ZetaTalk Newsletter for May 12, 2024

Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday May 12, 2024. Newsletter can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. (http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/index.htm)

College Protests

Anti-Israel protests erupted on dozens of college campuses in the US during the first week of May. These were pro-Palestinian protests. Their demands included divesting financial support for Israel.  At first the news was dominated by protests at Columbia University in New York City, but UCLA in California quickly entered the fray. Like an infection, the protests were popping up across the US in rapid succession. Per the Zetas, this may result in civil war if the Junta does not act soon. Reinstate President Trump because the populace has no respect for Biden, and Martial Law needs to be in place so Nibiru can be admitted.

College Protest Live Updates: Clashes, Arrests at UCLA, Columbia as Campus Demonstrations Intensify Across the U.S.
May 1, 2024

It's been nearly two weeks since police were called in to break up a pro-Palestinian encampment at Columbia University. Since then, a movement calling for universities to divest financial support for Israel has spread to dozens of campuses across America.
Columbia University Anti-Israel Protests Live Updates: NYPD Raises American Flag on City College Campus, Tosses Palestinian Flag Away in Iconic Moment after Busting Pro-Terror Protesters
May 1, 2024

Columbia University's Hamilton Hall was secure and the campus' anti-Israel encampment was fully cleared out after authorities stormed the campus.
Arrested Protestors who Stormed Campus Building in Face-Coverings are Marched Bare-Faced onto NYPD Bus and Driven Past Cheering Locals
May 1, 2024

Columbia University protestors who stormed Hamilton Hall were marched onto awaiting NYPD buses last night to applause from cheering locals. The NYPD confirmed that 119 people were arrested at Columbia after cops moved in to clear protestors from the occupied building and a nearby encampment. Hundreds of officers stormed the campus, with officers going through an upstairs window at the historic building, after students barricaded the entrance.

Map: Where University Protesters have been Arrested across the United States
April 29, 2024

As pro-Palestinian protests have erupted on college campuses nationwide, protesters - including students and faculty - have been arrested. The protests grew after an encampment on the campus of Columbia University in New York City led to the arrest of more than 100 protesters on April 18. Since then, more than 1,000 people have been arrested on college and university campuses from coast to coast as schools prepare for spring commencement ceremonies. The University of Southern California, where nearly 100 protesters were arrested April 24, canceled its primary commencement event. Protesters have been arrested on more than 25 campuses across at least 21 states. Many other schools have experienced protests without arrests.
Today's College Protests over the Gaza War Echo History - but there are Differences
April 29, 2024

In the '60s, students at college campuses tried to get their administrations to divest from the defense industry or anything connected to the war in Vietnam. Guridy adds that the strategy of divestment has a long history that can even be traced back to the 1930s, when people were calling for the boycotting of Nazi Germany.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/1/2024: What will be the threshold that will propel the Junta to openly declare Martial Law? The US has been in a covert Martial Law status since the fall of 2015 when Obama was preparing to identify and admit the presence of Nibiru in the skies but failed in his plans as he lacked courage. Were Nibiru to present in some undeniable fashion - seen in the skies without its usual shroud of red dust or shown in images by Russian astrophysicists - Martial Law would be called in most countries around the world due to the fear of panic in the populace.

College protests in the past had more support from the general public. The Vietnam War had imposed a  draft and had no obvious justification. But the current protests against Israel are ideological and not even involving the US as a country. The protests have become infectious, spreading. This is in great part due to the delays in straightening out the 2020 election fraud, as the Biden Administration is seen as incompetent and corrupt yet the Junta delays reinstating President Trump for fear of Civil War.

Thus what the Junta fears, a civil war in the US, may in fact be erupting due to their delays. It is not that the Biden Administration turns a deaf ear, it is that the Biden Administration seems brain dead. The same Democratic manipulations and crimes that allowed the 2020 election to be stolen are still in place. The people have no hope. Historically, when such situations exist, revolution or civil war erupts. Thus the Junta can wait no longer. Declare official Martial Law, reinstate President Trump per the Memorial Day findings, and set things right.

