Breaking the cover ups - Disclosure is welcoming

As per Zetas, the battle ground now is to break the cover ups.  Now is the time to choose your orientation before it's too late i.e service to others or service to self.  The earth changes are not set in concrete and we all can make a difference for a better future.  


In anticipating for any forth coming disclosures i.e. the existence of ET or UFO, the existence of Planet X and hence the pending poleshift, I like to start a discussion blog to capture all possible disclosures by anyone or countries.  


Mayan Documentary to Warn Humans of Impending Catastrophe (NEW Zeta...


SOZT for 3/31 Q&A chat

In what appears to be a move by the Mayans themselves to take charge of their own legacy, they will be producing a documentary to explain what the Mayan legends ACTUALLY say. They do not say that the end of the world will occur just because their Long Count calendar is ending a cycle and starting another. They do predict catastrophe, with great dieoff of the Earth’s populace as a result. Mankind is doomed, they say, and must leave the Earth as extraterrestrials have in the past. And this per hidden chambers to be revealed in the documentary. What of this is fact, and what of this is hype? Some of this has been said before. In particular the statement that the Mayan Calendar per se does not predict the end of the world. But for the rest, why wait until 2012 to reveal it?


The key piece of evidence just being revealed is the chamber the Mexican government is opening to the public for the first time. This does indeed indicate Annunaki space travel, their evacuation as a result of the quarantine the Council of Worlds imposed. And in cooperation with the US government in their long running cover-up over the alien presence the Mexican government kept this sealed lo these many years. This is certainly not the ONLY such archeological evidence of this nature. It was not a change of heart in the US government that has opened this chamber, but members of the Mexican government who have watched the signs, are acutely aware of ZetaTalk and the accuracy of our predictions, and made the courageous decision to put fear of a date (December 21, 2012) on a more realistic footing.


Thus, while the Mayans get proper publicity with a newly opened chamber, Mexico is getting proper publicity to their concern that people prepare for the future, the time of the Pole Shift and the Aftertime.  SOMETHING will be causing 75% of the populace to die over the next two decades. There are no specifics, but given the current trends in extreme and erratic weather, crop failures and death from flood can be presumed. And if the documentary is to focus so closely on some contact in the past with extraterrestrials, who “escaped into space”, presumably the affliction the Earth will have to deal with shortly comes in FROM space. This too can be the presumed conclusion. Is the establishment pleased with this forthcoming documentary? They would prefer the December 21, 2012 date come and go with no further comment but were not asked for their opinion.


UFO disclosure about Aliens and UFOs by Canadian Defense Minister in 2010


Mexican Defense Department Confirms Existence of UFOs


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History Channel Puts The Strongest UFO Evidence Under The Microscope

Ufo Costa Rica

• In 1986, a Japan Airlines pilot saw what he described as an unidentified flying object over Alaska closely tailing his 747. He made an evasive move. His career was thrown into turmoil, but he never recanted what he claimed he saw.

• In 1987, a Federal Aviation Administration executive says the CIA warned him not to talk about UFOs because the public would panic.

• In 1997, former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington mocked thousands of people who said they saw mysterious lights over Phoenix, calling out a staffer dressed in a cheesy ET costume at a press conference. Ten years later, he apologized for lying to the media and the public.

What these events have in common is that they are unveiled on a new two-hour History Channel special, "Secret Access: UFOs On The Record," that features in-depth accounts from people who have been willing to risk their jobs and reputations to speak out about their remarkable experiences with UFOs.

"The theme of the program is that UFOs exist, but there's a small percentage of sightings that are significant and haven't been explained," said Leslie Kean, author of The New York Times bestsellerUFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record, which forms the basis of the History Channel special.

Here's a collection of images that Leslie Kean put together for The Huffington Post on Aug. 23, 2010, to promote the publication of her book:

Of all UFO sightings reported, most can be explained as ordinary phenomena, and therefore discarded. However, there are some spectacular, well-documented UFO events have been officially investigated by government agencies, witnessed by pilots and confirmed by Air Force generals. No conventional explanations were found despite extensive efforts by experts to do so. These are the cases explored in "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record" and in the History Channel special, "Secret Access: UFOs On The Record." 

