Ukraine: Land subsidence in Odessa


Land subsidence in Crimea peak.

Feb 11, 2014


 " Floating " land and falling rocks destroy roads, houses .

In Crimea, the peak of activity of landslides and avalanches . " Floating " land and falling rocks destroy roads, houses , communication and even life-threatening . Fresh case - in the center of Yalta, on the territory of one of the resorts landslide . Fortunately , there were no severe damage. Every year on the peninsula " in the ground " literally " buried " tens of millions of hryvnia just to stabilize it . But if earlier landslides and collapses as were purely natural phenomena , but now every second case is the fault of the people.   Total on the peninsula more than a thousand potentially hazardous sites . 80 percent of them are usually in the "sleep " state. Usually, but not now.   - Now we have , starting with the actual 2010- 2012 -2014- th - this is considered the peak of the regional activation of landslide processes . Cyclicity of them - around 11-14 years old - says Tatiana Kotsyuba , Head of the Geological Department of the Crimean Republican landslide control .  

Nina Timofeeva 15 years living in the village with the eloquent title - landslide . How else to christen the area , surrounded on all sides by mountain slopes with " floating " ground. Landslide already left without homes and destroyed several families cemetery on the Mount .

 - Just one day somewhere on earth fell 20-15 meters . Here people have settled in the nineties, the first settlers were from Uzbekistan . They were allocated land . Given the fact that they came with a fairly flat area , they are excluding seismic, excluding landslides began to build their homes. And so many of the houses were destroyed - the woman .


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