ZetaTalk Newsletter as of March 31, 2024

Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday March 31, 2024. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. (http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/index.htm)

Ides of March

During the Tucker Interview Putin was seen removing his wrist watch exactly 17 seconds into the Interview and laying it on the table on front of him along with his pen and black folder. This matched the photo that accompanied Q 2647 with its warning that the clock is ticking. Thus the date of March 14 (3:14) seemed to have relevance. Speculation ran rampant.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/8/2024: Concerned that the common man is not being informed so they can prepare and take steps for their survival Putin has threatened to announce the presence of Nibiru from Russia unless the Junta promptly does this. Does the watch displayed on Q drop 2647 have meaning? It is set at 3:14. This implies that the Junta has mere weeks to comply before Tucker and Putin act. But matters in the hands of man are unpredictable because mankind has free will.
Whatever Q meant in the year 2019 when he wrote Q 2647, Putin's reference to 3:14 is appropriate as the Ides of March was fast approaching. The Ides of March are known for the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Senate, and how appropriate to any hope that the Junta or White Hats might succeed in their struggle to get Nibiru announced by the current Biden Administration. They would want to kill the messenger.

Ides of March 15
The Ides of March is the day on the Roman calendar marked as the idus, roughly the midpoint of the month of Martius, corresponding to 15 March on the Gregorian calendar. It was marked by several major religious observances. In modern times, the Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Senate.

As the Junta has been restrained by secret Executive Orders issued by Reagan and Truman in the past -  making any mention of Nibiru or the Alien Presence a matter of National Security - they determined the best and quickest approach would be to have the Bumbling Biden mutter the Nibiru word during the SOTU, as this would in one swoop bring the subject up in the media and also reverse these prior Executive Orders. But as is known, the Deep State kidnapped the SOTU.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/7/2024: The plan was to have the Biden Double declare the existence of Nibiru, thus reversing any Executive Orders by Reagan or Truman preventing discussion of Nibiru or the alien presence. This war behind the scenes resulted in the Biden Double under the control of the Junta and slated to give the SOTU being swapped out with another, under the control of the Deep State. No Nibiru announcement thus.

The 2024 Russia elections ran from March 15-17 with results reported shortly after. Putin declared victory the next day on March 18. Now what?

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/14/2024:  By removing his watch at exactly 17 seconds into the Tucker Interview and recreating the photo in Q 2647 in every detail, Putin was indeed providing a deadline. Thus the Junta arranged to have Bumbling Biden mention Nibiru several times during the SOTU address. This failed due to Deep State interference. Now what? Putin can see that the Junta failure is not due to their reluctance but to pervasive Deep State struggles. Thus Putin will not require the US to lead but will take the lead himself.

Done via Russia TV and simultaneously over the Internet and with the help of the Prong Teams and Dark Energy Survey data, this would be compelling. The Prong Teams are international, and the Dark Energy Survey run out of Chile - all apolitical. Since the data is already in hand, no time is required to prepare this argument. It could emerge in 3-6 days, our estimate. As expected, this shocking admission that a giant planet is nearby and estimated to pass by the Earth would incite the Days of Darkness lockdowns clearly being planned in the West.

Hands of Man

With the coverup over the Alien Presence ongoing, it is difficult to sort out who is responsible for suspected alien activity. For instance, Crop Circles are designed and produced in a flash, by space ships seen laying the designs in the crops. Yet we have hoaxes galore trying to take credit. Another example are the metal Monoliths that emerged in Utah, clearly established by aliens who quickly took them away. There have been plenty of copy-cat Monoliths since, at the hands of man, including one this past month on Hay Bluff in Wales.

Hay Bluff
Hay Bluff is a prominent hill at the northern tip of the Black Mountains, an extensive upland massif which straddles the border between south-east Wales and England. The flat summit of Hay Bluff which is marked by a triangulation pillar at a height of 677 metres (2,221 ft) overlooks the middle Wye Valley and the book town of Hay-on-Wye.
Mystery as FIFTH Monolith Shaped like a Giant Toblerone Appears on Remote Welsh Hilltop
March 12, 2024

A steel monolith shaped like a giant Toblerone bar has been spotted near Hay-on-Wye in Wales. These previous findings have prompted speculation on social media that the structures could be the work of aliens. However, others have quashed those rumours, instead suggesting the monolith is simply an elaborate piece of undercover artwork.
Now Monoliths Appear in Poland: Two Metal Towers are Found within Hours of each other Following other Mysterious Sightings in US, UK, Germany and Spain
December 10, 2020

Two mystery monoliths, similar to those that have appeared in the US, Romania and the UK, have now shown up in Poland.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/12/2024: Where the Monoliths that appeared in the US in 2020 were placed by benign aliens under the direction of the Council of Worlds, the ones that subsequently appeared in Europe were placed by mankind. The Council wanted to delay the New Madrid Rupture and did so in 2012 with the Humming Boxes along fault lines and plate borders. The original Monoliths in the US had a similar purpose. At the present time the Council is playing catch up as they were chided by those above them for these delays.

