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911 Outages

On April 18 a widespread 911 outage occurred in the US, affecting several states. Workarounds for the highly interconnected 911 system were established but what caused the outage? Per the Zetas, this was not terrorism but Nibiru EMP again, as the Schumann Resonance shows. Simultaneously, there were tornado swarms across the US, along the New Madrid Fault Line and its sister fault the East Coast Fault Line. Since the SE Portion is on the move, could electronic screech in the rock be involved in these scenarios? Or are these Daily Earth Wobble and/or Plate Movement related?

Major 911 Outages in 4 States Leave Millions Without a Way to Contact Local Authorities
April 18, 2024

Law enforcement agencies across four states were left scrambling following reports of major 911 outages that saw millions unable to contact authorities. Many of the outages reported in Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota and Texas were restored by the late evening. While officials haven't said precisely what caused the outages, they come on the heels of a Department of Homeland Security warning of heightened cyberattack risks on 911 services as they moved to internet-based systems.
Chaos in Dubai as UAE Records Heaviest Rainfall in 75 Years
April 18, 2024

Chaos ensued in the United Arab Emirates after the country witnessed the heaviest rainfall in 75 years, with some areas recording more than 250 mm (around 10 inches) of precipitation in fewer than 24 hour.

Event Summary for April, 16, 2024
A widespread severe weather event, including hail, winds, and at least two tornadoes occurred across eastern Iowa, northeast Missouri, and far western Illinois between 1 PM and 10 PM on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. NWS Storm Damage Survey teams confirmed at least two tornadoes occurred.
Tornadoes Cause Damage in Kansas and Iowa as Severe Storms Hit Midwest
April 17, 2024

The weather service said the central U.S. was under threat of severe weather through Tuesday. Thunderstorms were expected in parts of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and northwestern Illinois, potentially with large hail and damaging winds.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/17/2024: The temporary 911 outage in four states in the US was not caused by terrorism, nor was it caused by the severe weather in the US. The Schumann Resonance map shows a blast from the direction of the Sun on the same time as the 911 outage, and we can confirm that this blast came from Nibiru. The vast charged tail of Nibiru wafts about with unpredictable results. This will only worsen, as will assault from debris in the tail that may physically attack the infrastructure.

One facet of the Severe Wobble being used by the Council of Worlds to reinstate the natural timeline for the New Madrid Rupture is severe weather, as the globe is being slung from one side to the other. Such weather events should be anticipated, and on the increase, as the time of the passage of Nibiru approaches. Mankind should adapt, and plan for flooding that will require houseboat communities, or storm shelters for increased tornado outbreaks.

Houseboat Living

What to do when the water is rising and you have to keep stepping up out of the puddles. Tides roll further inland and the creeks swell. Rivers don't drain and the basements start flooding. The solution? Build a houseboat. Grow key vegies like tomatoes or kale in containers on the deck. Fish for protein and if you don't like the neighbors just pull up anchor and move on down the changing coastline. Collect seaweed if it floats by and hang some leftover morsel over the side to collect the crabs or attract fish. The possibilities are endless.
Given the ZetaTalk predictions, we can expect a crustal shift with high tides everywhere. One must be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up to escape the Pole Shift tides. Then the sea level is expected to rise 675 feet due to the ocean floor heating from the friction of the crustal shift. Then there are immediate tsunami such as the ones anticipated when the New Madrid Fault Line ruptures. Then there are the current weather extremes with rain and flooding. Be like Noah and build your Ark!
ZetaTalk European Prediction: There will of course be huge numbers of migrating people from western Russia, Demark, Finland, and the lowlands of Poland and Germany and other lowland countries. They have few choices. Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

