star". Things like that I've always heard as "Meteor Showers", and I can honestly say I don't really remember much from high school. I think one of the reasons is because of some of the medications that I'm on or been on has really messed with my memory to be honest.


So yes I was being serious. Maybe I should have worded it better? And yes it was something that I just always wondered about. Still though, there's no need for the way you replied and or have replied to others sometimes as well with some of their questions that could have been genuine to them as well. I did do a small search, but obviously could have went a lot deeper as I just kind of skimmed through some of the info trying to find more what I was looking for. I can understand if the same person was to keep asking such questions over and over and definitely trying to "cause something" but not everyone is trying to do that and by just lashing out at people sometimes could very well get people to turn against you or others or the site and more importantly the cause.


I'm not saying it's a lot either. I think I've seen maybe just a couple of times that some questions have been ridiculed I guess you could say or a few times, but still, no matter, just one time could make people question things. So I apologize, I'll try to use better judgement and not just ask things on my mind or "wondering about" that has nothing to do with the coming events and survival....




Hi Norman

Here is some Zeta Talk about Borneo during  the pole shift

Singapore, as well as the large islands of Indonesia and the Malaysia are riding on the tongue of the Eurasian Plate. These will all suffer when the plate movement described as part of the Holographic presentation Nancy was privy to on November, 2009 occurs. New Guinea, however, rides on the Indo-Australian Plate and will if anything get a bump up in elevation due to the plate tilting. To what extent will the islands on the tongue suffer during the plate movements described? Sumatra and Java of course ride at the edge of the plate, and are land masses rather than seabed because of the subduction pressure. Rock has been scrapped off the tongue as it subducted, creating mountains from this jumble. Sumatra and Java are not, thus what is assumed to be solid rock but is a clutter, a jumble, and can thus easily shift under sufficient pressure. The Malaysia peninsula is lowland, and any reduction in sea level is devastating. Singapore thus shares in a dual tragedy, situated between a crumbling Sumatra and a sinking Malaysia. Sumatra and Java will not sink entirely, as they have high ground, high mountains. Borneo likewise has high ground, and this will survive even the scouring of the water wash from the Pacific during the hour of the pole shift. But during the plate movement that will push some islands in Indonesia down, many small islands, and the coastlines of larger islands, will experience a loss of sea level, suddenly. In that Singapore is situated on lowland, it too will becomes suddenly flooded.


Norman Neo said:

Hi Nancy,


I wish to ask you if the highlands of Borneo Island is a feasible safe location during the pole shift. Will the huge tidal waves from the Pacific drown Borneo Island like it drowns Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia Peninsula and India? I am sorry I have to ask you, because I just can't find this piece of information on Borneo Island for the pole shift.

Has anyone spoken of the possibility that the global economic meltdown was strategicaly designed to fall at this point in time on Earth? The US and EU are trying to repay debt by aquiring MORE debt, to keep the wheel turning and the sheeple pacified. Have TPTB wagered that the coming cataclysms will address the issues of deficit spending and repayment of debt, since there won't be organized finance/economy drivin governments after TSHTF?? I dont want to bother the Zs with redundant Qs if this has already been addressed.


it was in the past under Bush and the housing bubble: as they expected the pole shift to arrive before the bubble burst but these days, the economic problems are not something they can influence in the same way as before, (due to other influences such as extreme weather, crop shortages and earthquakes) so whole countries defaulting on their debts is not something they would engineer as it destabilises the whole which they still wish to continue as is.  I think they're just trying to keep the whole house of cards from falling but not something planned.



