ZetaTalk Newsletter as of December 3, 2023

Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday December 3, 2023. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday also. (http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/index.htm)

SkyFire Predicted

Heads of State and the wealthy elite had been braced for Nibiru visibility since 2003 when the Bush Administration informed them that Nibiru had arrived in the inner solar system. By tracking the trajectory of Nibiru, NASA estimated that it would be visible to those on Earth by early 2021. This increased visibility did indeed occur, and a Pole Shift ning blog was established to track this visibility. By September 2021 the Godfather of Nibiru photos, Alberto, provided an example.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/20/2020: We have stated that the Bush administration warned Heads of State worldwide in 2003 that Nibiru had entered the inner Solar System, and subsequent updates to these Heads of State have pinpointed the date when Nibiru will be visible to the populace as around January, 2021. It is clear that the establishment is frozen in fear, else the public would have been informed by now. The public will eventually learn that Nibiru is real, present, and if history is any guide, will pass by the Earth with devastating consequences. How will the public react? The establishment would like the public to remain ignorant for as long as possible. This will be assisted by denying the existence of Nibiru, then denying that it is in the inner Solar System, then denying that a passage will result, and finally denying that a passage will cause any devastation to the Earth. This approach has already been in operation.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2021: This dramatic photo capture by Alberto shows what the people of Earth will soon be seeing regularly. We have referred to Nibiru as the Nibiru Complex because it presents many parts, all of them visible in this photo shot. There is the corpus of Nibiru in the center, a distinct orb that casts a shadow on the shade side. Then there is the Double Helix of the dominant moons on either side, twisting in this photo into a dark swirl of Petrol. A long String of Pearls is on the outer side of this complex, enclosed in burning Petrol so it casts a light down on Nibiru. Nibiru can no longer be denied.

Also in 2021 Petrol displays increased, with some dramatic captures on film. Drifting and burning Petrol was soon categorized into large Petrol blobs and small, with some of this burning Petrol starting ground fires. Still, denial in the media endured.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021: As could be seen from the number of Petrol Bubbles descending through the atmosphere, while afire, it was inevitable that ground fires would be started by this route. Wildfires are nothing new, but with the increase and severity of drought this will be problematic in some locations. We have stated that the Pole Shift fires will burn all the forests, which will then regrow from seed. The Earth will become green again. But in the meantime, the firemen will be busy.

Now in 2023 we are suddenly seeing burning Petrol in the sky emerging in various places around the world – on October 20 in Italy where an explosion occurred in Monteromano and in Florida where red blobs morphed and divided and merged. Neither of these were exhibiting the behavior expected by mankind. These were not sundogs nor rainbows nor flaming space junk. And for some reason, the well respected GeneralMCNews forum presented these to the public. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/20/2023: What would it take to convince the public that Nibiru was a real and present danger? The cover-up over Nibiru is strong with hundreds assassinated to silence them. But lately Nibiru has been mentioned in passing on Internet forums because the rumor is that Nibiru will be admitted, forced to be admitted by some means. Russia would like to inform the public and has the means, but even with Xi confirming his statements this would be dismissed by the western press as political games.

We have stated that in 2021 the visibility of Nibiru would be undeniable, and it was, but the result was a tightened coverup with more excuses from NASA’s think tanks.  UFO’s are barely admitted, despite dramatic displays in the skies, with the excuses provided including Chinese lanterns and drones controlled by the public. Fleeting photos or videos are claimed to be CGI with plenty of experts on the payrolls to back up that claim. Even the wobble, with the Sun rising and setting out of place, is not sufficient because it is ignored by the media, thus in essence denied.

Dramatic Displays of burning petrol visible to the public increased in 2021 with Alberto’s dramatic capture of Nibiru with its Double Helix, but such displays are treated by the coverup as burning meteors or space junk returning to Earth. Given that Nibiru itself is shrouded by Red Dust and Petrol so is seldom fully visible, how can the coverup be broken? A barrage of burning Petrol in the sky, worldwide and in a vast display so that all excuses fail, would bring the subject into the open, and will be tried next.

San Francisco Show

San Francisco gave itself a face lift just ahead of China’s Xi Jinping’s visit. Xi met Biden there, a city of significance for Xi as a young man he had visited the city. What was notable was the cleanup, where the formerly filthy streets of downtown San Francisco were transformed. What happened to the tent cities, the shopping carts, the garbage and piles of feces and splashed urine and vomit freely strewn about. The streets were clear and washed.

