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Kazakhstan Revolution

The elite vs the common man is well documented. Why do the 1% hold 99% of the world’s assets? It is not by being fair minded. Why do western banks such as the IMF or World Bank press debt slavery, so that individuals are in debt and cannot quit their jobs or move to safe location? Poor countries are encouraged to go into debt too, and who collects the interest and holds the stocks and deeds? The 1%.
The elite expect the Military to protect them, but they are in for a surprise. In Kazhkhstan, even the President’s Palace was torched. After that the Kazakh President issued an order that the Military should shoot to kill the civilians who were protesting his fuel price increase, calling them terrorists.  

Kazakh President Authorizes use of Lethal Force against Protesters 'without Warning'
January 7, 2022

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced that he has given permission for law enforcement agents to use lethal force to quell the unrest that has engulfed the country since the new year. “I have given an order to the law enforcement and military to shoot to kill without warning,” Tokayev announced.
Nationalists are on the Rise’: How Protests in Kazakhstan Turned Violent & why Russia Feels it Can’t Stay Silent
January 5, 2022

What’s behind the current violent unrest in Kazakhstan and why is political stability in this huge former Soviet republic of such great importance to Russia? Initially, it seemed that protests against soaring energy prices would not turn into anything more serious. Since then, however, the country has asked for help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russia-led military bloc, and its soldiers have engaged in fierce street battles with armed marauders. The unrest, however, appears to be mostly spontaneous and uncontrolled. It seems there are no leaders to organize the crowds, nor has any political party spearheaded the protest movement yet.
Gun Battles in Kazakh City after Govt Begins ‘Counter-Terrorist’ op – Reports
January 5, 2022

Reports and videos of intense gunfire have emerged from the streets of Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. It comes after authorities launched a “counter-terrorist” operation, blaming foreign-trained groups for chaos in the city.

The elite assume that control of the Military will ensure their protection, but revolutions in the past have occurred when the Common Man would take no more. Often the Military would side with the Common Man.  

What inspired the Common Man in Kazakhstan to take to the streets? Where natural gas for heating and cooking and petrol for the cars was formerly subsidized by the state, the Kazakh President arbitrarily decided to remove the price cap so the corporations could maximize their profit. He allowed the price to double. This, in the middle of Winter. The Zetas explain.

Video shows Crowds in Kazakhstan Forcing Military to Retreat, as Violent Fuel-Price Protests Roil the Country
January 5, 2022

Protesters in Kazakhstan forced the military to withdraw in a striking scene from the violent protests roiling the former Soviet nation this week. Protests started in the fuel-producing western province of Mangistau on Sunday, after the government removed a price cap on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They have since spread nationwide. The price of LPG, one of the most popular fuels in the country, doubled as soon as the cap was lifted.
Kazakhstan: Demonstrators Gain Upper Hand in Increasingly Turbulent Unrest
January 5, 2022

Anti-government protests in #Kazakhstan reached a new peak on January 5th as protesters clashed for hours along with riot police and National Guard troops in the country's largest city, Almaty. Violent confrontations between protesters and police have been repeated in several other cities across the country. As the riots escalated throughout the day, authorities unplugged the Internet, effectively cutting the country off from the outside world. Telephone connections were also patched. Almost all local televisions stopped broadcasting. Police in Aktobe have said they are with the people and will not raise their hand against them.
Kazakh President asks Russia-led Bloc for Military Help
January 5, 2022

The Kazakh president has asked the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) for help as violent unrest continues to grip the nation, claiming “terrorists” are overrunning strategic facilities across the country.

ZetaTalk Observation 1/31/2022: We have stated that Martial Law will eventually be declared everywhere as the Nibiru passage approaches, to quell riots and direct the public into work camps or to grow and harvest food. More than half the world’s populace is crowded into cities so the establishment will have no choice. The options are to allow mass starvation and cannibalism to occur or to force the populace into compliance. Martial Law has been in place in the US since the Fall of 2015 when Dunford and his Marines assumed command and Military Tribunals have been ongoing in the US since January 2019.

There are many steps to full blown Martial Law. The first is consignment by the elected government to the Military, or the Military can seize power. Most often this is a very public move, with the public informed, but can be very stealthy so as not to alarm the public. The US is under Martial Law because of the pending Nibiru passage, and as there is a cover-up over Nibiru the Military does not want the public notified. Some Martial Law situations are temporary, as in Thailand in 2006 and 2013 when there are contested elections.

Martial Law is planned but is unlikely to be instituted until needed to quell riots and force order in a country. Decisions during the time the Military is in control are made by the Military, unless the Military determines that the established government should be supported as is often the case. During the pending New Madrid rupture we have predicted the US Junta will announce full blown Martial Law in the US and state that President Trump has been and is still the President, resolving the 2020 election fraud.
What has occurred in Kazakhstan is an example of a sudden eruption of public unrest. In the midst of Winter, the price of gas was being increased by a government decision to lift a cap on the price. The claim was that the government could no longer subsidize the controlled price. The options for the Kazakhstan establishment were to continue the subsidy, or to take over the corporations and run the production and delivery as a non-profit enterprise. They chose to side with the wealthy elite running the corporations. Wrong move.

