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Canada Truck Convoy

Deadlocked into perpetual booster shots and lockdowns, all to give the elite the sense of control they seek, the world was entranced by the Canadian Truckers Convoy. The lockdowns and vaccine passports are particularly draconian in the Commonwealth countries of Australia and Canada. Meanwhile the Queen's country of England has done away with both max vax mandates and passports! Can they get their act together? This is a story still being written. 

Justin Trudeau and his Family Flee Canadian Capital Ottawa as up to 50,000 'Freedom Convoy' Anti-vaccine Mandate Truckers arrive at his Office
January 30, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the national's capital Ottawa for a secret location as up to 50,000 truckers gather to protest against the country's vaccine mandate and Covid lockdowns. Hundreds of truckers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled 'Freedom Convoy' which started as a protest against vaccine mandates required to cross the US border.  The truckers were joined by thousands of other protesters angered not only by Covid-19 restrictions but by broader discontent with the government. There was an enormous clamor as hundreds of big trucks, their engines rumbling, sounded their air horns non-stop. Estimates of the number of truckers range from 10-20,000.
Trucker Convoy against Vaccine Mandates rolls through Ontario en route to Ottawa
January 27, 2022

The protest is being organized by Canada Unity, a group that opposes COVID-19-related measures. Its organizers want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government to drop the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the Canada-U.S. border, and do away with other public health protections.
Thousands in Ottawa Protest COVID Mandates, many Rebuked
January 30, 2022

Thousands of protesters gathered in Canada’s capital on Saturday to protest vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns. The protest has also attracted support from former U.S. President Donald Trump and some Fox News personalities. “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way,” Trump said at a rally in Conroe, Texas. “They are doing more to defend American freedom than our leaders by far.”

The Globalists have Awoken the Sleeping Giant
January 29, 2022

The story that the mainstream media is trying their very best not to report upon, but has taken Canada and the world by storm, and will surely reverberate across America as it is already doing in the independent media, is Canada's Freedom Convoy which had recently arrived in Ottawa in what will be an entire weekend of protests in Canada's capitol. Continually growing in numbers and Canadian citizen participants despite the obviously terrified Canadian leader Justin Trudeau calling the group a 'fringe minority', American truckers are joining the rally of truckers consisting of both 'the vaxxed' and 'pure bloods'.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2022: Who is actually mandating the vaccines in Canada? As can be seen from photo analysis done in 2019, the real Trudeau was arrested for misuse and theft of public funds. He is still on the docket, under arrest by the White Hat alliance. In that Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth, they are also controlled by the elite in the UK, and this is the origin of the self-serving mandates. The UK has suddenly dropped their mandates, as we noted recently, because the predicted European tsunami seemed poised to occur.

So with a Trudeau Double in Ottawa controlled by the White Hat Alliance, and wrestling with an elected Parliament and Commonwealth edicts – who is it that is in control and able to change the mandates?  Since the Double would be the mouthpiece for any resolution of this convoluted political mess, the Double has not fled the country and is still under the control of the White Hats. At the brink of rebellion, the politicians in Canada do not want to see the Trucker’s protest catch fire. Revolutions begin in just such a manner.

Following Europe’s lead, Canada and we predict Australia will find the vaccine mandates are no longer required. They will claim those forcing mandates and lockdowns and passports had been working with old data, and newer statistics show that Herd Immunity is preventing transmission. Variants are traditionally weaker than the original strain, and Omicron has proven to be no worse than a bad head cold.  Pfizer and those profiting from endless vaccines will sputter into silence.

Indeed, in 2019 there was a change in Trudeau’s appearance. He began wearing a beard, thus hiding his chin. Per the Zetas those watching Trudeau for clues as to his potential arrest were on target. He was now a Double.
ZetaTalk Reveal 3/31/2020: The use of a Double may signal an ongoing court action, such as Trudeau’s new look, which does not bode well for Trudeau. His crime? Theft of public funds, a type of treason.