The Monolith just found at Wales is atop one of the highest spots in the UK. Hay Bluff in Wales abuts the Bristol Channel which will have to deal with tidal bore during any tsunami that results from the New Madrid Rupture. Our estimate is that this bore could reach 300 feet in height. Even with an early alert from the UK government, many residents will be caught in the flood, paddling about in the flotsam and confused about what direction to go. Those erecting the Wales Monolith hoped to give them guidance by a beacon that could be lit by a spotlight.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2020: This Utah monolith was not intended to be discovered by man. Is it similar to the humming boxes placed by benign aliens along fault lines to slow the progress of the 7 of 10 plate movements? This is indeed its purpose, but why is it placed in the center of the N American continent? The Council of Worlds determined to delay the New Madrid adjustment until the 2020 Presidential election in the US was a settled issue. During the current 7 of 10 Plate Movements, the San Andreas has been very active, but this has not seemed to affect land to the East. This monolith and many similar monoliths are the reason for the delay.

During the Eurasian Plate stretch that has been ongoing for several years, some regions are being literally torn to pieces - constantly bright red with the burning underground Methane released. Beijing is one such region, where school children are being hospitalized due to exposure to Methane.  The Guizhou dragon roared in 2020 from the mountains being ripped apart, and by 2022 roads were melting from the underground burning. Recently New York City had structural collapses due to Methane burn erosion, and now Beijing too is afflicted. None of this was at the hands of man.

Devastating Blast in China's Hebei Kills Two, Injures 26
March 13, 2024

A suspected gas leak caused a blast at a restaurant in China's northern province of Hebei. The blast happened 80 km (50 miles) from the centre of Beijing, the capital, where key annual parliament sessions had just concluded. China's latest deadly gas explosion at an eatery comes after the government issued detailed guidelines, opens new tab last year on the use of gas appliances and cookers to avert safety risks.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/12/2024: China has had howling dragons in 2020 and melting roads in 2022 and now exploding fried chicken in 2024. As we explained, the Eurasian Plate stretch is pulling China to the East and into the Pacific which is compressing. The Beijing region has been a particular hot spot, with a blowout at Beijing anticipated for years. New York City has also been afflicted for years by a fault line nexus where several fault lines touch, and has likewise seen a structural collapse as a result of constant underground Methane burns. A world apart, both these cities have been devastated by these underground fires.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2020: Is there a nexus between the smoking city streets in Chongqing in 2022 and the howling Dragons in Guizhou Province in 2020?  Stretch zones will release Methane. As the rock layers are pulled apart they release trapped rotting material that results in Methane gas. Methane is very flammable, like natural gas, and can burn underground as well as above ground. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) accompanies Methane gas because it too is a component of rotting material. Beyond the tell-tale rotting egg smell, SO2 emissions can be tracked by satellites and have for some weeks shown China to be a SO2 hot spot. This does not match the CO2 maps, which show industrial areas or wild fires or the CO2 emerging from African rain forests. Thus there is yet another nexus between the China heat wave and the smoking streets. China is burning underground.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2023: For the past couple years the junction of several N American fault lines at the New York City area has stressed that region. Bright red on the Methane emissions charts, and bright red on the CO smoke from burning Methane underground. What does this do to the upper rock strata where several densely populated cities are located? The upper rock strata is crumbling and at the slightest tremor could open crevasses or cause landslides or shift the surface into a tilt. This is a mega disaster waiting for New York City.

The hands of man are clearly in operation on the SOHO images, which image the regions around the Sun via geostationary satellites that block the intense light from the Sun with a disk. There are other SOHO images which show the face of the Sun. This is all offered to the public. But how does NASA prevent Nibiru from showing up in all its glory during the Nibiru coverup? This is done via software which must be adjusted to the Daily Earth Wobble and known location of Nibiru. This does not always work as planned.  
ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/12/2024: The SOHO images have long been challenged by the clear presence of Nibiru and have used various techniques to disguise its presence. They know where it is, and have programmed the imaging software to cloud Nibiru's presence. With the Wobble it has become even more of a challenge. Software is never bug free, especially when changes are inserted, and this Cube flaw is an example. It will be quickly corrected now that it has been discovered.

