ZetaTalk Newsletter for October 15, 2017

Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday October 15, 2017. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/index.htm

Continent Shifts

The Zetas predicted in 2011 that before the end of the 8 of 10 phase some of the continents would change their alignment
vs a vs the other continents. Just what that move would entail was not detailed by the Zetas at that time beyond a mention of Antarctica being free to move in any direction and beyond a mention that the Indo-Australian Plate is the brake point, allowing all other plates around the world to move when it adjusts by lifting the brake.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/9/2011:
The exact position of the continents is not in complete accordance with their post Pole Shift alignment, however, but to detail these changes would be getting into the 8 of 10 scenarios prior to the time when we are ready to discuss these scenarios.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/8/2011:
We have hinted that continuous plate movement will be a factor during the 8 of 10, but declined to give more details on location or extent or such movement.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/27/2013:
We have described the 8 of 10 as being a phase where some parts of the globe are continually in motion, without rest. In that the Indo-Australian Plate is the brake, holding all other plate movement back, it is certainly one of those places.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/24/2013:
We mentioned during the 8 of 10 discussions that there would be some shifting of plates during the 8 of 10 such that the alignment of continents to each other would change. The Antarctic Plate is one that is relatively free to move, not being locked on any side.

The Zetas have also mentioned that the Antarctica Plate will pop up
between the tip of S America and Africa during the Pole Shift, due to pressure in the Pacific. But this pressure happens continuously to some degree during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements. A recent magnitude 6.7 earthquake on Bouvet Island,  
at the juncture of the S American and African Plates where they touch the Antarctica Plate, shows this nexus. The world’s seismographs rang like a bell
in sympathy, as Hawaii at the juncture of the four sections of the Pacific Plate shows.  Zetas RIGHT Again!
ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1999:
The overlapping and compressing plates on the Pacific side represent pressure and push. The separating and spreading plates on the Atlantic side represent an opening, so the Antarctic plate moves in that direction.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/2002:
As the Pacific adjusts, pressure toward Antarctica, the one place on the globe not experiencing plate pressure, allows new land to pop up between the tips of South America and Africa.

Political Mysteries

The Zetas are often asked, but decline, questions on current plans or motives of political leaders, citing that this is in the “hands of man”. What the major powers are planning to do about the chubby N Korea dictator has many possible outcomes. But I, Nancy, have always felt that China must step in, invade if necessary, and the Zetas have hinted at this outcome. As noted in this recent Newsletter, Issue 571,
China is threatened with nuclear pollution if it does not act. This semi-official article, quoted below, lays out the steps China would be likely to take.

Thinking the Unthinkable in China: Abandoning North Korea
October 1, 2017
To prevent a massive flow of refugees across the border, China could send its army to North Korea to create a "safety zone". Another touchy issue would be who would "restore domestic order in North Korea in the event of a crisis". China would object to letting US soldiers cross the 38th parallel into North Korea. Pyongyang's downfall could be good for Beijing, especially economically. If North Korea were to fall in a peaceful way, China would be best positioned for its reconstruction. China is the only country capable of overseeing the reconstruction of North Korea.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/30/2017:
Earthquakes are on the increase, and the region is riddled with fault lines. This alone would destabilize Kim’s nuke testing mountain, as well as destabilize the volcanoes in the area which will rumble to life in any case during the Pole Shift if not earlier. Mount Mantap has indeed been destabilized, as the landslides on the surface indicate. Where China, the “slumbering dragon”, has warned the world not to attack N Korea, the reality that they might suffer nuclear pollution in their northern realm has not escaped notice. Beijing, their capitol, is within reach, as is Russia’s Vladivostok. They will act before this can happen.

The Zetas likewise will not address the constant questions about whether there will be an official announcement admitting Nibiru. The cover-up over Nibiru is doing all it can to prevent an official announcement or even an honest discussion in the media. Was the unexplained comment by President Trump, as he went into yet another huddle with his Junta (Generals Mattis, Dunford, Kelly, and McMasters), referring to war with Iran or N Korea? I, Nancy, think it more likely he was referring to a pending announcement re Nibiru, and thus the need for Martial Law in the near future. Per the Zetas, these Nibiru discussions are always done face-to-face
to prevent leaks.  
Trump Makes Bizarre, Cryptic Comment: ‘Maybe It’s the Calm Before the Storm’
October 6, 2017
While taking a photo with military leaders and their spouses during a dinner at the White House, President Donald Trump made a bizarre, confusing comment to reporters. He asked reporters if they knew “what this represents,” making a hand gesture that referred to those lined up for a photo. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he then said, answering his own question. Asked what “storm” he was talking about, Trump at first ignored the question and remarked that the “world’s great military leaders” were present in the room. Asked again, he was equally unhelpful. “You’ll find out,” he replied.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/1/2017:
The moment when the establishment feels they are ready for the riots that will surely come if Nibiru is admitted never arrives. How will the announcement proceed? The best way to describe this is to say that a threshold will be reached, at which point there will be an essential announcement.

