Twitter - Help get the Message out! (New Tweets!)

Help to spread the Message about the 
If you would like to help get the message to the common man, we have some tweets below that are approved for general broadcast over social networks. You can also just retweet from the new live feed widget at the right hand side of the 

How does it work?
First you need a Twitter account. (If you dont have one, you can sign up for a free-account:

The rest is very simple:

  1. If you want to include other people in your tweets add them by using 
  2. If you want to assign "hashtags" (keywords) to make your tweet
 more effective use

  3. Include important hashtags like 
#EarthWobble,#EarthChanges to increase the outreach of your tweet. People can search for certain tags and will see all including Tweets as a result.


Tweets(Approved for Social Network Broadcast):

Tweets including Video-clips

Ask your followers for help

Inform others about the pending poleshiftDisinformation / Cover-Up

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