The subprime housing bubble was encouraged by the Bush administration for several reasons. One was to boost Wall Street, which was an obvious indicator of the plunging economy within the US. If one factors in inflation, the DOW is far lower now than when Bush took office. Of course it was known that illegal maneuvers would be used to force a bubble, and the regulators under Bush were told to turn a blind eye to this. Insider trading is done all the time in order to maintain the DOW, and is likewise allowed while being against the law. The main goal was to keep the DOW up, and to create a flurry of activity in the housing sector - remodeling, new homes, and all the furnishings that new homes require. The S&L crisis allowed vast funds from the public sector to disappear into private pockets. This was first and foremost a theft. But the housing bubble was not expected to burst, as the pole shift was expected to arrive before this occurred. Yes, there were those who ripped off the lending business and have tried to disappear with the funds, but the trail is there in stone - no escape from eventual prosecution.


Searching said:

Has anyone spoken of the possibility that the global economic meltdown was strategicaly designed to fall at this point in time on Earth? The US and EU are trying to repay debt by aquiring MORE debt, to keep the wheel turning and the sheeple pacified. Have TPTB wagered that the coming cataclysms will address the issues of deficit spending and repayment of debt, since there won't be organized finance/economy drivin governments after TSHTF?? I dont want to bother the Zs with redundant Qs if this has already been addressed.

Thx for the reply and thoughts.

@Norman: Some of us don't think life is only worth living when it's easy. This question comes up periodically. Will things become difficult? Yes. There are some of us who look forward to the opportunities we will be presented with in a world where we are no longer dominated by elite interests, or debt. If/when people establish themselves after the Passage, they will find greater enrichment than today. How do you think people lived before having the luxuries you described? Were their lives not worth living?

@ Norman


There is plenty of Zeta Talk about this subject

“The undecided are the ones likely to make the statement, "why live?" as they do not polarize in either direction, but rather think of their own life, and how they interact on a daily basis with other, or what they have come to expect as their daily fare. The focus is the self, but as a child focuses on the self. How will this affect me, what will I do when presented with this or that without the resources I've come to expect will be available to me. The immature spirit pushes the post pole shift scenario out only so far, to the edges of the cocoon they see their life as, and see this cocoon not there. The job will be gone, friends and family may die or wander off, the store shelves empty, the government offices simply not staffed, and whom do they go to with their complaints? Thus, it is the immature, the undecided, who will present leaders in the Aftertime with motivation problems.”

Greetings from Austria! 100 years after the pole shift, it is unlikely there will be any humans left. I have decided to go along with people of my home town and help as I can. But many friends say, they would prefer to die if circumstances are that uncomfortable after the pole shift. What makes the big difference if humans die out in a moment or within 100 years? Can you bring it to the point, why it is so important to live some more time under inconvenient conditions? A good example for motivation? [and from another] Why did Gandhi give up life as a lawyer, to help free a group of people, or Martin Luther King, stand up as a pastor and fight for civil rights, or Mandela stand up for South Africans? You get the point.

Someone who says they would not want to live, when presented with the grim picture painted of life after the pole shift when modern day conveniences are gone and hard work goes into every meal on the table, is thinking first and foremost about themselves, without a thought of what others might need. We have stated that there are those who realize they will be a burden on others, and many aged or infirm who lose the will to live and die are doing so during the current time because they sense what is on the horizon. This is not selfish, because they don't want to live in hard times, as there is little they could do to assist others, and would be a worry to others already overburdened. But we have stated that for a hale and/or young person to make such a statement is selfish, and thoughts of suicide selfish too in this situation, because the thought should be to how many orphans and injured there will be that need them, need their assistance. If you think such a comment, "why live" is made in a flippant manner and not the real orientation of the individual then respond with "are you the only one who counts?" to make them ponder this. They will either get serious and start talking about the impact on others, or continue to be focused on how their precious life will change. This is not something in your control, as it spins off their basic spiritual orientation.

