One person has been killed and at least 10 others injured during a series of freak tornadoes in northern and western Poland

Powerful tornadoes that struck Poland Sunday have left at least one person dead and another 10 injured in their wake.

The twisters struck northern and western Poland in the regions of Kujawy-Pomorze and Wielkopolska, where some 100 homes were wrecked, the BBC News website said.

A potent cold front, associated with a storm over Norway, pushed through Poland on Saturday, triggering stormy weather. Unstable conditions remained in place on Sunday with very moist air.

Abundant moisture is crucial for storms to produce tornadoes, because moist air is more buoyant. When buoyant air rises and cools with height, condensation occurs. Heat is released during condensation, which in turn lowers the atmospheric pressure and increases the strength of storms.

Cooler air high in the atmosphere also reduced the instability and helped to set the stage for isolated showers and storms to erupt on Sunday.

One of the tornadoes may have reached 1,000 meters (over 3,000 feet) in width, according to a BBC reporter Adam Easton.

About 550 hectares (1,360 acres) of forest near Tuchola was flattened, Reuters said.

Witnesses saw a camper flying through the air with a family of three inside. Luckily, the occupants were not seriously injured, according to a local news channel.

The one reported fatality happened in the village of Wycinki, where a 60-year-old man was caught in a collapsing building.

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