ZetaTalk Russian Prediction: Migration is inevitable - large numbers of people on foot or by whatever means, trying to move to higher ground. When this high ground starts melting underneath them, then boats will be constructed out of whatever material floats. Northern and western Russia is a huge area, well populated today, and almost all of these people will be migrating in the Aftertime. Most of drowning central Russia will attempt to go to the Ural Mountains, which is Russian territory and closest at hand. When the fighting over a spot of dry land becomes too intense, many who have arrived on boats or have managed to fashion them will move south, along the Ural Mountains, toward what they know are other swatches of dry land within Russian territory.
ZetaTalk Comment 6/16/2012: Will some migrants be left adrift at sea from countries sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and during the harsher flooding to come during severe wobbles and the Pole Shift itself? This will absolutely be the trend. Boat cultures, floating cities of desperate refugees with nowhere to go, will become common in SE Asia and India. The 7 of 10 sinking on the Sunda Plate is nearing completion, but India and other lands on the Indio-Australian Plate being pushed down will find their sinking lands steadily worsening. Some coastal countries will find they have little land for their citizens, who will sneak over borders at night, moving inland, or take to boats for fish or to seek a footing elsewhere. The boat people, they will begin to be called, as this will reflect their life. Most will die at sea, without fresh water or the means to collect a meal from the sea. But some will fish and barter for vegetables in land-based settlements.

Houseboat living addresses the issue of refugees displaced by rising seas or flooding. The Daily Mail featured a houseboat that is building soil, assisted by mangroves planted on the houseboat. Mangroves live in brine and do indeed just dangle their roots in the water, thus holding whatever drifts nearby in their roots. Note this boat uses plastic bottles as a floatation device. A good role model in many ways.

No Man is an Island: British DIY Robinson Crusoe
November 7, 2014

He spent the past seven years carefully constructing a floating eco-paradise - complete with a hot tub and Internet connection - out of 150,000 recycled bottles. The three-story house on the island boasts, two bedrooms, a hot tub, three shell showers, a kitchen and working Internet. It is surrounded by palm trees, mangroves, fruit trees and edible herbs and plants, which all grow from the sand and soil of the hand-made island. Solar panels now provide electricity. There is a lot of physical labor involved in keeping it up especially in the early years before the mangrove roots weave through the base and strengthen everything.

Houseboat communities offer the additional benefit of shared resources and protection. Here are some community examples showing floating fish pond harvesting in Vietnam, potted plant gardening in Vancouver, and bulrushes used for floatation in Peru.

It has been scientifically verified that adding iron ore dust atop the ocean waters will create a bounty in sea vegetation, kelp, seaweed, and algae. This then incites growth in fish and sea creatures. The iron comes from the charged red dust in the tail of Nibiru, and the CO2 comes from all the burning on land and exploding volcanoes that will occur during the Pole Shift. This process already returned the Humpback Whale from extinction via the Sargassum Seaweed explosion.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Life in the oceans will not die out. The water will have a green tinge. Little known among the populace, but well known among scientists, is that the ocean is one of the largest producers of the atmospheric oxygen. After the cataclysms, the atmosphere oxygen will be rebuilt from the oceans. The oceans will appear greenish to many, and for good reason. All the fires will have placed a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the air, the stuff of which vegetative grown is made of. With little vegetation on land, the ocean kelp will absorb and utilize this. The oceans will be lush. Even those far inland should plan to take advantage of the lushness of the oceans, the fish and kelp, to support human survivors.

Anyone can build a houseboat. There are plans available, and a floatation device can include anything that seals air inside - plastic bottles or milk jugs etc. Wood will float, even if water logged, and thus will keep a houseboat afloat. One could even use concrete if the air is trapped beneath baffles on the bottom.  

Building a Houseboat
You can build it on factory-built houseboat pontoons or build your own wooden pontoons.

Spiritual Percentages

The Zetas predicted that the percentage of incarnated souls on Earth would increase, as we are in the Transformation and the Earth is destined to become a home for those in the Service-to-Other. Last addressed by the Zetas in 2021, the migration of souls according to their spiritual orientation has indeed followed that trend.
ZetaTalk Update 7/31/2021: In both 1995 and 2007, when we last gave percentages, we stated that 7% of incarnating souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Self. This percentage has significantly dropped to 4.6% because the population aged and died, and no new incarnations from the Service-to-Self pool have been allowed to occur as a rule. These souls have moved on to the prison planets that await them. There are few exceptions. Another incarnation might be allowed only to someone on the cusp, so they can make their final determination.