You are coloring the future gloomy because your personal expectations for the future are unlikely to be met. Happiness for you does not include what we have described - cooperation between good hearted people, sharing, and an almost endless opportunity to help others who will be near at hand and reaching out to you. For those who are highly Service-to-Other, this is a time of great satisfaction, as their efforts can go almost exclusively to helping others and seeing the results. They will fall asleep at the end of a long and exhausting day with a smile, thinking of the infant who had a full meal for the first time in a long time because someone took time to mash the food into a puree. Or because they had the satisfaction of seeing an infected wound they had been treating with herbs clear up, or handing someone a home-made bar of soap for their first hot bath in months.

This is not happiness for you because you have been holding an expectation of a future life that you perceive the pole shift to be taking from you. A steady source of food, delivered to your kitchen table with no more effort on your part than a quick trip to the grocery. This in exchange for some contribution you now provide or social position that you now hold that will be, perhaps, relatively worthless after the pole shift. You will have to actually put forth effort of some kind to secure and deserve a meal! We have stated that those who find the future too awful to contemplate be allowed their decision, and to focus on helping those who have made the decision to live.

Some call this the glass-half-empty or glass-half-full view. For the good hearted, the glass may be reduced to being half full by the pole shift but they pour themselves into efforts helping others and soon their glass is overflowing. Others, who see their glass reduced to being half empty, and their usual method of filling the glass, their usual expectations, no longer available, will give up. Their pension is gone, their soft desk job gone, and their stocks worthless. This is their choice, their decision, and most often reflects directly upon their spiritual orientation, their spiritual maturity. Those who are Service-to-Other may of course feel anxious over what the pole shift has wrought, but they soon forget about worry, busy with the many opportunities to help others. The pole shift is an opportunity to grow, spiritually, or to focus on what you have lost. Your choice. .

Norman Neo said:

Hi All,


I wish to ask you on why do you want to survive the pole shift. There will be no entertainment, no TV, no Internet, no radio talk shows, no airport/planes to take you around the world for travel, no chocolates of your favourite choice, no electricity, no potable water, no gas, etc, etc. There will be lots of volcanic ash mixed with poisonous rain and what not making your quality of life drop to hell level.


I think I would be better off dead during the pole shift than to survive it. It's not going to be an interesting world anymore after the pole shift. Since the Zetas are planning to repopulate the Earth with hybrids, I don't see any reason why the old-styled humans should survive the pole shift anyway.


Thank you for your feedback.

Reply to Norman; Norman you probably aren't nearly as old as me but let's just stop and think a minute, when I was a young man I pumped water from the well with a hand pump and heated it on a coal cook stove to shave with, to take a bath with, for my mother to wash clothes with and then I pumped the rinse water and then she hung the clothes on the line. We did this even in the winter! I plowed the garden with my grandfather's horses and then we planted and watered it every day and when it was ready we canned everything we could for the winter. We went to the outhouse instead of the bathroom and for toilet paper we used sears roebuck catalogs. I mowed the yard with a hand pushed reel type mower, not easy. My mother made the children's clothes until they were in the forth grade and my mother cooked and baked everything we ate, about all that we bought at the grocery store was sugar and flour and we did all this after we got home from work. although it will be hard for me to I'm old now and I don't know how to make some of the staples, sugar, soap and a few other things. Neighbors helped each other back then they went from one house to the other getting the big things done and we were happy then. I know if you never lived in olden times it must seem very hard and you must learn how we did it back then "this should be you're goal" and then you can show others, always look on the bright side, where theres a will theres a way, while theres life theres hope.

I'm not posting this in Chat, because I think some of you can answer this, and then don't need to bother Zeta/Nanzy


1.In Zeta/ Nancys map over the new world, is it possible to put in color showing mountain building sinking and unchanged all over the world?


2.Due to the centrifugal power, Ice melting and heating of the sea, can we assume that the sea level will increase more around the new equator line?


If you spin a round subject in water, you will see that the water will collect more water around the center (equator)!