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard, Salem, MA; 1952

This photo, taken by McMinnville, Ore., farmer Paul Trent in 1950, is among the most thoroughly analyzed in UFO history. No evidence of a hoax was ever found.

Photo: McMinnville, OR, 1950

This is a close-up of the disc in the previous photo, taken by farmer Paul Trent with his wife in 1950. The Condon Report, a 1968 University study by a team of scientists commissioned by the U.S. Air Force, stated that the investigation of the Trent case indicated that "an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter, and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two witnesses."

Photo: Costa Rica, 1971

Backing up from the close-up of the disk in the previous image to see it in context, the larger photograph shows the object over a lake (the darker area) with the terrain to the left. The sun is reflecting off its upper surface. 

This UFO was photographed in 1971 by a mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government flying above it. The camera ran automatically under the fuselage, shooting the terrain every 17 seconds; the disc appeared only in one frame. Extensive scientific analysis has been performed on this image of an opaque disc with no visible means of propulsion. 

In 1976, General Parviz Jafari of the Iranian Air Force (Ret.) was a major and squadron commander when he was ordered by the Air Force Command to approach, in his Phantom F-4 jet, a large, multi-colored UFO observed over Tehran. In Kean's book, Jafari details the wild cat and mouse chase during which he attempted to launch a Sidewinder missile at a series of objects, and describes the ability of the UFOs to repeatedly disable his firing mechanism at the last moment. He also reports on his de-briefing by US Lt. Col. Mooy, who wrote a three-page, secret memo about the incident for the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) which was later declassified. In his assessment of the case for the DIA, Col. Roland Evans stated that "This case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon."

Captain Ray Bowyer was piloting an Aurigny Air Services three-engined aeroplane over the Channel Islands in 2007 when he spotted two large, brilliant yellow UFOs shaped like thin cigars, with dark bands on one side. Witnessed also by his passengers and another pilot in a different location, the objects registered on radar. 

After landing, Bowyer immediately filed a report, including the above drawing, sent to Jersey Air Traffic Control, the Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority in London. Shortly thereafter, he loaded his plane with passengers and began his return flight. “It was then, on this trip back to Southampton, that I had time to take stock on how big the objects actually were,” he writes. “It was then that I received confirmation of the radar traces, and the distances were established (in my mind anyway). From that data I learned that I was approx 55 miles away from the first object, not the ten miles or less that I had originally thought. Seeing a reasonably large town from 55 miles would have been comparable to the size of this object. It was at this point that the massive size of the object became clear, and I estimated it to be up to a mile long.”

In the mid 1980s, a UFO wave swept over the Hudson Valley in upstate New York and parts of Connecticut. Despite recurrent sightings by thousands of people, the U.S. government did nothing and said nothing. U.S. government non-reaction to UFO events stands in stark contrast to the response of other countries such as Belgium, France, the UK and Brazil, which have investigated cases and acknowledged that the unexplained objects exist. This image shows lights from an unidentified craft photographed by a state police officer over Rt. I-84 near Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1987, during the Hudson Valley wave. Analysis shows the object was huge and that the lights were flashing rapidly in some sort of sequence

Northwestern University astronomer J. Allen Hynek was scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book -- its group receiving UFO reports and investigating cases -- for over twenty years. In 1977, he wrote:

I had started out as an outright 'debunker,' taking great joy in cracking what seemed at first to be puzzling cases. I was the arch enemy of those 'flying saucer groups and enthusiasts' who very dearly wanted UFOs to be interplanetary. My own knowledge of those groups came almost entirely from what I heard from Blue Book personnel: they were all 'crackpots and visionaries.' My transformation was gradual but by the late sixties it was complete. Today I would not spend one further moment on the subject of UFOs if I didn't seriously feel that the UFO phenomenon is real and that efforts to investigate and understand it, and eventually to solve it, could have a profound effect -- perhaps even be the springboard to mankind's outlook on the universe.