Outrage as San Francisco Boots Vagrants off Streets ahead of Xi Jinping Visit - as California Governor Gavin Newsom Admits Woke City was only given Polish to Impress World Leaders
November 13, 2023

San Francisco has cleaned up several well-known homeless encampments ahead of China's dictator Xi Jinping's visit Wednesday - an effort Gov. Gavin Newsom admitted was only done to provide a good impression for other visiting leaders. In the span of a few days, the city scrubbed seven intersections in the notorious Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods - a decision Newsom this past week defended ahead of the anticipated Asian summit. The cleanup left multiple overrun hotspots virtually unrecognizable and left many asking why similar efforts had not been enacted sooner.
Bill Maher says Dems' Last-minute San Fran Clean-up for Xi is a Sign that 'Trump is Winning' in 2024
November 18, 2023

This week, San Francisco hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference where world leaders and business giants hobnobbed and President Biden had a one-on-one meeting with Xi.
San Francisco Cleans Up before Crucial Meeting Between Biden & Xi
November 14, 2023

The homelessness and crime that has for years plagued San Francisco’s streets is now back in the spotlight as California’s governor admits it’s being cleaned up ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit for a high-level meeting with President Joe Biden.

The reality of the meeting between Xi and Biden was not as seen by the public, as both Xi and Biden were Doubles! Biden has been a Double since the 2020 Campaign
And Xi came to San Francisco as a Double for protection due to the many assassination attempts he has had of late. Thus we had two Doubles talking to each other and posing for the world! The real Xi has a square face where the forehead and cheekbones are both above each other. The Winnie-the-Poo Double has cheekbones wider than the forehead. The Zetas explain.
ZetaTalk Insight 11/31/2020: Of course Putin and Xi are being targeted! Have they been replaced by doubles? Only if an assassination plan is expected and doubles are being put into place as a precaution.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2021: China’s Xi will be back, we predict, after surgery for an aneurysm in his brain, as it was caught early and is operable. Being a politician these days is tense, with tidal forces changing the landscape endlessly and at a rapid pace. The Covid-19 pandemic, which was not China’s fault, has been blamed on China, though their wet markets and bat eating practices certainly were to blame. China deals with starvation and trade embargos, and all this can raise the blood pressure, causing aneurysm headaches, and thus Xi’s aneurysm was identified.

Biden, Xi met for Hours and Agreed to ‘Pick up the Phone’ for any Urgent Concerns: ‘That’s Progress’
November 15, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping emerged Wednesday from their first face-to-face meeting in a year vowing to stabilize their fraught relationship and showcasing modest agreements to combat illegal fentanyl and re-establish military communications. The two leaders spent four hours together at a bucolic Northern California estate — in meetings, a working lunch and a garden stroll — intent on showing the world that while they are global economic competitors they’re not locked in a winner-take-all faceoff.
China, Japan Reaffirm 'Strategic Relationship' in rare Leader Talks
November 17, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said they would pursue mutually beneficial relations in their first face-to-face talks in a year, putting emphasis on shared economic interests amid a series of diplomatic disputes. The leaders of Asia's two largest economies discussed thorny issues such as China's ban on Japanese seafood and the case of a Japanese businessman detained in China on suspicion of espionage during hour-long talks at a hotel in San Francisco.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/17/2023: Clearly it was not the real Xi Jinping that visited San Francisco. The Double has a narrow forehead where the real Xi has a square face, and Xi has suffered several assassination attempts recently. The purpose of the visit was to reassure the world that there will be no military conflicts emerging when the New Madrid Rupture occurs. Both China and the US will be vulnerable at that time, with the headquarters of China hurriedly moved from Beijing and Martial Law being officially announced in the US while DC deals with flooding.  Neither country will take advantage of the other, that is the message.

