The Great Wall is the latest landmark victim to a worsening Earth wobble:

Days of heavy rain have badly damaged a section of the Great Wall of China. Local authorities are now trying to repair the collapsed area.

The rain in the Hebei Province in Northern China caused massive flooding, and tons of water swept down from the mountains and swept away a section of the wall at Dajingmen, a local official reported.

The 36 meter long section is now being repaired. Workers are also reinforcing other sections of the Wall damaged by the water. Reports from experts say other fragments of the Wall, which has stood for centuries, are also in danger due to erosion and cracking.

The Dajingmen section, as well as the most of Great Wall, was constructed during the Ming Dynasty that reined in China between 1368 and 1644. However there are still fragments of the Great Wall dating to the 2nd century BC.

The Great Wall of China stretches from east to west along the historical northern border of China. It consists of a series of walls built of stone, brick, earth, and wood to protect the Chinese Empire from invaders.

Heavy rains have flooded parts of China since July, when the rainy season began in the country. A report from the Ministry of Civil Affairs released on Thursday says 112 have died due to the floods and dozens more are missing.



Source: The Great Wall of China collapses after heavy rains

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on August 11, 2012 at 2:39pm

The rains happened in July 22-26. On August 8 Hong Kong bridge collapsed, and on same time or thereabout the Great Wall Collapsed. Both are in the thing crust range that the Zetas predicted in July 2010 would participate in the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate.


As noted in our explanation of the Hangzhou UFO sighting, which was seen from the airport at Hangzhou and down along the China coastline all the way to the Vietnam Sea, this coastline can anticipate participating in the 7 of 10 sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia. This is what is emerging. As we pointed out at that time, these regions were being warned about tsunami and a suddenly rising sea level as the plate tongue holding Indonesia is bent and pulled down. Note the path of the quakes you delineated, and they are along this path that was warned. This area of China is also subject to being bent, as the crust is not as thick as further inland, and as is known is having horrific sinkhole problems.

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