"There is a phenomenon here and there are many high level officials, including pilots and government people, who have been involved with it and who stand behind the existence of UFOs.

"We make the point that we don't know what they are and that there are a significant number of cases that need to be studied further," Kean told The Huffington Post.

One compelling case presented in "Secret Access," which has become known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, involved more than 50 military eyewitnesses stationed at the joint U.S. Air Force/NATO bases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge, in Suffolk in 1980.

As the incident unfolded, numerous UFOs of various shapes and sizes appeared near the bases, according to a voice recording of deputy base commander, Lt. Col. Charles Halt during the event.

"This was something of intelligent control beyond any technology we know," Halt told this reporter several months ago. "It's my firm belief that it was extraterrestrial or from a different dimension."

Then there's the remarkable case involving former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, which began on the night of March 13, 1997, when crowds of citizens reported gigantic, silent craft moving around in the skies around Phoenix and which took off silently at blazing speeds. Witnesses included police officers, pilots, military personnel and -- as was finally revealed 10 years later -- Symington himself.

The two-term governor was at home, watching television when news came on announcing UFO reports in the nearby area. Symington's security detail had gone for the day, and he decided to get into his car alone and check it out.

"I was expecting to see something in the distance, but was awestruck when this thing went overhead. It was moving steadily and quietly," he told The Huffington Post.

Symington's description of the huge boomerang-shaped craft matched many others who also reported it that night.

Phoenix Lights was an alien spacecraft, former AZ Gov. says

After three months of local media coverage, the Arizona sightings finally hit the national airwaves and were dubbed the "Phoenix Lights." With growing public demand for an explanation, Symington -- still tight-lipped about his own sighting -- held a national press conference that would haunt him for years.

Claiming to have the culprit responsible for the Phoenix Lights, the governor introduced his chief of staff dressed as an alien and wearing handcuffs. As his staffer was unmasked, Symington told the press,"This just goes to show that you guys are entirely too serious."

Ten years after his phony alien stunt, Symington finally fessed up about his own dramatic 1997 Phoenix sighting.

"Well, I was confronted by good citizens who were really upset with me, and I didn't realize the depth of their anger. It just really bothered my conscience, so I felt I really needed to square with the truth and that's what I did."

Symington admits there's a taboo about elected officials talking about UFOs.

"I think if you hold a high public office, that the minute you start talking about UFOs or extraterrestrials or anything of that nature, the media immediately tees off and ridicules it. I often refer to the media culture in our country as the culture of ridicule.

"So, everybody reaches for their ridicule gun first before they seriously address the issue when it comes to the matter of UFOs. If you're an elected official, you really need to be careful about what you say, because the media can just totally destroy your credibility."

"Secret Access" isn't the first UFO program presented by the History Channel, according to Julian Hobbs, vice president of development and production.

"History doesn't necessarily believe or disbelieve in UFOs. In this case, what really caught our eye about Leslie's book was this idea that 95 percent of all UFO sightings can be pretty easily dismissed -- it's the 5 percent in which you have literally governors, military officials, pilots -- people normally considered to be level-headed, sane and credible," Hobbs told The Huffington Post.

"There wouldn't be the film without the book. When I read Leslie's book, on which the film is based, it changed my opinion about the fact that I think it's worth further investigation into these phenomena," Hobbs added.

Kean, herself, is optimistic about potential contact with extraterrestrials.

"I would hope that they are benign visitors from other planets -- that they would be something that could in some way benefit our own struggle on this planet," Kean said. "Even if we knew that we were not alone in the universe, somehow that knowledge alone could affect how we perceive ourselves and maybe affect the future of our civilization."

And Symington is much more outspoken on the subject now than he was while governor of Arizona.

"I know what I saw. To me, there's no question that we've experienced extraterrestrial visits and civilizations that are far more advanced than we are," he suggested.

"I don't approach it from a fearful standpoint. I actually like to think that we're not alone in the universe, and I'm not bashful on the subject. I think we're dealing with some fascinating unknowns and someday, the truth will out."