ZetaTalk Description 5/27/2006:
Indeed there are hardly any such visits, where heads of state meet, that the coming pole shift is not talked about, especially among the countries that are aware of what is coming. So because of the danger of phone calls or email/electronic communications being tapped, even if encoded, heads of state meet on these issues face to face. They have, since that time, since the Fall of 2003, only been meeting face to face.

And might that essential announcement get a boost from officialdom? If this is the case, then the cover-up over Nibiru would be on guard. There have been hints that Russia may lead, as detailed in Issue 565  
of this Newsletter last July. Putin normally speaks on Unity Day in Russia, a November 4 holiday he has personally promoted. He did so in 2015 and 2016, and can be assumed to speak there in 2017. Why is Antifa in the US promoting riots on that same day, November 4? There is an unexplained nexus, which I, Nancy, think could be to cloud an official admission of Nibiru.

Unity Day (Russia)
Unity Day is a national holiday in Russia held on November 4. President Vladimir Putin reestablished the holiday in order to replace the commemoration of the October Revolution. Putin's predecessor, Boris Yeltsin took a limited action of changing the name of the holiday; by completely removing it, Putin sparked a controversy that continues today.

Tens of Thousands March in Moscow as Russia Celebrates National Unity Day
November 5, 2015
Thousands took to the streets of the Russian capital to celebrate the National Unity Day, while President Putin gave a speech about its importance.

Snow, Putin & the other Vladimir: Russians rally on Unity Day
November 4, 2016
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin urged the Russian people to face modern challenges by relying on traditions of unity as he unveiled a monument to a medieval ruler who brought Christianity to Russia’s precursor as Russians celebrated National Unity Day.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2017:
Russia has always been more open about the pending passage of Nibiru, while stopping short of admitting publically or officially that Nibiru exists. What has happened that Russia is now taking a bolder stance? On February 4 a Russian astronomer stated that a bolide was from the trash in the tail of Nibiru. The cover-up over the presence of Nibiru is in its death throes. There is the Earth wobble, what the “Main Meteorological Organization” in Russia is calling an axis tilt, so that the Sun rises and sets where it ought not on a daily basis. This certainly would be considered an axis tilt to those viewing this, in shock. The public is in alarm, with the term End Times on many lips. If the establishment is to retain credibility, they must step up and admit that Nibiru exists!

Antifa Plans “Civil War” to Overthrow the Government
September 29, 2017
Earlier this week, far-left activists blocked the 101 freeway in downtown Los Angeles before holding up placards that read, “November 4 It Begins”.

Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4
September 30, 2017
Just what the significance of November 4 is to the communists in Antifa is not known outside their circles. This date is just three days prior to the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution’s November 7, 1917 overthrow of the provisional government  in Russia. Perhaps Antifa chose November 4 because it is on a Saturday and less likely to interfere with the capitalist jobs of some of the revolutionaries.

Remember the movie V for Vendetta, where the Guy Fawkes masks were worn by insurgents against the UK government? Those same masks have become the symbol for Anonymous, which pushes for the truth, not for revolution. And the Anonymous masks are white, not black like the Antifa garb. In the V for Vendetta movie, the chant was “Remember, remember the 5th of November”, but Antifa is not choosing Sunday the 5th. It is Saturday the 4th of November. An unexplained nexus with Putin’s likely speech on Unity Day. Just one more political mystery.

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November
November 5, 2015
A stylized version of a Guy Fawkes mask — rosy cheeks, upward-arching mustache, pointy beard — has been adopted by a range of anti-establishment activists, including Anonymous. The mask itself originated in the V for Vendetta graphic novel, which portrayed the main character as an anarchist battling a fascist authoritarian state.

Radar Clues

Can swarms of butterflies appear on radar? Apparently they can. Insect wings can influence particle flows, ergo the Russian gravity beetle
wings. A Russian entomologist, Viktor Grebennikov,
discovered that some bugs have a levitation quality in the shape of their undersides. He provided a video of this, where he manipulates the bottom of a platform he is standing upon to face bug-bottom down and levitates a few inches. Per the Zetas, these claims were true.

Butterfly Swarm Shows up on Denver Radar System
October 6, 2017
Scientists at the National Weather Service (NWS) first mistook the orange radar blob for birds and had asked the public to help identifying the species. They later established that the 70-mile wide (110km) mass was a kaleidoscope of Painted Lady butterflies. Forecasters say it is uncommon for flying insects to be detected by radar.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/20/2014:
Grebennikov did not discover how to control gravity, but merely a means by which some insects deflect gravity when unfurling their wings. Grebennikov’s insects had as he noted an odd texture to their undersides, an evolutionary advantage as it allowed the insects to take flight more readily. More than the shape, it was the chemical composition of the chitin shell. Where he could amass these shells and maneuver them to elevate a platform by a few inches, this technique did not allow him to levitate large objects nor fly across the landscape.