Prepping Advice

Unless one lives in a Third World country, living in a grass hut and herding goats and planting corn, there will be lifestyle changes after the crustal shift and Pole Shift caused by the passage of Nibiru. The grid will be down, shopping not possible in cars out of gasoline and the shelves empty in any case, and likely no social media for comfort. During 2023 this Newsletter has attempted to revisit the Zeta advice on how to prep and what to expect. An overview can also be found on YouTube during the USA Emergency Broadcast Network shows ongoing in 2019 and 2021.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 3, 2019 on YouTube – Survival Basics: Consider that you might become Naked and Afraid after a catastrophe such as the Zeta predicted crustal shift, the Grid is down, Water pipes broken and no pressure, Hurricane force winds and tornados have tossed your house about, roads ripped up and bridges down, no petrol anyway. To survive, prep for First Aid, Short Wave crank radio, Tarp shelters, Halcon Hand Drill and BIC lighter fire starting, Distill water or Desalinate, Outhouses, Hand Tools, homemade Soap, Wind and Water mills, eating Bugs and Weeds, saving Seed, Houseboats, Wood Gas driven cars, eating Rodents, and keeping Chickens and Goats.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 1, 2021 on YouTube – Self Sufficiency: Imagine you can never shop again, grid down, urban or suburban gardens, saving seed, root cellars, meatless meals, keeping chickens and goats, Hunger Games example, eating what Nature provides, bugs and worms, vitamins from bugs and weeds, hygiene, the outhouse, homemade soap, distilling drinking water, homemade windmills, houseboats, making clothing.

One must be psychologically prepared, else shock paralyzes the psyche.  On August 27 we featured a refresh of Great Depression Lessons - “The Hobo communities during the Great Depression shared with each other. All contributed as they were able to the Soup Pot or Pot Luck supper.  Used clothing became shared racks of clothing, and clothing and shoes were repaired rather than discarded.” And on November 5 we featured a check list for Self Sufficiency Skills -  “What are the skill sets needed to be self-sufficient?” In line with the popular TV show Naked and Afraid, on April 16 we featured a refresh on how Nature can Provide - “Even subsistence on Mother Nature is possible.
Gardens for peppers and tomatoes and Winter squash and dried fruits are another issue that benefits from prepping, as one needs seed stock or perennial plants that might not be available after the crustal shift. On April 23 we featured Saving Seed - “Stocking food is not enough! You need to be prepared to grow and gather your own, and most importantly, you need to know how to save seed.” On May 14 we featured Eating Bugs - “Utilizing insects as human food is a common practice around the world. By evolution, we are equipped to live on plant life and insects for protein, due to our ape ancestry.
Staying healthy requires getting your vitamins so on May 14 we featured Vitamins in Nature - “Little known is that Cabbage and Kale and Potatoes have more Vitamin C than Orange Juice, as do weeds such as Sheep Sorrel, Scurvy Grass, and Dandelion.” On July 16 we featured Herbal Meds - “Before modern day Pharma dominated the doctor’s office and the ads running on TV, mankind relied on Herbal Meds”. And to avoid water borne pathogens on October 27 we featured Clean Water - by distillation or harvesting the fog.
Of course staying out of the rain and staying warm is important. Between the earthquakes and hurricane force winds worldwide there will be junk aplenty available for building shelters. On March 26 we featured Rebuilding with Junk - “Money will become worthless, and those who know how to build survival shelters from junk, build houseboats from junk, harvest the wind via windmills made from junk, and shelter their free ranging chickens and carefully tended gardens with junk will be the survivors.” On November 19 we also featured Emergency Shelters - “Survivors will be rebuilding with the trash which will be all around them.”
Common household items like clothing and soap will not be available when the shelves are empty, so on May 7 we featured Making Soap - “If one cannot simply dash off to the store and buy what’s needed, and animal fat best kept out of human arteries is one of the essential ingredients!” On April 30 we featured Making Clothing - “It is just a matter of stepping back in time for a couple hundred years, as during the time prior to the Industrial Revolution, or living like the Amish do today.

For those with one foot in today’s modern conveniences, what to do about the lack of gasoline for transport? On May 7 we featured Wood Gas Wheels - “What to do when the petrol runs out, gas station pumps are empty, and even the electric cars halted because the grid is down. Wood gas to the rescue.” If one has had the foresight to erect a windmill or solar panels, then keeping a good battery system is all you need. On January 8 we featured Emergency Heat and Power - “If you had the foresight to build a strong battery system, you would have power and heat.” Can’t flush the toilet? A simple outhouse or 5 Gallon Pail will suffice.

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