Secret Access - A UFO Documentary (History Channel)

ZetaTalk: Bill Cooper
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995, prior to Bill Cooper's death in 2001.

Bill Cooper is legit. He is telling it as it is. In order to survive, and not be killed, he wraps himself in the persona of a paranoid mental case. These elements are mixed together in his writings and lectures, so like the spices laced into soup, they cannot be separated. Cooper found himself threatened early on, and was given warnings he could not dismiss. He still bears the scars, as do more US citizens than the public is aware of. Who so physically injured him? His government, the CIA, a group who is no longer empowered to act in this manner, we might hasten to add. No more torture, physical injury, or death. At least these are the new rules. Were people tortured to death in the past? Absolutely, but torture that leaves no marks, such as electric current to the point where systemic shock sets in, thus death. Those with weak hearts or weak points in their blood vessels would also succumb, but their loved ones, who discovered them dead, would learn nothing unusual from the autopsy results. Cause of death? Natural causes.

Bill Cooper is given information, frequently and repeatedly over time, from members of the Secret Government who want the word out. This has been the official position toward Bill Cooper for some time, and we foresee no change under the current arrangements. Why does he not drop the wacky stuff? He looks at his scars, and remembers. How could he not, when he sees them daily in his bath? He is a supremely courageous man, but he's not stupid. He's leaving his safeguards right where they are.

All rights reserved:

Click here for details of this video in words

Please note the following Re Bill Cooper:

As per Zetas, Bill Cooper was a truthful man, faithfully reporting what he had learned, but what he had learned in great part was a pack of lies from aliens in the Service-to-Self. As with all lies, half-truths gain the greatest traction.

ZetaTalk: Bob Lazar
Note: written on May 15, 1997

Like Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar is truthfully telling his experiences, and like Bill Cooper he has been attacked and knows he is at risk and could lose his life. Both these men walk a fine line and are playing a dangerous game. Where others are talking about their passing exposure to documents or peripheral details about possible crashed ships, the information Bill Cooper and Bob Lazar are providing is neither hearsay or rumor, but first-hand eye witness accounts of their activities when in direct contact with MJ12. They are both breaking a security oath in this, beyond the point where those wanting to control the outflow of information about secret government activities allow.

The line must be drawn somewhere, and they both stepped over this line. They are, in fact, both only alive because they went public, and noisily so, before they could be killed. Bob Lazar has been embroiled in scandals designed to discredit him, and has allowed this to occur as the alternative stands behind this discrediting campaign, snarling and hissing at him. As with Bill Cooper’s cooperation with rumors about his mental health, Bob Lazar has learned to live with a smear campaign as the lesser of two evils. He would rather live, discredited, than meet with an accident.

Bob Lazar truthfully relates his experiences while hired as a contractor to assist military engineers and physicists attempting to reverse engineer space ships loaned to MJ12 by aliens in the Service-to-Self. His insights into the bumbling nature of a military operation purporting to be scientific are not fantasy, nor would they surprise anyone in the private sphere exposed to how the military works. Discipline and a long history of cooperation with superiors comes before competence. However, even if the most competent scientists were to be assigned to back engineer these ships, they would not succeed, as the secret of how they work is locked where they cannot peek! The power source on these ships is truly a Pandora’s box, which disintegrates when opened, taking all in the near vicinity with it.

True to the need-to-know basis under which Bob Lazar worked, he learned little of the information already gathered by the military. He filled in the blanks with his own hypothesis, but did not arrive at the correct conclusions. Even with the information withheld from him, he or other human scientists would not arrive at the correct conclusions. The reach is too long, not only because the human brain has a relatively limited IQ, but because the hypothesis human scientists cling to out of loyalty are incorrect. They start out handicapped, and in order to progress in human society, they stick with the handicap in preference to independent thought. Thus, they are running down the wrong roads, furiously. This was well known by the aliens who provided the ships for back engineering, and were the situation to be otherwise they would not have been allowed to provide the ships.

