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Are we headed to a time when robots will be combined with human flesh to become the reality shown in the movie Terminator? Elon Musk was experimenting with brain to machine connections in 2020 with his Neuralink program. There is also the approach of upgrading animals to a sub-human slave class level as was tried in 2019 by inserting human brain tissue into monkeys. Shades of the movie Planet of the Apes. Controlling humans directly as Manchurian Candidates via hypnosis and telepathy has never succeeded, though has been tried by the Pentagon in the past.

Transhumanism and Future of Humanity towards Digital Slavery
June 24, 2021

When a sufficient level of knowledge and technology is reached, the plan is for Big Data to turn into Big Brother thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the god of transhumanists that will take its place at the top of the pyramid and take control from human hands. transhumanists do not believe in the soul and instead see the human brain as a machine. They believe immortality will be possible by transferring the human mind to servers or other bodies/machines. Elon Musk, the owner of Space X, is working on a Neuralink project, in which chips and electrodes will be added to the brain and body to connect us to the network like computers. DARPA research and development agency, which serves the U.S. Army, is experimenting with cyborg soldiers with chips in their brains.
Musk Shows off Progress on Neuralink Brain-Computer
August 29, 2020

With the help of a surgical robot, a piece of the skull is replaced with a Neuralink disk, and its wispy wires are strategically inserted into the brain. The disk registers nerve activity, relaying the information via a common Bluetooth wireless signal to a device such as a smartphone.

ZetaTalk Reassurance 1995: The robot that propagates, learns, thinks, and as all life has emotion is alive, yet enslaved, as controls would surely be put into place to prevent the servant class from arising. Thus, media scenarios such as The Stepford Wives, or The Terminator, or Star Trek's Data would not be allowed to develop, not even if scientists on your world managed to develop them, which is far from likely. That those who are emerging souls in the process of determining a spiritual orientation, would attempt to do so is one of the reasons for limiting the capabilities on your world. Mankind, in short, is too dumb to create a handy-dandy version of intelligent, sentient life. One, per their desires, which would never break down or talk back, would always look good, be compliant in bed, foresee one's needs, repair the car, be infinitely loyal, smart as a whip but never look down on the master, and never suffer from neglect. The child's dream.
ZetaTalk Reassurance 4/30/2019: Are human scientists flirting with playing God by inserting human genes into monkey brains? This is a step beyond the usual genetic engineering designed to boost crop production by resistance to fungus or insects or to allow human transplants to be grown in animals such as pigs. Genetic engineering, whereby apes were engineered to become human, was under the control of the Council of Worlds in the past. Has the Council granted China and the US permission to create another race of man?

Hollywood looks beyond mankind’s failures and makes the leap to intelligent machines. They have emotions, agendas, and except for a bit of oil in their joints now and then, require no maintenance. The beloved Star Wars robots or the socially responsible robot in I, Robot had no human flesh or brain matter but functioned as though human. Mankind is increasingly using drones for surveillance and will employ them in future for warfare or riot control, and even today have them buzzing about the floors to sweep up the crumbs. This is not transhumanism as no human flesh is used, but merely robotics.

Putin says the Nation that Leads in AI ‘Will Be the Ruler of the World’
September 4, 2017

Although it’s thought that artificial intelligence will help boost countries’ economies in a number of areas, from heavy industry to medical research, AI technology will also be useful in warfare. Artificial intelligence can be used to develop cyber weapons, and control autonomous tools like drone swarms — fleets of low-cost quadcopters with a shared ‘brain’ that can be used for surveillance as well as attacking opponents.
Ameca: This Humanoid Robot’s Facial Expressions Are Freaky
December 3, 2021

The humanoid appears to have awoken in a robotic laboratory, as seen in the video below, while an actual human works in the background. In a matter of seconds, the robot moves its arms and displays a flurry of expressions.

ZetaTalk Reassurance 12/31/2021: The new fascination with Transhumanism is due to the elite facing the near future of the Nibiru passage with white knuckle fear. The populace will no longer listen to the establishment, who failed to warn them or to arrange a shelter for them. Machines such as Drones can be used by the Military for surveillance or even in combat, but drones do not cover all the functions the elite need under their control. The Manchurian Candidate concept - whereby hypnotic suggestion directs human drones – has been tried and failed. Telepathy is innate and natural in humans, despite the efforts of Remote Viewers to control the soul or the innate agenda of the human.

Now what? The popularity of the TV series Planet of the Apes is based on a real desire of the establishment to increase the intelligence of non-human animals to the point where they would be a controllable slave class. Thus Transgenic Monkeys where human tissue is inserted into monkeys, or Frankenrobots – putting living tissue into machines. Our use of implants in our human contacts is akin to an on-board phone system, not to control the human. And where we use living tissue in our sky computers this is akin to mankind’s use of cow leather for shoes.

