Good morning everyone. The dream I just awoke from really hit home.  The message I was given said the planet will be showing its bosom soon, this was written on a note pad at the kitchen table.  I looked at my mom and told her that the passage of planet x is on its way and then proceeded to look out the window at the moon.  It looked strange, like a diamond.  I don't know if that had something to do with the way the light was hitting the glass but it didn't look right.  Then I woke up and a sense of panic went through me and felt I needed to share this you.  Most of my dreams have consisted of alien ships and secret locations here on Earth and speaking to others in groups about the presence of planet x in the solar system.  But this dream was a clear warning to me that we are all in for a bumpy ride!

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Like a diamond in the sky. Yes, Luna, that friendly face which orbits above, askew, due to a particle stew, seems brighter. And oft-times there is a ruddy hue, a blush. And that's not to mention the odd tilting of what, down here, in the antipodes, always looked to me like a Rabbit and a Cat, at table, maybe having tea, or such. Strange tablefellows, their image inscribed upon that Moon Face. To see them rather disturbingly being tipped almost upside down, well, most anomalous. To say the least.

Though not really, as it can be found using a keyword search (the thrill is in the hunt), is all rather nicely explained in ZetaTalk,  as harbingers of a returning Brother to this Earth, he of whom you dreamed, the Shift Bringer, PX. Not sure whether that Bully has a bosom, but he sure has Wings and a Tail, with which we are whipped.

Conferences which you describe, aboard ship, busily planning for, and discussing the Pole Shift and Aftertime, matters re the Hybrids etc, are being attended by growing numbers!

Much to do!!

Like many here in the ning, I too have had dreams of which I can relate to.  What brought me here to this post was a recent dream I had just last night. I was in a Caribbean island . tall, on a family celebration when we noticed on a clear night that the moon was different.  The moon was about ¾ full facing towards 10 – 11 o’clock. There was a reddish fog like hew surrounding it and when looking at the opposite direction, there was also reddish hew as well. This was during the dawn hours. What occurred on the next day was that while we were at the beach, a Giant tsunami began rolling in. I must’ve been over 300 feet tall. I started to gather the family members and guided them into the hotel running to the stairwells in order to reach the highest point. It seems time is getting near. 

Fear naught- All is as it should be, trust in the intelligence of the Divine universe.  All we have is love!

PEACE to all.

We do not feed the fear.

Indeed, the human...always part of us, kept us alive in the ancient times...has no home in these times ahead...we need awareness, conscience, action and much much love...sure times are getting rough and tough but there's nothing that love and compassion cannot solve.... and yes we're headed for a really bumpy ride..

Peace and love to all.

Earth tilt dream:

This night I had a vivid and super super realistic dream. I was in a remote area where there were bushes, trees and forest nearby. My old mum was with me. ( I live with her)I do not know where we were but my feeling was Sweden where my safe location is.. I suddenly noticed something that looked liked an underground iglo - a round shape where there was an opening in the middle, which was covered with artificial "soil" - very light - but it was a kind of camoflage net with waight. If sitting inside head and body would be safe and protected and still possible to breathe. The moment I lifted the camuflage people suddenly apeared from seemingly - nowhere and I found out I had found a hidden "safe location" site for a  group of people. As my old mum and I did not pose any danger they came and talked with us. I asked them how there were doing and one replied: "well, 2015 was quite bad" and then in the dream I thought:"oh, I am out in the future". We then talked for some time and suddenly the weather began to act strange. It began to snow or hail and we all knew that NOW time had come for Eart to tilt. We just all knew. I got me and my mum and I think two other into the earth iglo (I suppose there were more than one) and sure enough we felt a strange and unbeleivable movement of Earth and I began to recite the gayathri mantra as I have done in several Earth tilt dreams. Then we could see stars move quickly in the opening in the middle and they moved quite fast. Mum began to talk and I told her to keep quiet or do the mantra as it would stabalize the frequenze. It was so amazing.

Then I woke up.

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