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Global Flooding

China is not alone in having horrific flooding, which is breaking some of their dams while it is breaking records. These floods are in step with record breaking flooding in Europe, and flooding in New Zealand and Africa. What is causing this? Per the Zetas, until the Blending of the Seasons occurs, such volatile rainstorms and flooding could and likely will occur. Is it time to build your Ark? The Zetas explain.

Evacuation Underway in China’s Inner Mongolia after Torrential Rain Causes Two Dams to Collapse
July 19, 2021

Two dams in Inner Mongolia’s Hulunbuir have collapsed following torrential rain, according to an announcement from China’s water ministry, citing concerns about the safety risks of aging infrastructure in the region. As one of the dams reached maximum capacity, water came over the top before the entire infrastructure was washed away in minutes, resulting in substantial damage.
Dam in China’s Henan Province Collapsed by Heavy Flooding
July 20, 2021

According to local media reports, Guojiaju dam in central China’s Henan province has been collapsed by severe flooding. This came as central Henan’s capital Zhengzhou witnessed a rainstorm that broke all historic records, and the Guojiaju dam near the city collapsed.
Videos show Catastrophic Scenes of Flooding in Henan, China after Heavy Rain
July 20, 2021

After torrential rains pounded most of the province, water levels in 16 large and medium-sized reservoirs rose above the alert level.
Chinese Army Warns Dam Battered by Storms could Collapse
July 21, 2021

The PLA's Central Theater Command said it had sent soldiers to carry out an emergency response including blasting and flood diversion.  On July 20, a 20m breach occurred at the Yihetan dam. The riverbank was severely damaged and the dam may collapse at any time.

Is Your ARK Ready? Floodings are Surging Around the World and Seem to Become a New Normal
July 20, 2021

Dramatic footage from central China reportedly captured the moment an aluminum alloy plant exploded in a giant fireball after severe flooding in the region caused a breach of the factory walls. Hundreds of people evacuated their homes after severe flooding in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand from 16 July 2021. At least 33 people were killed in different incidents as rain fury rocked Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region since midnight, hitting road, rail and air traffic for several hours. Several vehicles were submerged underwater in parks at the popular Marina axis of Lagos Island as heavy rainfall persisted for hours. Some 30 cities in 10 provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Kerman, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan and Kurdistan were affected by floods and inundations in the last four days. Days of heavy rains have triggered major floods across parts of the Netherlands.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2021: During a short period of time, half the world seemed afflicted with massive flooding. From Europe to New Zealand, through the Middle East and down into Africa, across Asia to inner Mongolia and dropping to New Zealand – record breaking flooding occurred. Was this a result of the severe wobbles we predicted? Such deluge has been predicted by ourselves from the start of the ZetaTalk saga. Snow in Summer or severe temperature swings have occurred this past year, but was a deluge simultaneously affecting half the world expected?

Until the seasons blend to where temperature differences are not extreme, such deluge can occur. Rain storms occur when hot humid air encounters cold air, thus causing rapid precipitation of moisture. The Arctic is melting and the wobble swings force the globe under this Arctic air. Temperature extremes are and have occurred, but a blending of the seasons presumes a median temperature reached. Given the pace of the wobble, with more extreme push/pull and tilt from side to side, this blending is in process.  But until that is reached, another deluge could occur.
ZetaTalk Warning 2/12/2000: As we stated in 1995, severe and intractable drought, drought and deluge swings.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2021: In the midst of this, the Earth will experience a blending of the seasons. This is already in process. Optimally this should result in warmer Winters and cooler Summers, but in that the atmosphere will be roiling about, this will also result in more storms, hurricanes and tornadoes appearing where not normally expected, and sudden and unpredictable tides.

Double Puzzles

During this era of the Doubles, the public often wonders – has this individual been tried and executed, or are they being given a Double for their protection? Have they been hauled off to Gitmo for trial, or are they a witness? An example is Obama, who was reported to be incarnated by the soul of Lincoln and intent upon announcing the presence of Nibiru, yet now is excoriated on the Internet for being a puppet of the Cabal. The CIA had groomed Obama, and had blackmail material galore to keep him in line. The Obama in the media in 2021 is his Double.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/8/2008: Obama was also Lincoln. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his mission.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/7/2017: The pressure on Obama going into 2016 was ramped up to include a very closely held secret that the CIA was using to control Obama. He is gay, and married to Michael, a transvestite, his children adopted at birth.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2018: The soul of Lincoln was not, essentially, a team player, as Trump has proven to be. If Obama could not sway events by his oratory, which was superb, then events were in the hands of others who ran it into what we currently see revealed – a corrupt FBI and DOJ, a State Department that put America up for sale, and the ascendancy of the criminal New World Order Cabal. The soul of Lincoln has departed, in shame.
ZetaTalk Update 7/31/2021: Obama became a walk-in for the soul of Lincoln at some point well ahead of his presidency. He had earlier been incarnated by an immature soul, lazy though intelligent and inclined to lay about smoking pot. As the soul of Lincoln, he was a 4th Density soul, a peer of ourselves, and requested that we, the Zetas, not divulge any of the Obama entity’s personal thoughts or intentions as these might interfere with his ability to accomplish his goals. In that the soul of Lincoln wanted to announce the presence of Nibiru, we agreed. He received our protection during this time also.