Reading Clues

In anticipating the New Madrid Rupture, the ZetaTalk Team followed many clues that would lead to the timing of the rupture. It is a story worth being shared. For instance, EMP from the juncture of the East Coast and Ramapo and New Madrid fault lines in the Bronx on January 9. Per the Zetas, this was not merely due to a space heater but an example of an EMP storm. This clue indicated that these fault lines were restless.   

Worst NYC Fire in 30 Years was Caused by Faulty Space Heater
January 9, 2022

The five-alarm blaze erupted shortly before 11am on the second and third floor of a 19-story building at 333 East 181st Street in the Bronx. FDNY said that 'very heavy' fire and smoke 'extended the entire height of the building' and confirmed that a space heater caused the blaze. Several residents said the fire alarms were always going off, and residents ignored them.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: What are the rock dynamics when several fault lines converge? All parts of the rock strata below are under pressure to move in one direction or another. What is certain is that the rock will be under pressure, and electronic screech will be present. This is where the air pockets in the rock have been flattened so that electricity can flow readily, and the arcing of EMP can occur. What are the clues that this was present for the Bronx on January 9? The Seaway along the New Madrid Fault Line had been subject to regular quakes, as had S Carolina along the East Coast Fault Line. And a buoy off the coast of New York City showed the ocean floor below heaving on that day.

Electro-magnetic pulse has frequently been the cause of spontaneous fires but is almost never mentioned in a fire autopsy. From airliner crashes to citywide blackouts and causing pets to flee, EMP is on the increase. An EMP storm can be invoked by the slightest trigger – a spark from a light switch or cigarette lighter or an arc from a heater filament. Once the storm has started, all electronics in the area are alive, as though turned on beyond their capacity. Light bulbs explode, wires melt and cause shorting, and anything flammable in the area will burst into flame.

Where earthquake charts can show action on land, what lies under the waves also gives clues. If the floor of the ocean heaves or drops, so that the waves are shallow or deep, this is a clue to what the plate or platelet might be enduring. An example is the floor of the Gulf and Rivera Platelet buoys displayed on January 21. Both buoys showed flat-lining wave heights.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: What does it mean when a buoy wave height diminishes so that the wave is smaller and smaller over a period of days, essentially flat lining?  A heaving floor below the buoy will cause this because the buoy is operating in a smaller body of water, with less water to build or sustain a high wave. For the Rivera Platelet this is caused by the platelet rising up and overriding the Pacific Plate to the West. This is allowing the Mainland Portion of N America to slide to the SW.  In the Gulf a similar drama occurs, where the buoy sits atop the New Madrid Fault Line. The Mainland Portion has been blocked at the tip of Mexico from sliding to the SW, so pushes against the rigid SE Portion with a grinding motion. Rock on either side of a fault line will slide past each other, pull apart, or crumble into pieces that cause a mass to build up. This mass is causing the floor under the buoy to heave.

For the massive Mainland Portion of N America to slide to the SW something has to move. Clearly the Cocos Plate lying below the tip of Mexico is the major block. The ZetaTalk team noted that there is a fracture point on the Cocos Plate called the Tehuantepec Ridge. This lies just below the Isthmus of Tehuantepec where the New Madrid Fault Line emerges at the tip of Mexico. This spot reacted strongly when the Pacific compressed on January 14. This definitely seems to be a spot to watch!

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: The unzipping from the juncture at the Cocos Plate and then through the Pemex gas fields and into the Gulf has started. The Pacific compressed on January 14. Deep quakes at the Tehuantepec Ridge juncture with the tip of Mexico occurred and the fracturing of the Cocos Plate included heaving in the floor of the Rivera Platelet along the California coastline.  The unzipping then arrived at the Pemex gas fields. Unzipping under the waters of the Gulf is not visible to the common man, though the Junta has planted underwater seismographs along the fault. New Orleans is now in harm’s way.