In 1995 we stated that 25% of the incarnated souls on Earth were firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, but by 2007 this had grown to 33%. The Earth's population had grown from 5 billion in 1995 to 6.5 billion in 2007. All in the Service-to-Other orientation who died and were allowed to reincarnate on Earth. But most of the increase was due to the presence of Star Children, who are either incarnating into newborns or stepping into the bodies of unsparked or undecided humans. At present the percentage of incarnating souls in the Service-to-Other orientation is 47%

For many reasons the population on Earth will change in percentage as a result of the Pole Shift. We and other alien groups communicating to mankind estimated that 90% of the worlds population would die as a result of the Pole Shift. Most live on the coastline or in river bottoms where fishing and boat transport is handy. Even if warned, they will not move to safety. Denial is in sway. Those that have or will move to safety are courageous Service-to-Other individuals. Thus, the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

We have now reached a milestone where over half the incarnated souls on Earth are practicing the Service-to-Other orientation, to  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". But with their backs against the wall, hardened Service-to-Self entities have become more polarized. Crime is on the increase, and the battles in the Ukraine shows Zelensky and Kiev determined to send every last citizen to the front lines.

ZetaTalk Update 4/17/2024: As expected, since 2021 the percentage of souls solidly in the STS orientation has been reduced due to the tendency of those in the STS to attempt to control others. Haiti is an example of an STS takeover and the infighting engendered in a Mad-Max environment. This infighting in gangs and resistance from the ever-increasing STO communities has created casualties for the solidly STS, who are now approximately 3.2% of the souls on Earth.

The steady increase in STO incarnated souls has again increased, due to two factors - Undecided souls moving into the STO orientation as they react to the distress of others around them, and Star Children entering the fray. Some of the Star Child growth is due to an Undecided entity wanting out, requesting death so that a Star Child can step in. Thus the number of incarnated STO souls on Earth at present is approximately 52%.

We have stated that the Undecided will constitute the majority of those who die as a result of the coming Pole Shift. Denial is in sway, along with a desire to enjoy the comforts of modern living as long as possible. Like infants, wailing for attention, they will demand social services rather than focus on taking care of themselves or the needs of others.  Courageous Service-to-Other individuals will survive and prevail after the Pole Shift, so the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

Bridges Breaking

The Zetas warned that during the New Madrid Rupture, bridges that cross the Mississippi River would fail. Sinkholes and water main breaks are certainly on the increase in the past couple weeks, as the ZetaTalk Followers site reports, and the sudden closure of bridges in all regions of N America affected by the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture are on the increase too. The SE Portion is being pulled aggressively to the East and the Mainland pulled down and to the West. All are in pain.  

Wisconsin Residents near Closed Mississippi River Bridge Face Detours
March 5, 20224

The Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing is closed for two months due to structural concerns, according to the Iowa Transportation Department. The bridge, also known as Black Hawk Bridge, connects Iowa to Wisconsin about 30 miles north of Prairie du Chien.
I-55 Mississippi River Bridge Closing for Two Weeks
March 6, 2024

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) contract crews will be closing the I-55 Mississippi River Bridge for two weeks to continue construction activities on the I-55 and Crump interchange. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) contract crews will be closing the I-55 Mississippi River Bridge for two weeks to continue construction activities on the I-55 and Crump interchange.
New Orleans Chef Pass Bridge Closes for Repairs
April 3, 2024

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced on Wednesday, April 3, that the Chef Pass Bridge will be closed until further notice. The DOTD reported the bridge was closed after damage was found during a routine inspection.

Bridges on both sides of the New Madrid Fault Line are failing too, due to the constant ground shifting. The East Coast Fault Line runs up the SE Portion parallel to the New Madrid Fault Line. And the New Madrid Fault Line follows the Seaway to its Exit and then plunged toward the Azores in the N Atlantic.

KY 1529 Purchase Parkway Overpass Erosion Issues Closes Bridge
April 14, 2024

The Kentucky Transpiration Cabinet closed the KY 1529 Overpass that crosses the Purchase Parkway in Hickman County, Kentucky, after a contractor discovered erosion issues under the bridge.
MacKay Bridge Partially Closed after Crews find Cracked Truss
April 17, 2024

One Halifax-bound lane on the MacKay Bridge was closed Wednesday after maintenance crews discovered a crack in a support truss during routine work.

Highway 50 Closed Indefinitely due to Safety Concerns Caused by Cracking
April 18, 2024

A bridge over Blue Mesa Reservoir along Highway 50 has failed, forcing an indefinite closure of the highway.

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