All rights reserved:

UFO The Bob Lazar Interview (Full Documentary)

The Phoenix Lights (Full UFO Documentary)

Multiple Awrd winning film about the 1997 Pheonix Lights UFO Event where nerly 10,000 people saw a mile wide craft fly over the city.It was seen by police officers,military,airline pilots,etc.This is one of the best & most sensible documentaries ive seen that talks about the phenomena and makes the debunkers explanations sound ridiculous. Definately worth watching.

British Government Releases UFO Files on Monday 12 May 2008


New Zealand MOD Declassifies and Releases UFO files

available here

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Today at 1.30 pm, the New Zealand Defence Force released previously classified files on New Zealand UFO sightings dated 1952 – 2009.

Over the past 14 months, New Zealand’s UFO Research Network, UFOCUS NZ, has communicated directly with Lt Gen Jerry Mateparae, Chief of Defence Force NZ (now out-going), on the issue of the release of MOD classified UFO sighting reports and related documents. UFOCUS NZ has outlined to the Chief of Defence some of the sighting events they have on file which they know were investigated by Air Force personnel at the time.

UFOCUS NZ Director, Suzanne Hansen, says that initially, the Chief of Defence stated, 
“It would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released,” and that he was not in a position to deploy staff to undertake the task, given other work priorities.

However, the Chief of Defence also voiced his personal perspective on the issue, “In the longer term, recognizing the ongoing public interest in this topic, I would like to see a summary of information held about UFO sightings produced, in much the same way as that which is produced by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. Given the existing constraints, however, I cannot predict when that objective could be achieved.”

Then in December 2009, following ongoing communications, the Chief of Defence stated in a letter to UFOCUS NZ, “I am pleased to be able to inform you that two NZDF officers have begun the task of assessing classified files held in relation to this topic, with a view to declassification. I would expect that files which are transferred to Archives New Zealand would be subject to extensive embargo periods in terms of access by the general public.”

A Chief of Defence Force office spokesperson advised, “The declassification of the UFO files is now a ‘work in progress’ in conjunction with Archives New Zealand. The files must be amended to meet new requirements of the Privacy Act.” 

Hansen states UFOCUS NZ's own archives contain credible and detailed UFO sighting reports from New Zealand pilots, air-traffic controllers, and military personnel. In addition, the research network holds sighting reports from members of the public who have experienced significant UFO sightings dating from as far back as 1908 to the present day.

UFOCUS NZ has carried out an initial analysis of the files. They contain information pertaining to the infamous Kaikoura lights sightings of 1978/79, the Moreland sighting of 1959, military sightings, civilian sightings, memos and communications within the MOD, and two volumes of letters from one member of the public.

Significantly absent is information pertaining to the Ngatea ‘landing’ site of 1969, and the Gisborne UFO ‘flap’ of 1975-80. As well, UFOCUS NZ’s archives contain reports of other events reported to the MOD and Air Force by members of the public which are not in the files.

Hansen states UFO sightings are on the increase in New Zealand, with patterns and characteristics that parallel reported UFO sightings and flaps occurring worldwide. She believes an increase in sightings reported to UFOCUS NZ is a direct result of heightened public awareness and growing interest in the subject in New Zealand.

Secret UFO files released in Australia


Flying sorcery ... one of the restricted documents, now released. Photo: National Archives of Australia


Mysterious ... a colour-enhanced photo of a UFO seen from Bendigo. One caller dismissed it as a rock band's laser show. Photo: National Archives of Australia


It is probably the closest Australia has come to scrambling fighter jets to intercept a UFO.

Documents that have just become available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on the second highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.

The ''X Files'' viewed in Canberra also give details of other unexplained sightings, some of which are supported by witness statements to police.

In the Sydney alert, the papers stamped ''restricted'' tell how operation ''Close Encounter'' was launched by No.3 Control and Reporting Unit at RAAF Base Williamtown near Newcastle on June 30, 1983, after the phenomenon was first noticed earlier in the month.

Senior air controllers at Mascot said the contacts were mostly located between 70 and 150 nautical miles north of Sydney at ''alleged speeds of 1100-6500 km/h that suggested high altitude''.