The ZetaTalk Team also watched the seismograph patterns. If quakes appear on the seismographs as large spikes, what do the blank areas indicate? In many cases, the more trauma to the area, the more blank spots appear. This certainly is present to either side at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. As usual the Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: In order to display comprehensive yet understandable information, seismographs must screen out clutter or conflicting data. Extreme spikes can turn the display black. Background noise, almost always present to some degree, can be insignificant yet can contaminate the relevant earthquake data. Thus background noise is often identified and then masked to eliminate it. The USGS will take their seismographs offline if the display has become difficult to manage, but the hundreds of seismograph stations contributing to the RaspberryShakes website take a different approach.

When a display will become problematic, outside the ability of the seismograph to interpret or de-clutter, a blank segment is inserted. This situation can result because the spikes would be too extreme, range too high outside of the display bounds allowed for the hour. Or it might result because the various inputs into the program are in conflict, or are outside an algorithm bounds. It can likewise result if an input is missing, because it ranged too high or too low for the expected input.

But the fact that the RaspberryShakes seismographs are showing extreme whiteouts at the Cocos Plate fracture point, on both sides of this point to the East and West on the tip of Mexico, is significant. These whiteouts are not because of jolting earthquakes. The slide to the SW of the Mainland Portion of N America has been silent in the main, the grip of rock-to-rock fingers snapping steadily. But when a crescendo is reached, forcing the slide to the SW to accelerate and drop with a weight that the Cocos Plate blocking the drop cannot sustain, the New Madrid Fault Line rupture will experience a jolt into action.

Watching for clues as to the timing of the New Madrid rupture ranges beyond watching the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. The watch includes the periphery of the N America Plate. For instance, the possible relationship between a quake at the tip of Greenland and the anticipated spread of the St. Lawrence Seaway. If the Mainland Portion of N America pulls in a diagonal manner and slides to the SW, what will this process do to the top of the plate? The juncture in the Arctic at Tiksi in Siberia shows constant stress.
But the primary spot to watch is the Cocos Plate. A rupture there would allow the Mainland Portion to slide to the SW, unimpeded. On January 28 a strong quake on the southern border of the Cocos occurred. A possible fracture on a top hook of the Nazca Plate could allow the Cocos to slide to the south. Might this be in process? The Zetas presented the options.
ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: The Cocos Plate stands in the way of the Mainland Portion’s slide to the SW, and something must give. There are several possibilities. The Cocos Plate can fracture along the Tehuantepec Ridge. This fracture point, which touches on the triple juncture which separates the Mainland Portion and SE Portion of the N American Plate at the tip of Mexico, is where the New Madrid Fault Line begins. The Cocos Plate can also shift westward, but this would require a major push against the Pacific Plate. Or the Cocos Plate could shift southward to override or fracture the Nazca Plate.

As can be seen from the many platelets near the epicenter of this January 28 quake, pressure to give the Cocos and Nazca Plates room to move during a New Madrid adjustment has happened before. The North Andes Platelet in Colombia and the little Panama Plate both show these pressure points. Clearly the tip of the Nazca Plate that reaches up toward Panama is fragile and likely to break from the Nazca Plate. But does this give the Mainland Portion the room it needs to slide to the SW?

We predict the likely outcome will be a combination of maneuvers. The little Rivera platelet can snap off, allowing it to maneuver independently. The portion of the Nazca Plate reaching up to Panama could likewise snap to become an independent platelet. The Cocos Plate at present is riding up over the coast of Mexico but could likewise tilt, giving the Mainland Portion more room to shift toward the Pacific.  But most likely the Cocos Plate will fracture at the Tehuantepec Ridge juncture, so that the northern part of the Cocos Plate will shift westward. Geology in motion.

And as predicted, not two days later on January 30, it appears that the Cocos Plate fractured along the Tehuantepec Ridge and the Rivera Platelet might be breaking its attachment to the Cocos Plate. This rapidly proceeded with a day to January 31 when several quakes along the Cocos and Nazca and Rivera accompanied several strong jolts in Oklahoma, which was now free to move to the SW.