The elite, who desperately want to create a human slave class, are stuck with the human body and brain. Mankind is not intelligent enough to genetically engineer a super race. Mankind cannot even eliminate genetic diseases or increase intelligence. Outside of selective breeding, whereby the defective genes are blocked or the desired genes encouraged, there is little mankind can do at present. The elite cannot cage or capture the human soul, nor can they direct the human will. Instead, a time of perfect karma for the elite awaits.

Wobble Storms

The Zetas warned that the Council of Worlds had scheduled a temporary Severe Wobble in order to force past the elite’s cover-up over the nearby presence of Nibiru. The public may be subconsciously aware of Nibiru’s presence and pending passage, but until this is a subject openly discussed in the media and at the kitchen table, preparations for survival and safety and life in the Aftertime will not begin in earnest for most of humanity. Thus, at the end of November, it began.

Powerful Windstorm Hits Istanbul, Claiming at least 4 Lives and Injuring Dozens Others, Turkey
November 29, 2021

According to Turkey's Meteorology General Directorate, winds reached 130 km/h (80 mph) in one of the country's most aggressive windstorms in living memory. In total, the storm left 6 people dead and 52 injured.
A Blizzard Warning in Hawaii but no Snow yet in Denver, in Unusual December Weather
December 4, 2021

It's not unusual to see snow on Hawaii's tallest peaks, which rise more than 13,000 feet in elevation. A blizzard warning was last issued in the state in 2018. But it is notable for the Pacific island state to see a blizzard warning before most of the continental U.S., according to the National Weather Service.
Storm Barra: Extremely Dangerous Double Bomb Cyclone Explodes over Ireland and UK Triggering Widespread Power Outages, Giant Waves and 80mph Winds
December 7, 2021

It went from around 1010mb to 957mb (53mb), more than twice the threshold to meet the criteria for explosive cyclogenesis (24mb drop in 24 hours). A Double BomboGenesis!

ZetaTalk Warning 11/30/2021: By suddenly allowing the magnetic flow surrounding Nibiru to change, allowing Nibiru's N Pole to drop and point again at the Earth, a mega wobble would be effected. This would be noticed by everyone on Earth, and the establishment would be scrambling to explain it. This temporarily Severe Wobble would be accompanied by dramatic visibility of Nibiru, so that the usual excuses from NASA that the wobble was somehow from the Sun would not suffice.

Pilots flying over the South China Sea had been warned about sudden wind storms, lest China and the US – adversaries – would think a downed plane meant that World War III had broken out. UFOs in the formation crossed the skies at 39,000 feet in wave after wave.
ZetaTalk Explanation 12/31/2021: At 39,000 feet and with heavy cloud cover below, this UFO message was for the pilots who fly there regularly. It is notable that the Severe Wobbles that the Council of Worlds has set in motion are creating high winds on occasion. Turkey had an unexpected and violent windstorm on the day that Alexandria had an unexpected and violent tsunami and the buoys north of Australia showed a complete and sudden subaquatic tidal bore. Lest China or the USA think that warfare has broken out – this UFO display is telling their pilots otherwise.

The Severe Wobble action caused a massive quake in Peru and quake swarms in Japan and on the border of the Juan de Fuca and sudden unexplained tsunami in the Mediterranean and north of Australia, and now in the Deep South of the USA it caused a record-breaking tornado. This tornado, which crossed several states, rose higher in the sky than any on the historical record.

At Least 70 Feared Dead in Kentucky Alone
December 11, 2021

More than 30 tornadoes have been reported in at least six states, including Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi. A stretch of more than 250 miles from Arkansas to Kentucky might have been hit by one violent, long-track twister, CNN meteorologists say.
Tornadoes Rip across 5 States, at least 70 Dead
December 11, 2021

The towns of Mayfield and Dawson Springs, Kentucky, were both leveled by the powerful twister. Everything along the line of this tornado, that touched down and stayed down for 227 miles, over 200 in Kentucky, has been severely and significantly impacted.  Four likely tornadoes tore through several counties across the state, with one storm ripping across southwestern Tennessee and the western half of Kentucky.