Pardon bad English


For most, Survival is an instinct. This life we have been blessed with is a school for spiritual learning. I want to fight to live through the coming cataclysms to continue my quest for enlightenment and to fulfill my destiny, whatever that may be. Per the Zs, only 10% of the Earth's population will live thru these coming times. My choice is to be prepared to live and help others tho the odds are STACKED against us. Just because you seem discontent with the idea of no infrastructure to sustain an easy existence, remember, not everyone relies on modern convieniences for happiness.

We all will leave our 3rd density bodies at some point in time anyway. Might as well go down fighting.

The Soul is what matters

-Love :)

Hi mono

Here is some Zeta Talk that may help with your question

This Zeta Talk has a color coded graphic

Zeta Talk about water movement

We have described some tidal movement prior to and following the pole shift. When rotation slows and stops, water flows to the poles, as rotation is no longer pulling the water outward due to centrifugal force. During this time, a lot of land along the equatorial and temperate coastlines will appear, and we have warned people not to feel confident about this, remaining on the shoreline. This is temporary, and when the pole shift itself happens, the sloshing will rush the water back inland as we have stated - up to 100 miles or more inland and up to 200 feet above sea level even at that point. After the pole shift, when rotation returns, of course a new equator finds water pooling there due to centrifugal force, but since the coastlines have been denuded and drowned from the sloshing, this is not a worry to any inhabitants there. Atlantis was drowned for other reasons. This city was, as we have stated, off the western coastline of Europe, which is dragged down during every pole shift

I have a question which relates to last weeks questions form NZ and Alaska about safe locations. Both NZ and Alaska will be moved close to the equator by the pole shift. The Ocean at the equator is 500ft higher than elsewhere due to the spin of the earth . Thus tho NZ is raised 500ft due to plate tilting, it will lose this gain within weeks (?) after the earth resumes spinning. In Alaska you will have to allow an extra 500ft elevation for safety. And in both locations you will then have to allow 675 ft for polar melt and be able to move to an elevation above this after 2 years. Ideally in NZ ( Post PS) you want to be at the bottom of a 700 ft hill...with a path to the top. You live at the bottom to be close to the sea for fishing...and you move every month to avoid being flooded. You have to have your gardens higher up, and your orchard trees right at the top ..Bananas in this case.. as you will be tropical. Can the Zetas please confirm or comment.

Your presumed rise of an additional 500 feet at the new Equator is not true, and is based solely on man's misunderstandings and miscalculations which are legend. How long ago was it that man assumed the Earth to be flat? We have stated that any excess in sea level at the Equator would only be a matter of a few feet too insignificant to even mention during our numerous safe locations dialogs on land that will find itself along the new Equator. If we have mentioned repeatedly the 675 foot rise in sea level worldwide do you not think we would have mentioned this factor also if it were true? We confirm none of your analysis, so stop trying to box us into an incorrect statement by such maneuvers.

What is missing in man's calculations is the degree that the Earth itself bulges at the Equator, which man cannot calculate even with his satellite views. Man presumes that the Equatorial Bulge is due primarily to water pooling at the Equator, based on his erroneous math which is famous for not fitting reality. The Earth itself bulges at the Equator, due to centrifugal force, and the fact of shallow depths at the Arctic and around the Antarctic Plate have confused poor befuddled man into thinking that the deep oceans in the Pacific are due to this Equatorial Bulge. There is scant different in the depth of the water due to the Earth's rotation, because water seeks its level and when the water is slung to the Equator it becomes higher there and thus drains to the poles to equalize its level, as we have already stated in the body of ZetaTalk!



mono montana said:

I'm not posting this in Chat, because I think some of you can answer this, and then don't need to bother Zeta/Nanzy


1.In Zeta/ Nancys map over the new world, is it possible to put in color showing mountain building sinking and unchanged all over the world?


2.Due to the centrifugal power, Ice melting and heating of the sea, can we assume that the sea level will increase more around the new equator line?


If you spin a round subject in water, you will see that the water will collect more water around the center (equator)!

Pardon bad English


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