The plethora of signs in the skies showing the Nibiru Complex is almost invariably the real thing. But there can also be UFOs or Drones or Chemtrails or the time-honored SunDogs which are reflections in ice crystals in a halo around the Sun. So the Second Sun that appears primarily at dawn or dusk from sunlight bouncing off the dust cloud that shrouds Nibiru, or the Petrol blobs that can burn and descend in smoke, or the Red Dust increasingly in the skies, or the String of Pearls displays are all the real thing.  This image from Vermont  looks like a UFO or the Winged Globe of Nibiru but upon close examination turns out to be a String of Pearls.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/7/2024: This is a String of Pearls seemingly on the move during rapid wobble movement of Earth. The String of Pearls are between Nibiru and the Earth, so as the Earth moves during the wobble, the location in the sky seems to change. It is the Earth that has moved. There is arcing from the String of Pearls to the Sun and Nibiru, Nibiru is shown as a Monster in these photos, the light rays expanding outward and then returning to Earth drawn by Earth gravity. Views of the Nibiru Complex will increase, and unless the coverup over Nibiru is exposed the public will be frightened and confused.


Is someone trying to sicken and eliminate the populace via food poisoning or are food production workers just distracted? Recalls have been on the increase, and there certainly is plenty to worry the common man.  They are distracted.

Recalls have been Issued for Frozen Dumplings, Eye Ointment, Gun Safes and More - see the Latest List
March 8, 2024

Product recalls are becoming more common in the U.S.: The number of recalled products reached a five-year high last year, according to a recent report, with around 3,300 recalls reported across the automotive, consumer product, food and drink, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/10/2024: Food recalls invariably trace back to distracted workers. Until Nibiru is acknowledged, the world will not make sense. The common man sees the Sun rise and set in the wrong place, the Moon where ought not be, yet not a word of explanation in the media. They are seeing Doubles among politicians, wearing masks that slip to reveal the ploy, again with no explanation from the media. Food production is rife with rules and steps to be followed. If any of those steps are overlooked or skipped, it can result in E. coli or Listeria or an impure product.

What this will require in future is more oversight that all steps have been taken. In the past in 2009 and 2014 when AF 447 and MH 370 were lost due to EMP and planes routed over under water borders and fault lines, the trend of airliners going down was drastically reduced because the airline companies changed the routes and rules. The airline companies saw their profits disappearing and took action. Now the food processing industry is facing the same issues - profits will plunge unless they take action.

Indeed, aviation had a spate of disasters for several years after AF447   went down over the Mid-Atlantic in 2009 and MH370 disappeared over Indonesia waters in 2014. But they turned this around by paying close attention to their flight routes and signs of trouble.  

Aviation and Plane Crash Statistics
Commercial aviation is one of the safest forms of travel in the United States. Commercial air carriers have not had a fatal crash since 2019.
2020 Airplanes Grounded
Early Sunday morning on April 3 Internet forums were chattering about the number of flights in the US that had been grounded. These included Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Spirit, and Alaska Airlines. Excuses were given, such as the weather, lack of staff, but the sudden spate of last minute cancelations begged the question - why so sudden? Were staffing and weather issues not known days earlier?

Is Kate Middleton's surgery being setup as a distraction? If the UK establishment fears Putin will drop the Nibiru bomb, and wants to distract the public in the UK, this story is pregnant with opportunities. Kate's surgery was announced in January and she was to be home within 14 days and indeed arrived there on January 29. Her last public appearance was on December 28. And then was not seen out in public until March 4 while in a car and then March 16 out buying bread. Doubles were suspected. Speculation ran rampant, with insider Ariel stating she has been in custody by the Cabal.

A Complete Timeline of Kate Middleton's Abdominal Surgery and Recovery
March 6, 2024

In January, Kensington Palace revealed that the royal underwent a "planned abdominal surgery" at The London Clinic, which PEOPLE understands was non-cancerous. Though they didn't provide any more details about her surgery, they did confirm that she will remain in hospital for 10 to 14 days, before returning home to continue her recovery.
Kate Middleton Spotted in Public for the First Time Since Her Surgery
March 18, 2024

Since Kate Middleton had abdominal surgery in January, she has not been in the public eye. Apart from two paparazzi photos one taken of her in a car with her mother, Carole, and another in a car alongside Prince William and one photo released by Kensington the Princess of Wales has not been seen since December. But the British tabloid the Sun published photos and video of Kate and William at a local farm stand in Windsor, which was taken on March 16.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/22/2024: Kate was removed from the public eye because she was threatening to reveal what the Cabal wanted hidden. Neither Harry nor William are blood line offspring as their appearance suggests. The Queen had Diana killed for her continuing affairs. Kate did not want her children caught in the endless tangle of lies, and felt the only way to prevent this was to spill the truth. She has been replaced by Doubles in the public eye while the Cabal attempts to drug her into compliance. Chemo will be the excuse for her changed appearance.

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