At present the Kazakhstan military has closed the Internet, closed phone service, and blocked the media while reaching out for more help from the region. We predict the outcome will be a return to the subsidized heating gas.

And sure enough, price controls to keep the corporations from gouging were promptly started.

Kazakhstan to Introduce Temporary Moratorium on Increases in Tariffs on Utilities
January 7, 2022

“A temporary 180-day moratorium on increasing tariffs on regulated utilities including water supply, sanitation, heat, gas, and electricity will be introduced soon," the government said on the website. "To stabilize prices for socially important food including beef, mutton, potatoes, and carrots, a ban on the export of livestock was introduced for six months, and a ban on the export of potatoes and carrots abroad for three months".

Banking Demise

The Zetas have predicted that mankind will return to the Barter System as a result of the Pole Shift and in most cases well beforehand. Mankind slips back into this mode easily. Just look at what happened recently in China during a draconian lockdown. Per the Zetas, the exchange of goods can only be done with confidence with a Barter System, as anything else is a Paper Promise – ephemeral – as stockholders in Evergrande stock recently experienced.

China: Xi'an Residents in Lockdown Trade Goods for Food Amid Shortage
January 4, 2022

People quarantined in the Chinese city of Xi'an are bartering supplies amid continuing worries over food shortages. Social posts show locals swapping cigarettes and tech gadgets for food. About 13 million have been confined to their homes since 23 December. Videos and photos on social media site Weibo showed people exchanging cigarettes for cabbage, dishwashing liquid for apples, and sanitary pads for a small pile of vegetables.

ZetaTalk Barter System 12/15/2001: We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in all countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. We advise the common man, as we have in the past, to relieve themselves of stock and jewels and paper money that will fall in value, perhaps suddenly and without warning. Better to stock up on things that will have value, candles and matches, schoolbooks and a guitar, than what the rich treasure.

'Return our Money!' Evergrande Investors Protest at Office of Chinese Developer
January 4, 2022

Once China's top selling developer but now reeling under more than $300 billion in liabilities, Evergrande had previously agreed to repay 10% by the end of the month when the product matured, without specifying an amount.

ZetaTalk Paper Promise 9/17/2004: The banking system or any paper money system is built on confidence, confidence that a note will be paid out in something solid, something other than a paper promise, which is what all money systems and bank notes are.  Gold was considered the backing. When the press to use paper money to support a debtor economy ran beyond the supply of gold, the money systems were taken off the gold standard.  When money became unhinged from solid backing, speculation crept in, resulting in inflated stocks, loans without collateral, a pyramid scheme that is a house of cards that would collapse with few left after the shuffle with anything solid in their hands. Most would be left holding worthless notes, uncollectable, standing atop a deep pile of bankruptcies.

ZetaTalk Denial Games 12/15/1999: There are perhaps half a dozen international banks, very heavily moneyed, which would never be out of the running or powerless in this game. They wish the populace to be unconcerned, to feel a sense of comfort, that the good times are with them, and not to look about and notice what some are saying - that emergency stores are empty and crops are failing and the stock market is over-inflated. They wish the populace to be dull, lethargic, and spending money, because much of the stability of an economy is based on confidence.

The value of a currency is dependent upon the strength of the country that issues it. Given floods and droughts and locust swarms a vibrant economy can turn sour. Might it be better to simply rely upon Bitcoin? Since Bitcoin resides on backroom servers and are not backed by central banks or any country of origin, it is ephemeral too. The servers can go dead, taking any Bitcoin residing on them to the grave. Could this be a con game where all the enthusiasm is just pulling in victims? A Ponzi scheme?

"Just in Case Fiat Money Goes to Hell": Billionaires Are Finally Flooding into Cryptos
January 2, 2022

We first predicted that bitcoin would surge exponentially as millions realized that cryptocurrencies are the logical alternative to failing monetary systems. Fiat currency is going to hell, as even central banks admit with their relentless push to launch CBDCs. It’s possible that cryptocurrencies could reap extraordinary returns — even if the opposite is also true.

ZetaTalk Bitcoin 1/31/2018: Most of the new Cryptocurrencies are being established to eventually steal from the public. The schema is to allow the currency to go into use, encouraged by celebrities or chirpy reports on how easy the new currency is to use, then boom anyone holding the electronic currency suddenly finds it has zero worth and cannot be redeemed.

ZetaTalk Bitcoin Game 4/30/2020: The Digital Dollar is designed to hide the fact that a bank is in fact bankrupt. It is designed to replace Credit Card use, pushing this activity into the arms of the Central Bank where evidence of bankruptcy can be hidden. The Digital Dollar is by nature ephemeral. This is money laundering made legal. The alternative is to allow banks to go belly-up into bankruptcy, be absorbed into stronger banks, and eventually be absorbed into the Central Bank in any case. For the banking systems, these are truly the End Times.