The papers state that no scramble was to occur in the round-the-clock operation unless confirmation of any reported tracks was made on the radar screens at RAAF Williamtown or any radar other than Sydney.

At the same time, three senior air defence controllers were dispatched to Sydney to 

investigate and plot every contact and ''control interceptors against these contacts if a reasonable chance of interception presented itself''. But then one of the defence controllers, a squadron leader, asked whether a comparison had been made of the contacts on the screens of Mascot's Area Approach Radar Centre and those in a ''workshop across the corridor''. Soon after, tests showed that the ''unidentified objects reported by Sydney were generated entirely by radar interference known colloquially as 'running rabbits' ''.

Squadron leader K. Keenan, in his six-page report, said operation Close Encounter cost 66½ days of overtime, 1000 kilometres was travelled by a staff car and a C130 Hercules transport aircraft ''may have been diverted to Sydney airport'' to deliver one of the defence controllers.

He wrote: ''The lines of communication, extending as they did across the width of an entire corridor, seem to have been insufficient for the purpose.''

He added rather dryly: ''Fortunately there was no temptation to launch aircraft and add to the fuel bill occasioned by use of the RAAF Datsun.'' A cautiously worded statement was released as a result ''in a manner that would not embarrass departmental personnel'' which blamed ''random atmospheric conditions''. Other reports in the X Files give details of an ''unidentified physical feature'' of circles on Milo Station at Adavale, Queensland, in 1982. The file refers to photographs that apparently were taken, but they were not among the papers.

Constable Geoffrey Russell, from the local police station, visited the site and wrote a report for RAAF Base Amberley near Ipswich. The officer saw depressions in the ground and thought they were caused by a motorcyclist doing donuts but then dismissed the idea.

He wrote: ''I strongly feel this [is] no hoax even though I do not know the cause of this 'feature'.''

He described a large circle of 2330mm in diameter with one inner circle of 2010mm which were 160mm in width and about 15-20 mm deep. The soil around the outer circle appeared to have been ''blown away'', he said.

Elsewhere in Queensland, dairy farmer Robin Priebe phoned Imbil police at 5.30am in July 1983 to report seeing a strange object in the sky to the north of the town. The papers state that a Sergeant Waterson then went to his back verandah and saw ''a large white light with several flashing lights around it'' which did not appear to be a normal aircraft.

A similar sighting was made by Constable R. Keys from a separate position. He was also of the opinion that it wasn't a normal aircraft.

Mr Priebe said both he and his wife saw a bright red glow gradually change to a white light which then started to move slowly east. Through binoculars, ''the light was disc shaped with a very bright light around the perimeter of the disc with two flashing lights in the front and one to the side'', he said.

The only photographs in the X Files were of unusual lights over Bendigo, witnessed by hundreds in May 1983. An interim report by the RAAF stated that Mike Evans, a 17-year-old disc jockey with the Bendigo radio station 3BO, received calls from listeners, then saw the lights himself and took photos.

One anonymous caller to the RAAF said the lights were caused by a rock group experimenting with laser lighting. The report said they were probably caused by train headlights or lasers or from planets or stars. There had been unusual weather atmospherics on the night.

Zoe¨ D'Arcy, director of digital and online access at the National Archives, said: ''Where you and I might think UFO - a spaceship - the RAAF and other agencies were probably wondering if there was a security threat.

''Most of the files you read and you think that most probably was a meteorite, but there are ones that you read and you think - well, what could that have been?

''I can't explain that from my knowledge.

''So what was it that these people have experienced? It has that open-ended question to it that I find really intriguing.''

EBE Award Winner - This film represents an important chapter in Ufology and Disclosure history and is considered by many to be an underground classic.

Join UFO investigators on this historic occasion, as they meet for the first time with High Ranking Russian Military Officials and Representatives from the former KGB, at the Russian Anti-Aircraft Academy of Defense in Tver, Russia, to examine UFO evidence collected by the Russian Government in a free and open détente as Russia officially joins the UFO disclosure movement. This program includes filmed evidence from the Russian Military and the Russian Space Program, that proves that there is an unexplainable UFO presence in our skies. Includes photos and video of alien spacecraft.