Why do disaster movies always have New York City and LA as the location where anarchy emerges? Here, with the protests, New York City and UCLA were the first to explode. Is it something in the water?

Escape from New York
The film is set in a then-near future 1997 in a crime-ridden United States that has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a maximum security prison.
Escape from L.A.
An earthquake strikes Los Angeles, causing the San Fernando Valley to flood and turning a portion of California into an island from Malibu to Anaheim. A containment wall is built around the island with armed guards and watchtowers posted. Those sent to the island are exiled permanently.

Would reinstating President Trump change the dynamic?
ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2021: Internet forums are alive with claims that President Trump will soon be returning. Where not in the Main Stream Media controlled by the Satanists who fear a return of President Trump, there are many insiders who know what is in the works. The US Military has the Kraken evidence, which as we detailed a year ago showed how the Dominion machines had been programmed to strip votes from President Trump to Biden. As we have detailed, the US Military has been faced with multiple fronts, including a CCP invasion of the homeland.

Thus the Junta - which had been in charge of the US homeland since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to announce the approach of Nibiru - delayed countering the civil process. They opted to run a sting operation, collecting evidence of treason for the Tribunals being run at Gitmo. Thus the illegal Biden was installed by the Satanist controlled Congress and swing states and by the SCOTUS refusal to act. When will this sting operation end and the rightfully elected President be installed?

The US Military has not accepted Biden as their President, and is aware that 80% of the American public voted for President Trump. To avoid the burden of dealing with a civil war, they wanted this 80% to be vocal, to counter the expected objections from the usurpers in the Biden Administration. The insider Juan o'Savin reports that they are looking for this 80% mark, which is rapidly approaching. How is this determined? Public polls are often selective to give a desired appearance, but private polls show the truth. The number of Governors who are rejecting the Biden vaccine mandates is another measure.

Thus there will likely be a trigger event that allows the Junta to make the announcement. We have predicted that this trigger will be when the anticipated New Madrid Fault Line unzips. We have stated that this is likely to occur toward the end of 2021 or very early in 2022. The devastation to many American cities will result in Martial Law being officially called, with the Military being given the mic during updates. They would state that President Trump is and has been the President, and no one will be surprised. This is the most convenient trigger event, though this matter is as we often say in the hands of man.

Or would an increased awareness that Nibiru is in our skies and a passage is pending shake things up? Look at this video from Vietnam, where the Second Sun is not only undeniable, it casts a parallel reflection on the water.

Africa Roll Dramatics

Africa has just started its predicted roll, with Africa at the current Gibraltar location being pulled 125 miles further East and the Sinai (Israel included) becoming an island of sorts. Meanwhile Godzilla  continues to rise from the sea as Antarctica pushes up between the tip of S America and the tip of S Africa. But what is to be made of repeated diagonal scars on the Ocean floor? Per the Zetas, those are from past Godzilla scratches. These scars appear where the high waves are centered - where the New Land emerging pushes northward and then scratches back southward toward Antarctica. This battle leaves scars indeed.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/1/2024: The New Land emerging between the tips of S America and S Africa has only just made itself known by the high waves that rise from the force of the land heaving at the ocean bottom. But this steady rise has been ongoing for years, as can be seen from the scars on the ocean floor. This movement is dependent upon Plate Movement incited by the Daily Earth wobble, which is iterative but only occasionally strong enough to create scars along plate borders. That these ocean floor scars are caused by the push of the Antarctica Plate can be seen by the consistent direction of the scars. The Atlantic Rift also shows such scars where it is occasionally pulled apart.  

