Third major storm in December hits the UK and another is predicted before the month is out. (New Zetatalk)

For the third time this month, the UK has been battered by hurricane force winds as another storm hits the country.

Train services across southern England were cancelled this morning after 160 trees fell on the lines overnight. This morning 100,000 homes woke up without power and there are 284 flood alerts and 166 flood warnings in place across the country. On the roads, many major routes were flooded or blocked by fallen trees, with Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Cornwall among the affected counties.

At the beginning of December, a storm caused the east coast to experience the largest tidal surge for 60 years, and later, on the 18th, winds of up to 90mph hit parts of the country causing chaos as well.

On top of all that, another storm is expected at the end of the week, on the 27th!

Unfortunately, as it faces the Atlantic, the UK can only expect these storms to continue and increase in frequency and strength between now and the pole shift.



............coastlines will get increasingly inhospitable, as storms formed over the oceans can develop into a howling rage that dissipates over land. As we have stated, hurricane force storms will not develop into super storms, more violent than man has experienced, but will form in places not previously experienced, and will be more consistently strong and destructive. In some places around the globe, this will make coastlines uninhabitable, a place where crops are grown or fish harvested but where humans do not reside or sleep soundly............




Addendum by Nancy:

The question is, is the UK going to be one of those regions that is essentially unlivable, where crops are grown but people cannot sleep soundly, etc. mentioned by the Zetas in the past.

SOZT 12/26/2013

Will the UK continue to be battered by storm so severe that life cannot go on as before? No. When we made that prediction, we did not have the UK in mind. The UK has always experienced storms from the Atlantic, just as the East Coast of the US experiences hurricanes during their hurricane season. Their 2012 Derecho is an example of changing storm patterns for the US. The UK will continue to have occasional hurricanes, but this will not be continuous nor will it disrupt life in the UK. What parts of the world are expected to become unlivable coastlines? This is a function of Earth changes we are still holding in abeyance, until Nancy gets on major media and new ZetaTalk is shared with the world, as we stated our requirement for the Puppet Master. Thus, no comment at this time.


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Comment by KM on December 27, 2013 at 12:56am

Britain to have a 4th storm...

Batten down the hatches for MORE Christmas misery: Britain to be battered by 90mph winds again tonight as thousands remain without power

  • Gusts of up to 90mph set to strike, with northern England and northern parts of Wales worst hit
  • Environmental Agency issues 80 flood warnings - many in Kent and Sussex
  • UK Power Networks: East of England almost back to normal apart from a few isolated pockets of customers still facing power cuts

By Nick Enoch


Britain is bracing itself for more stormy weather, with forecasters warning of 90mph winds and blustery showers.

Wind and rain may cause travel disruption tomorrow which could leave commuters struggling to get back to work after the Christmas break.

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings, indicating 'severe or hazardous weather' with potential to 'cause danger to life or widespread disruption'.

The worst-affected areas are expected to be northern England and northern parts of Wales.

John Griffiths, a forecaster for MeteoGroup UK, said: 'There will be some very, very strong winds and blustery showers in places tomorrow.

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