American Generals Who Have Admitted UFO Reality

In our examination of the UFO phenomena it is very instructive for us to consider the amount of credibility that has been presented by the involvement of the highest ranking military officers in the US armed forces. If these men, who possess the best sources of intelligence and most immediate reports on what goes on are not only involved, but making candid and insightful comments on UFO’s then what more do we need for official disclosure? When our most dynamic military leaders are making shockingly informative admissions of their knowledge about flying saucers, then we need look no further for the truth. It is already here.

Through out the history of modern UFO sightings spanning six decades, we are confronted by the earth shattering testimony of many generals who have not only admitted their personal knowledge of, but have even participated in the long cover-up that has pervaded over many years. In the following article, I will reveal the names of many well known military figures who perplexed enough by the phenomena to pursue the truth, and even make public their belief in the very existence of this mind numbing possibility as our government continues to maintain an official position of denial.

1942 first year of military verification of major incident

Probably the first general who was ever forced to deal with an admission that something beyond the capability of our weapons was violating our air space was General George Marshall. Just six months following the Pearl Harbor disaster, the California coast maintained an uneasy vigil when one night shore anti aircraft batteries went into full alert and began firing at a slow moving elliptical aircraft that hovered over the coast of California. With photographs showing the unknown object taking direct hits with no effect as some 1400 shells were expended, locals went into near hysterics in LA and surrounding suburbs. By the end of the night an unidentified object had disappeared leaving a shaken community in its wake asking questions.

A US President demands answers

President Roosevelt demanded answers after receiving a series of reports that indicated a foreign craft had wreaked havoc upon US citizens of the west coast and yet US armed response had been ineffective and unable to bring down the mysterious vessel. George Marshall, Supreme Commander of American Forces in both hemispheres, released an official report on the incident to Roosevelt, that was vague enough so as not to unduly alarm the president, but was conspicuously devoid of many fantastic observations made by military and citizen observers. Newspaper photos of artillery shells literally exploding before they could even touch the alien craft had not yet been forwarded to the President, but were undoubtedly intensely scrutinized by experts shortly after the chaotic confrontation.

Sightings accompanied US Pacific island hopping campaign

As US naval operations began the long and bloody prospect of regaining control of the Pacific from the Japanese, disturbing accounts of unknown formations of mysterious aerial armadas began to alarm military personnel. As vicious battles in the Marshall Islands, Guadalcanal, and New Guinea raged word had it that unknown air groups flew serenely through air to air conflicts untouched by 8 inch shells and 20 millimeter cannons as Japanese and American forces slugged it out. Although early explanations were written off as war nerves or hallucinations by exhausted crewmen, intelligence investigations revealed that indeed something was afoot.

A great US general directs investigation

General Douglas MacArthur ordered the formation of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, a specialized intelligence group whose job it was to find out who or what was responsible for the unnerving sightings made by US military personnel in the hotly contested waters of the Pacific.  MacArthur would later make reference in his speech to the West Point Academy in 1958 that he believed that one day the world would be confronted by an extraterrestrial threat that would force all nations of the world to unite against the common aggressor.

General Ramey fabricates UFO cover-up

In 1947 the Roswell Incident shocked the world. The announcement that the 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed alien disk in the deserts of New Mexico created a sensation. Even though Major Jesse Marcel, a nuclear arsenal expert who had briefed President Truman, had identified the wreckage as being from another world and his commander, Colonel Butch Blanchard had authorized release of the shocking discovery to the press, secrecy and denial would be the military’s ultimate response. General George Ramey of the 8th Air Force at Ft. Worth’s Carswell Air Field persuaded the American Press that the wreckage found on Rancher, Mac Brazel’s land was only a weather balloon although everyone in the Roswell area had been familiar with the frequent landing of these benign objects. General Ramey’s job was to quell the hysteria with a conventional explanation, and he did. The fantastic story soon faded into oblivion for decades to come.