Similar scars have appeared in the N Atlantic, which also is subject to repeated shifting - pulling apart with a return to the original location. Such actions leave scars along the rip line.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2022: But the N American Plate is firmly glued to the Eurasian Plate from Japan through the Far East and thence through the Arctic and down to the Azores. It is this section under scrutiny for 'mysterious holes' on the Atlantic floor. Clearly, these regular holes are along the line where the N America and Eurasia plates are pulling apart. Weak points rupture, and often cleanly rupture as sheer cliff surfaces and long crevasses show. The debris on the ocean floor falls into these ruptured openings, with the regular jiggling that accompanies earthquakes creating settling on the bottom of each new crevasse. Regular wave action propels sediment to settle at regular intervals, with the spaces in between left as a gaping hole. Mystery solved.

Godzilla was rising aggressively on May 2, as can be shown by Volcano Discovery quake maps provided by the ZetaTalk Followers group.
For those of us not able to visit the ocean floor there are UFO displays to confirm that Africa is indeed rolling, as long predicted by the Zetas. This display recorded in Valderrobres, Spain was so dramatic it begged the question, is this a CGI hoax? One certain way to prove the UFO display and foreground tree and buildings have not been the result of a cut and paste job is pixel analysis. Cut and paste invariably leave different sized pixels.

And indeed, the Africa Plate/SE Portion combo has been on the move, pulling the Toe of the SE Portion away from the Isthmus and creating quake swarms at the Azores. The Zetas confirm.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/1/2024: Valderrobres is on the Mediterranean coastline, just above Gibraltar, and thus as Africa Rolls the residents there can see the Straits of Gibraltar widen with Africa shifting to the East. The border of Africa cuts through Morrocco, which will display earthquakes lights as it is torn. This dramatic UFO display, quite genuine, is explaining telepathically to the resident what is occurring. That the SE Portion is on the move is shown in the Quake maps which show the Toe of the SE Portion being pulled to the East and quake swarms at the Azores.

What would cause the phenomena the UFO display is depicting? Per the Zetas those in Valderrobres will be able to see Earthquake Lights down along the Mediterranean border to the East and ripping land where the Africa Plate border cuts through Morocco too. These lights will be high in the sky, and such dramatic tearing apart along the border might include collateral damage to Spain as well.

Earthquake Light
On September 8, 2017, many people reported such sightings in Mexico City after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake with epicenter 740 km (460 mi) away, near Pijijiapan in the state of Chiapas.

Emergency Heat and Light

Using Solar Panels to generate electricity provides for power even when the grid goes down. Carlos, an experienced Pole Shift ning survivalist explains.

What to expect from solar panels on cloudy days and here are my findings. Anything that runs 24 hours such as fridges, freezers and heating require huge amounts of power. For staying warm, heating blankets draw surprisingly small amounts of power and a small battery bank can easily power several for an entire night. I have been doing all my cooking from my solar and battery system now for quite some time on extremely cloudy days. I make a pot of coffee, 90 watt hours, 4 pouched eggs, 150 watt hours, rice in the instant pot for ten minutes, 165 watt hours, beans 40 minutes in the instant pot, 272 watt hours, boil 1 lit of water in a kettle, 90 watt hours. If a kettle draws 1000 watts per hour but is only on for 4 minutes then the power used is 1000/60 minutes x 4 minutes so it only uses 67 watt hours.

Cobbling together an emergency wood burning stove is also doable, as many YouTube videos show. Here is an example from Ben's Backwoods. Ben sells many inexpensive portable wood-burning stove and heating products.  And also from Far North Bushcraft and Survival. This is not complicated. Get prepared folks.

SHTF Emergency Preparedness How to Heat Small Buildings with a Portable Woodstove
How to set up a portable wood stove to meet your Shelter, Fire and Water needs in a grid down situation. These ideas on set up can be used in a emergency to heat many different types of shelter.

If you had the foresight to build a strong battery system, you would have power and heat during an emergency power outage. For instance, this setup advice from an experienced off-the-grid survivor is using a lithium battery system, an inverter, and an interlock switch panel to control the entire setup. This is his home setup. A gas-powered generator needs fuel, but if this battery system had been in place, it would be ready to go.

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