Since Central Banks can print a limitless amount of cash, or at least put this on their books as liquidity, why would any Central Bank run out of money? The issue is inflation as the value of each dollar is reduced when more of them go into circulation. The Paper Promise is, after all, a confidence game. In the US, a bank is allowed to loan out any dollar it gets from the Federal Reserve up to 5 times, so the bank is really floating on air. If there is a run on a bank, there may not be enough physical cash to meet demand. Thus, a cashless society or limitations on bank access may be imposed to protect weak banks.
ZetaTalk Limit Hours 8/25/2007: If banks frankly shut their doors, the panic would set in, in earnest. Where heavy withdrawals are noted, the banks are using various "braking" mechanisms such as delayed payments, all the while making claims of computer or system problems. Various other techniques will be tested on the public to see which ones meet with the most cooperation among the public. The point at which restricted banking hours and restricted withdrawals is reached is a long road, with many twists and turns.

How will this process proceed? Other than the trend toward the Barter System, there will be a trend for weak banks to be absorbed by strong banks. As foreclosures and individual bankruptcies increase, the banking industry will find it cannot pay bills or salaries. One cannot sell a farm or house if there are no buyers. And if the wealthy buys the farms and houses then the Common Man will have no respect for the ownership. Assets will likely remain in the hands of their former owners, or be confiscated by squatters.

ZetaTalk Process 11/30/2019: How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Politicians and the wealthy would prefer the system survive the coming passage of Nibiru, and thus will do all they can to disguise the distress that banks are experiencing. They hope for the common man to learn of Nibiru late, preferably during the Last Weeks, so they have no time to stop paying their mortgage, else foreclosures would increase. This is anticipated to be a temporary burden on the banks, though they can then auction the properties off.

We have long predicted banking failures going into the Pole Shift, due to a worldwide economic collapse from crop failures, earthquake damage to the infrastructure, insurance company bankruptcy, and consequent job loss with loss of income to the individual and to the GDP. Governments will at first respond by printing or producing more money, though fragile countries will be forced to declare bankruptcy. Weak banks will be closed to be absorbed by larger and stronger banks, but this process does have an end point.

We have predicted that the world will go into the barter system as the Pole Shift approaches. As foreclosures increase, banks will find they do not have the resources to monitor these properties, and they will be repossessed by their former owners or by strangers. Stocks and bonds will lose their value, with the Stock Markets being considered a joke. Tricks like a negative interest rate is already considered a joke. Why would someone buy a bond when it will cost them money? A currency, such as the Yuan or US dollar, or Euro will continue to be used as a medium of exchange on the street and in shops, however.

Wild Weather

The Severe Wobble predicted by the Zetas has set in motion weather extremes across the globe. Extreme snowfall in Pakistan, Washington State, and along I-95 in Virginia had motorists stranded in their cars. Colorado had extreme winds atop drought that sparked wildfires, while at the same time Alaska had record warmth.

Twenty-Two People Die as Epic Snowstorm leaves 125,0000 Cars Stranded in Pakistan
January 8, 2022

At least 22 people including 10 children have died after a heavy snow storm left an estimated 125,000 cars stranded in a mountain resort town in Pakistan. Police said most people had frozen to death in their cars but that others may have died from asphyxiation after turning on their vehicle's heaters to keep warm after getting stuck on the road. More than four feet of snow fell in the hillside town overnight.
Snowmageddon Buries Leavenworth in Washington in more than 3 Feet of Snow in 24h
January 8, 2022

Extreme winter weather apocalypses are currently increasing around the world, breaking decade-old records of cold temperatures, ice and snow. A state of emergency was declared in Leavenworth, Washington after more than 3 feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours.
Hundreds Stranded on I-95 in Virginia for more than 15 Hours, and they’re Running Out of Fuel, Food, and Water in Frigid Conditions
January 4, 2022

Drivers in northern Virginia had been stuck for more than 15 hours on Interstate 95 after a crash involving six tractor-trailers and some downed trees ground traffic to a halt.

'Life Threatening' Wildfires Raze at least 600 Homes, a Shopping Mall and a Hotel to the Ground in Boulder, Colorado
December 30, 2021

The Marshall Fire, just south of Boulder, was sparked by extreme winds gusting over 100mph, which knocked down power lines and sparked a fire. The unseasonal fires came after smaller fires were reported in the state, at the end of a bone-dry summer and fall. The spring rains caused a surge in undergrowth, which then dried over the parched summer and served as perfect tinder.
Baked Alaska: State Records All-Time December High of 67F on Sunday after Heat Dome Settled over Aleutian Islands
December 29, 2021

The warmer than usual weather is due to a dome of stagnant high pressure sitting on the southeast area of the Aleutian Islands in the northern Pacific Ocean. Alaska is also warming faster than any other US state and twice as quickly as the global average, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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