However, as General Ramey took the saucer out of the Roswell story and magically turned it into a weather balloon, General Nathan F. Twining was already carefully researching the crashed debris and accumulating a report that he would present to the Pentagon. General Twining marveled at the superior flight characteristics of UFO’s and not only pointed out that they out performed the best US fighter aircraft, but were probably extraterrestrial in origin. He quietly moved the wreckage into the Department of Foreign Research and Development so as not to raise suspicion about the artifacts. From there the wreckage could be studied and assimilated right under the public’s nose as if it had been conventional equipment captured from our earthbound enemies such as Russia or Germany. General Nathan F.Twining’s intelligence estimate stunned the Pentagon.  

In 1952 an unprecedented wave of UFO sightings swept across the US, quickly overwhelming the personnel and resources of Project Blue Book leading the Air Force into making many unfounded and misleading statements about major UFO sightings designed to deflate the growing public hysteria over the many sightings. Then, for several weeks came the famous Washington National Sightings that had been documented by many veteran observers such as airline pilots, Air Force interceptor crews, and radar personnel who were triangulating unknown targets over White House air space! Several eerie photos had been taken by reporters clearly showing luminous objects over Capitol Hill.

One pilot, Captain William Patterson in his F-94C jet had been startled when a cluster of unknown lights had begun to encircle his aircraft and tighten the noose. Blue Book personnel and Air Force officers watched on the radar screen as the unknown aerial objects moved in on Patterson’s plane. After several tense moments the objects who had been playing a high tech game of cat and mouse distanced themselves from a nervous pilot. Patterson was later secretly debriefed as to what he had seen. He may have been one of the few pilots to ever get such a close look at a UFO’s in-flight and live to tell about it.

General Samford holds unprecedented press conference

The task of debunking and stonewalling over the succession of major sightings came to General John Samford, who appeared in Washington DC at the Roger Smith Hotel in the largest press conference held by the US armed forces since World War II. As reporters stood ready with their cameras and flash bulbs in anticipation, the general addressed a concerned public. Stating that UFO’s had been explained by such events as misidentified aircraft, meteorological phenomena, hoaxes, etc. he did not rule out the possibility that thermal inversions in the warm, moist, and still air over the Washington DC area could have caused false radar returns. General Samford further stated that UFO’s did not seem to present a threat to national security. His statement did, however, leave room for the fact that the Air Force did not have a definitive answer. Many angry radar operators who had worked with their equipment since World War II knew they had tracked solid targets that were not weather related. Senior Air Traffic Controller, Harry Barnes, had been convinced that the UFO’s had heard and understood the commands given to Air Force interceptor pilots as they chased their mysterious counterparts across the skies over the White House.

General Vandenberg cannot accept interplanetary thesis

In 1953 Project Blue Book headed by its director, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt would amass enough convincing data that pointed to an extraterrestrial hypothesis as explanation for the many daunting confrontations occurring between UFO’s and US Air Force personnel. The observations of triangulated radar sightings, dog fights, and even crashes and deaths during pursuits had convinced many high ranking officers that UFO’s were not only real, but were alien in origin. When confronted by the compelling evidence General Hoyt Vandenberg, balked. He immediately rejected the extraterrestrial theory and demanded further investigation before rendering such a conclusion before the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. He simply could not accept the earth shaking implications of such findings even though many of his colleagues already had.

I will further explore this fascinating admission on the part of our government by its very own military leaders in PART TWO as it is too lengthy cover in one article.

Medvedev Makes Strange Off-Air Comments

The Russian prime minister expressed bizarre views on Father Christmas and aliens when the cameras were still rolling.

But in the off-air comments, he was more frank.

When a journalist complained about federal investigators arriving to search the home of a witness in an inquiry early in the morning, Mr Medvedev said: "They are just jerks, so they come at eight in the morning.

"It's just their set of habits. I know many people who work in the police. They think if they come at seven in the morning they will get everything in the world."

Another of the journalists asked whether the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal.

"Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet," Mr Medvedev answered playfully.

"Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country...

"More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black... I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic," he said.

None of the television stations that interviewed Medvedev broadcast the off-air comments.

Russians mocked the prime minister on the internet.



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