Radar also displays particle clumping, unseen by any but the sweeping radar detectors. This appeared in 2009 as white spoked circles in Australia, near the magnetic S Pole, which only the Zetas could explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/25/2010:
The white areas that look like spokes on a wheel are the lingering results of changes that the radar emissions caused in the atmosphere, a type of coagulation of particles that clump together and then have a dearth in between the spokes. This is very common in particle behavior, as we have explained, the desire for similar particles to clump or group. In this case, the dearth of particles in between the spokes is due to these particles in those locations being swept into a nearby spoke's clumping. It is an accumulation of these particles, normally swept along with magnetons into the magnetic S Pole of Earth, that are clumping.

Radar circles have appeared here and there around the globe since 2009, notably over Mexico City in 2014. Astonishingly, this is the epicenter of the Mexico quakes in 2017! Did these 5/18/2014 radar circles
predict the 2017quakes? It is known that an electronic screech is caused by compressed rock, and magnetons like to run with electrons, the electro-magnetic marriage.
Central Mexico Earthquake Kills more than 200, Topples Buildings
September 20, 2017
The epicenter of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake was 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) east-northeast of San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles (55 km) south-southwest of the city of Puebla, in Puebla state, according to the US Geological Survey.

Rohingya Squeeze

Pushed out of Bangladesh because of religious differences, this Muslim sect migrated to neighboring Burma (now Myanmar) where they are rejected by the dominant Buddhists.  Now Bangladesh is struggling with more and more flooding, due to the land being pushed down during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and Myanmar has gotten vicious with its unwanted guests. Matters have only gotten worse since 2012, when this issue was addressed in Issue 299
of this Newsletter. This is at heart due to religious differences – differences in Muslim sects and differences between Muslims and Buddhists, but exacerbated by the 7 of 10 Plate Movements which are pushing India down under the waves.

What is really Behind the Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar
September 3, 2017
According to the Burmese Nationality Law (formerly Myanmar) of 1983, Rohinj is not recognized as a citizen of the country, and therefore deprived of all civil rights, including the possibility of receiving medical care and education. A considerable part of them is forcibly kept in special reserves - centers for displaced persons. The exact number of Rohinj is unknown - presumably, there are about 1 million people.  Previous crises related to the persecution of Rohinj, led to a mass exodus of refugees. In 2015, almost 25 thousand Rohingja were forced to leave the country. Called in the world press "boat people", they rushed to Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

A Third of Bangladesh under Water as Flood Devastation Widens
September 3, 2017
And still the rains keep coming. In Bangladesh alone, floods have so far claimed the lives of 142 people, and impacted over 8.5 million. Bangladesh is no stranger to flood related disasters. Much of the country is built on low-lying and flood-prone areas, making it particularly vulnerable to seasonal monsoon rains. In 2007 more than half of Bangladesh was seriously affected by deadly monsoon flooding

ZetaTalk Comment 6/16/2012:
Will some migrants be left adrift at sea from countries sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and during the harsher flooding to come during severe wobbles and the Pole Shift itself? This will absolutely be the trend. To date, when migration via boat is rejected, the migrants are returned from whence they came, or resettled on other lands. The operant word here is land, as there is terra firma somewhere where they can be received. What will occur when there is no dry land available for migrants elsewhere, and pleas from the UN are ignored? The boat people, they will begin to be called, as this will reflect their life. Most will die at sea, without fresh water or the means to collect a meal from the sea. But some will fish and barter for vegetables in land based settlements.

Put into internment camps and rejected by both Bangladesh and Myanmar, the Rohingya have lashed out. The Rohingya are also likely being framed, made to look bad to justify the expulsions from Myanmar. The future looks bleak as neighbors such as Russia and China and Australia are blocking migration from any group. Per the Zetas, this is a drama that will unfold elsewhere in the world soon, as rising seas eat away at land, and migration is refused. The solution? Houseboat living.  

Molotov Cocktail thrown at Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta
September 3, 2017
A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the Myanmar embassy in central Jakarta

Million Protesters in Chechnya decry Persecution of Myanmar Rohingya Muslims
September 4, 2017
Police say a million people have turned out for a protest rally in Grozny, the capital of Russia’s Chechen republic, to protest the violence in Myanmar, where government security troops are conducting a large-scale crackdown on the Muslim Rohingya minority.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2017:
China, which has over a billion people to care for during the coming Pole Shift, is blocking migration from India and Asia. Australia will simply murder those trying to climb onto their shores. Russia will have flooding in its industrialized regions, and likewise will not tolerate migration. Africa is under populated and under developed. But learning to harvest seaweed and fish while forming houseboat communities is the best solution.

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