At least 70 are Killed by EIGHTEEN Tornadoes in Kentucky's Deadliest Storm in 130 Years: More than 100 Deaths Expected across Six States as Twisters Level Entire Towns
December 11, 2021

The genesis of the tornado outbreak was a series of overnight thunderstorms, including a super cell storm that formed in northeast Arkansas. That storm moved from Arkansas and Missouri and into Tennessee and Kentucky. Some reports suggested that the record for the longest single tornado - 219 miles - could have been broken, and that it had crossed four states, breaking another record.Observers speculated that many of tornadoes were at four or even five on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale. Wind speeds of between 136 and 165mph are found in EF4 tornados, and of 200mpg in EF5 tornados. 'This tornado is so powerful it literally broke Radarscope velocity,' tweeted @WxAtlantic. And across the region, tornadoes on Friday night ripped through parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky - with one becoming what a storm chaser said was the first quad-state tornado in U.S. history.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/31/2021: To counter the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, the Council of Worlds approved a temporary Severe Wobble. The start of the Severe Wobble was marked by a massive quake in Peru on November 28 and a cold blitz in Europe the following day. Then a mega quake swarm occurred in Japan on November 29, predecessor quakes to the New Madrid Adjustment. On December 1 a wobble lurch could be seen by a subaquatic tidal bore north of Australia on the same day that Alexandria had a tsunami from the Mediterranean and Turkey had a sudden windstorm.

Then the UK was struck by a Double Cyclone on December 7 followed by a mega quake swarm on the border of the Juan de Fuca Plate on December 8. Now on December 10 there has been a record-breaking spate of tornadoes in the heartland of the US - more vicious, long lasting, and reaching higher into the atmosphere than any other on record. The quake swarms in Japan and off-coast of Oregon were characterized by being unrelenting. If this is a signature of the Severe Wobble effect, how long will this last and what will the outcome be?

We have stated that the New Madrid unzipping is but a moment away, but if the goal of the Severe Wobble is to break the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, some degree of wobble must occur that would counter the elite blaming the Sun or Global Warming. Nibiru itself must be visible, to the entire world, so that it is clear that the public has been denied the truth. At that point the experts the elite hire to lie and the elite politicians themselves will be pushed aside, and the public rage the elite fear will be upon them – true karma at last.

Birth Rate Decline

The Birth Rate in many countries is declining, past the point where the populace is replacing the loss from the Death Rate. This is called negative growth, a concern because with too many elderly and not enough youngsters, there is no one to care for the elderly. But during this time when the globe is heading into a Pole Shift, with a 90% Death Rate among the populace in general, and with starvation looming for the survivors – why is a declining Birth Rate a problem?

Elon Musk says there Aren't 'Enough People,' Birthrate could Threaten Human Civilization
December 7, 2021

"I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birth rate and the rapidly declining birthrate," Musk said at the Wall Street Journal's annual CEO Council.
China's Birthrate just Hit another Record Low. But the Worst is Yet to Come
December 2, 2021

China's fertility rate stood at just 1.3 last year -- among the lowest in the world and even lower than 1.34 in Japan. But China's GDP per capita is only one fourth of Japan's. "If you look at big cities in China, like Shanghai and Beijing, their fertility rate is already the lowest in the world -- at about 0.7."
In a First, India's Fertility Rate Falls Below Replacement Level
November 26, 2021

Replacement level is the level of fertility at which a population replaces itself exactly from one generation to the next. According to the United Nations (UN), in countries with a Total Fertility Rate lower than 2.1, a generation is not producing enough children to replace itself. Such a situation results in an outright reduction in the population of that country.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2021: The population explosion began at the start of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. Human society had progressed from an agrarian society where 95% of the population needed to be working the farms in order to feed the populace. Mechanized farming and food distribution began. This freed human resources for advances in other fields such as medicine. The result was less infant mortality and longer lives. Culturally, large families had been desired so the farms could be worked or for a survivor to care for the parents in their old age. Thus, all factors pressed toward a population explosion.

Birth control is used most extensively in developed countries, but when each couple has two children the explosion still continued. Thus, China’s one child policy. Now that starvation looms worldwide, how to feed all those mouths?  One after another in country after country the birth rate has dropped below zero because potential parents do not see the world as a good place for their offspring. In 2019 Canada, Japan, and Chile had a negative birth rate, and now the USA, Russia, and even India are joining those ranks. The establishment considers this a bad thing, but is it?

We have long stated that the years leading into the Pole Shift and the Aftertime should not be a time of child bearing. Lack of medical services and starvation alone would advise against it. Potential parents should have themselves sterilized. Children that make it through will be the parents of the future. Why then is Musk advising a return to the population explosion?  Musk is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, and Neuralink and is still claiming that man will colonize Mars. Musk is known for his enthusiasm and futuristic vision.

Musk is vying for funds from that portion of the populace that will cling to the hope that his view of the future is correct. Where we the Zetas have described the broken link scenario, where a missing part or component in the supply chain can doom mankind’s infrastructure, Musk is claiming that mankind will prevail and the future under his direction will be rosy. Given the die-off that will occur soon during the Pole Shift, he and others among the elite feel they need a large population that can withstand the decimation. This benefits the elite while mankind would suffer.

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