In the hunt for clues as to the possible date of the New Madrid Fault Line rupture, the ZetaTalk Team had pondered why Oklahoma and Texas had so many quakes in a swatch toward the SW. Is it possible that the slide to the SW has been in process for months, to some degree? The Zetas confirmed and provided a clue to timing. New Madrid will be the rupture point, with hard rock pulling to the East and West, thinning the crust to the breaking point.
ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: We have often addressed stretch zones and why they are considered silent. A crevasse may open up, or a bridge or structure pull apart and drop, but these events are not accompanied by earthquakes. It is where rock masses are asked to make room for other rock masses that earthquakes occur. During all the predecessor events that have preceded the big New Madrid rupture, a drop to the SW of the Mainland Portion does not seem to have happened. Or did it?

The Mainland Portion includes the mountains in the west, which stretch along the Continental Divide from Canada down to the tip of Mexico. When these are asked to adjust, whether via a slip-slide or subduction or rock shattering clash, they complain with jolting earthquakes. This can be seen on the earthquake charts. The expanding Seaway likewise records quakes in the rock on either side, though the record shows destruction occurs primarily in the soft rock that is amenable to a stretch.

But what about the daily swarms in Oklahoma and Texas where such hard rock strata is not a factor?  The Mainland Portion of N America has steadily been sliding to the SW, albeit silently. If one were to take a geological survey in the regions of Oklahoma and Texas where these swarms occur, one would find landmarks further apart or closer together, or roadways that skew where they are supposed to be straight. At what point will this silent shift to the SW affect the New Madrid rupture?

When the rock on either side of the fault at the town of New Madrid has been pulled apart such that the rock under New Madrid has become thin and lost its ability to hold the two sides together, it will rupture.  Thus the steady silent slide to the SW represented by these quake swarms in Oklahoma and Texas are key to the rupture to come!

Finally, the hunt for clues led the ZetaTalk Team to examine history. What did the inhabitants of N America know before the big New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812? They did not have buoy data, or seismograph data, nor did they have the Internet in those days. What we do know is that the rupture was sudden and horrific. We are told by the Zetas that the big jolt they predicted will come “with little warning”. Sudden.

New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811–12
Ground shaking was felt as far away as Canada in the north and the Gulf Coast in the south. Eyewitness accounts noted that the shaking rang church bells as far away as Boston, Massachusetts, and brought down chimneys in Cincinnati, Ohio
Summary of 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes Sequence
They were by far the largest east of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Canada. The area of strong shaking associated with these shocks is two to three times as large as that of the 1964 Alaska earthquake and 10 times as large as that of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
The Great Midwest Earthquake of 1811
Tuttle’s team excavated potsherds, spear points and corn kernels and realized that many of the sand blows were more than 200 years old. “Some had archaeological sites on top of them with 2,000-year-old artifacts,”?Tuttle says. “There’s no way the New Madrid earthquakes were a one-time freak event.” The Midwest had been slammed by violent quakes around A.D. 1450 and 900 and 2350 B.C.—and probably more often.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: We predicted that the New Madrid rupture will be “a huge jolt, with little warning”. History shows that the last adjustment in 1811 had a similar arrival. There was no warning. It was sudden. What would cause the Mainland Portion to suddenly slide to the SW, tearing the New Madrid Fault Line from the tip of Mexico to the mouth of the Seaway? This process is clearly blocked from happening by the solid Cocos Plate, which must likewise move aside or rupture for the Mainland Portion to drop. This rupture point is at the triple juncture where the Tehuantepec Isthmus is located.

To the East of this point the SE Portion of the N American Plate is calm, wrapped around and hooked by the Caribbean Plate, glued to the Africa Plate at the eastern side, and just not inclined to move to the West. To the West of this triple juncture point the Mainland Portion is restless, as the seismographs show. The history of this triple juncture point shows repeated trauma. The Tehuantepec Isthmus shows a mountain range pulled apart, land on both sides eroded so that only a narrow waist remains. History repeats, and 1811 shows that the rupture will likely occur suddenly, with little warning.

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