Obama failed in his goal to announce Nibiru, as he lacked courage. The soul of Lincoln left in shame, and the original soul of Obama returned to enjoy the perks that a president enjoyed. But by 2017 we began to admit Obama’s secrets – that he was gay and Michelle was a man.  He was no longer under our protection nor were we avoiding revelations about him, though the soul of Lincoln had long been gone. Why the delay? It was possible that the soul of Lincoln might be allowed to return and make the Nibiru announcement after all, so we delayed. Obama’s Double was also publicly admitted in early 2017. No more secrets or protections.

Another confusing Double is Dr. Fauci, who was confirmed as a Double in August, 2020 and now is back in the news in front of the House hearings. Is he still a Double? Has he been a demon or is he just a scientist trying to do his job? Was he hauled off to Gitmo as was reported? What is his status? In these matters of Double analysis, the teeth are often the tell.

Fauci, Walensky COVID-19 Response Testimony Senate Hearing Transcript July 20
July 20, 2021

I’d like to close with just one or two comments that we’ve been hearing about regarding the situation of booster or an additional third dose superimposed upon the double doses of MRNA, and the single dose of the J&J. Right now we are doing studies to determine whether or not we will need boosters to increase the durability of protection. We don’t want people to believe that when you’re talking about boosters, that means that the vaccines are not effective. They are highly effective. We’re talking about the durability of that. And we’re doing studies now to determine that.

ZetaTalk Update 7/31/2021: If Dr. Fauci was taken to Gitmo to be a witness during the Tribunals in 2020, then why is he still there? His Double is in attendance at the hearings, where his words are not key. It is an opportunity for all the House members to strut their stuff, and they are scarcely interested in Dr. Fauci’s responses. During this time when the engineered Delta variant was released in India and the mRNA vaccines are being used as a lockdown mechanism by the elite who want to restrict migration, there are many criminal cases being brought before the Tribunals. Thus, as an expert witness, Dr. Fauci is busier than ever.

Council Rules

To add to the confusion the public is asked to sort out these days, we have the Council of Worlds vs the establishment.  Doubles are being used by the establishment to hide their investigations, as though the public should be the last to know about  crimes and who is being hauled in front of the Tribunals and who has been found guilty. Meanwhile, greater secrets are under wraps. Is the Alien Presence real, or is mankind the only intelligent species in the Universe? Will we ever have disclosure on the Alien Presence? Or does the Element of Doubt rule still prevail.
ZetaTalk Update 7/31/2021: In December 2020 Nancy published an overview of the State of Disclosure on the Alien Presence. We stated at that time that the Junta did not want to rush Disclosure because they had so many issues on their plate. Nancy outlined this dilemma for the Junta in a Newsletter in June, describing the Silent Victories the Junta has achieved. It would seem that at this time in July 2021 that the Junta has only the 2020 election fraud remaining. The FBI has released a memo describing the presence of aliens at Roswell, and the Junta has released official photos of UFOs, all without panic in the people. Is it time for Disclosure to take the next step?

The problem the Junta faces is the interconnection between the Alien Presence and Nibiru. It is inevitable that any admission on the alien presence will lead to people seeking to hear from the Zetas of ZetaTalk, who are world renowned and respected for their accurate predictions. Surely this is real, as how would a woman with only a high school diploma be able to predict in this manner? This leads directly to the reality of Nibiru, and its approach. Thus, to admit one is to admit the other, potentially causing a double panic. Thus, it will need to be the Council of Worlds that leads, once again, for the truth to prevail.

Then there is the issue of the pending passage of Nibiru, which will tear up the Earth, move continents, create huge tidal waves, and kill off by one means or another 90% of mankind. Yes, the passage will usher in a new era, where the goodhearted will inherit the Earth, and many souls will go off to different realms to sort out their spiritual orientation. Those who deserve to go to Prison Planets will go there, for instance. But many ask, why can’t the Council divert Nibiru, so we don’t have to experience all that trauma? A recent Crop Circle in Wrzesnia, Poland showed the twists and turns we are to experience.

ZetaTalk Update 7/31/2021: This Crop Circle design is legitimate, as can be seen by the precision and the circle within a circle design. This is a timeline, showing four different scenarios of magnetic field influence. On the left is influence upon the Earth when Nibiru is at a distance, approaching from the South of the Ecliptic, nosing its N Pole into the Sun’s Magnetic S Pole. This is represented on the design as the Magnetic Core of Nibiru leaning to the North of center. This position destabilizes the Earth’s magnetic field slightly, represented in the diagram as a thin half loop to the North on the Earth orb.

During the 270° Roll that precedes the Pole Shift, Nibiru lays on its side and slings its S Pole outward toward the Earth and then as it crosses the Ecliptic does a 180° Roll to point its N Pole toward the Earth, eventually completing this roll to point its N Pole upward to align with the Sun. This is represented by the second grouping of orbs on the design, showing several steps but always resulting in the N Pole of a given orb pointing North. The circle within a circle represents the strong magnetic field of Nibiru, dominant and cohesive.

During the Last Weeks Nibiru prepares to zoom out of the Solar System so points its N Pole again at the Earth as it rises up past the Ecliptic. Nibiru is attempting to evade the Sun’s N Pole at this time. This results in Nibiru’s second 270° Roll, and is represented by the third orb cluster in the Wrzesnia design. During this confusing magnetic dance, Nibiru flips to point its N Pole down, temporarily. This design includes the Earth laying on its side, the 90° crustal shift, and confusion in the Earth as to where its magnetic N Pole should reside. The final orb grouping indicates a post-Passage alignment.

Despite the fracas ongoing on Earth the Transformation is proceeding. The public must sort out the Fake News from reality. They must make a decision on whether to quit the job and head for the hills or to loll around on the beach and wait until the truth shakes out. Per the Zetas, the number of souls in the Service-to-Other orientation is rapidly increasing on Earth, and after the Pole Shift will be the predominant spiritual orientation. This was the Council’s expectation and the natural outcome and timeline.
ZetaTalk Report 7/31/2021: In both 1995 and 2007, when we last gave percentages, we stated that 7% of incarnating souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Self. This percentage has significantly dropped to 4.6% because the population aged and died, and no new incarnations from the Service-to-Self pool have been allowed to occur as a rule. These souls have moved on to the prison planets that await them. There are few exceptions. Another incarnation might be allowed only to someone on the cusp, so they can make their final determination.

In 1995 we stated that 25% of the incarnated souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, but by 2007 this had grown to 33%. The Earth’s population had grown from 5 billion in 1995 to 6.5 billion in 2007. All in the Service-to-Other orientation who died were allowed to reincarnate on Earth. But most of the increase was due to the presence of Star Children, who are either incarnating into newborns or stepping into the bodies of unsparked or undecided humans. At present the percentage of incarnating souls in the Service-to-Other orientation is 47%

For many reasons the population on Earth will change in percentage as a result of the Pole Shift. We and other alien groups communicating to mankind estimated that 90% of the world’s population would die as a result of the Pole Shift. Most live on the coastline or in river bottoms where fishing and boat transport is handy. Even if warned, they will not move to safety. Denial is in sway. Those that have or will move to safety are courageous Service-to-Other individuals. Thus, the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

An example of the Council’s rules having an affect is the recent DNS outage that struck the Akamai servers. Per the Zetas, this was not an accident, it was a deliberate message from the Council to the establishment. We warned you, and this is an example of what is coming if you don’t allow awareness of Nibiru to be presented to the people of Earth.

After Massive Web Outage, Akamai Implements "Fix", Says "Not Cyberattack"
July 22, 2021

Websites worldwide are slowly coming back online as Akamai tweets the ongoing situation "was not a result of a cyberattack on the Akamai platform." At the peak of the disruption, at least 33,000 websites worldwide were offline due to Akamai experiencing DNS failures. Some of the major websites experiencing issues and outages include PlayStation Network, Fidelity, FedEx, Steam, UPS, Airbnb, Home Depot, and Amazon, according to Downdetector.

ZetaTalk Report 7/31/2021: What would cause a trusted Domain Name Server to falter, creating a widespread outage across the Western world? The host, Akamai, was quick to discount hacking as the cause, and indeed it was not by human hand that this occurred. This breakdown did not affect the media but rather distribution facilities such as UPS, FedEx, Home Depot and Amazon. They are hardly players in the war for truth. Domain Name Servers connect a logical name (Amazon.com) to a physical address (TTP.IP), and indeed unless a request for a connection is made using only TCP.IP for the address, Domain Name Servers are a point of vulnerability, where the Internet can falter.

We have long warned that Satellites will be torn from the skies, and well before the hour of the Pole Shift. Debris in the tail of Nibiru will batter satellites faster than man can launch new ones, and the Petrol Masses now openly burning in the atmosphere will fry the electronics on them also. One solution is to avoid the necessity for a satellite boost and rely strictly on land lines or underwater cables for an Internet connection. But in mankind’s pampered world, such a switch is not an instant fix, and reluctant vendors would fuss over the expense.

We warned just over a month ago that to force an awareness of Nibiru’s presence, the Council of Worlds might take steps. The cover-up over Nibiru is primarily in place due to media reluctance and the silly excuses that NASA and the Global Warming advocates put forth for the Earth changes caused by Nibiru. We warned that in addition to Severe Wobble incidents, those media outlets spewing lies would be silenced. This Domain Name Server outage (which only affected package delivery and games) was an example of what is possible, and yes, it was a last message to the media liars to tell the truth, or else.

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