The Extinction Protocol: Exposed!! (new ZetaTalk for January 28, 2012)

Henceforth, please let it be known to all posting Pole Shift Ning members that the website “The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond" (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “EP”) has been declared by the Zetas to be a disinformation spreader.  As such, the posting of any material originating from The Extinction Protocol or linking to same is not allowed on the Pole Shift Ning.

This necessary ban includes editorial comment and/or any blog or material originating from the staff of or anyone else associated with EP.  Allowing posting of material from or linking to EP would only assist the cover up in their attempts to mislead you, the public.

UPDATE 05/18/12:  In case anyone still wonders why links or even references to The Extinction Protocol are banned, here is why, in a nutshell, in Alvin Conway's (or another debunker's) own words.

The Extinction Protocol said on May 17, 2912: "No, I do not believe any planet could be responsible for the changes happening on Earth or in the solar system...." 

UPDATE 03/29/12:  The Extinction Protocol now admits all posts must be approved.  This was not true when this blog was posted:  "As of the date of this post, all comments at EP require a name and email address and must be approved, although it may not appear that way!"

As Alvin Conway or someone else now states:  "All comments are moderated. Stay clean and be brief"

Alvin Conway is one of the biggest hypocrites out there!!  He claims to be spiritual and quotes the Bible while deceiving truth seekers with a false, fictional explanation for most earth changes and some signs in the sky.  The Extinction Protocol is banned from the Pole Shift Ning for spreading Establishment Lies and disinformation; they are telling anything but the truth!


There have been a number of disinformation schemes that we have identified - the Horizon Project, Project Camelot, NASA emphasis on the Sun and denial of Planet X, all the 2012 authors denying that Planet X is in the vicinity, and recently the Extinction Protocol to name but a few. The problem with fingering them early, when they are first showing their hand and trying to gain popularity, is that at those moments it is not obvious what their nature and agenda is. Thus, this paints the picture that ZetaTalk is paranoid, making unproven claims. Better to let them ripen and flower, showing their agenda, before the accusation is made.

Like all sites run by the establishment, names are collected. It is not just the comments, which clearly are edited to remove any reference to the true cause of the Earth changes or any reference to the ZetaTalk website, but the IP of visitors. This has long been the accusation made against popular websites like GodlikeProduction, which was purchased from the original owner by an individual with clear connections to black ops. But rather than fret about being watched and tracked, we have advised that the public realize that the establishment cannot keep up with the burgeoning curiosity of the public. They simply don't have the resources, and this all will fall to the side as the Earth changes increase.

Likewise sites that speak the truth, well known and popular as ZetaTalk and Gerard's ning are, will not be taken down as this in essence throws gasoline on an already roaring fire. The establishment knows that to do this is to call attention, on the Internet, to these actions, and that the public would conclude that the sites were speaking the truth. They would kill a truthsayer but give birth to a monster, a hydra, and thus the choice is to try to counter the truth of ZetaTalk with disinformation from NASA and the like.


The Extinction Protocol seems a contradiction - it presents many fact about the Earth changes, yet consistently refuses to focus on those facts that prove the existence of Planet X nearby. Are not the obvious editing lines on the SOHO and Stereo images, the almost daily capture of Moon Swirls and Winged Globes with drifting tails facts? Is not the twisting of the Earth's magnetosphere, as shown on the Magnetic Simulator, a fact? Is not the regularly timed global shuttering, as presented on the live seismographs, indicative of a fact to be considered? Is not the fact that the sunrise and sunset for Europe are too far to the south a fact noted by many? Why are these facts exempt from examination?

Is it that the Extinction Protocol only reports, and does not speculate or present theories? Hardly, as they are happy to wend off into speculation. The site purports to be intelligent and aware, yet consistently ascribed the Earth changes to something other than the obvious - the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. That would be too close to the truth, and to pointing the public to ZetaTalk, which brings us to the real reason for the effort put into this website.

Boasting that it features "2012 and Earthchanges News events", the Extinction Protocol hopes to capture the curious public, and hold them there. This site was designed by the establishment, to be an attractive alternative to websites such as the popular ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift ning. If it only reported the news, then it could be considered just another news site, but in that it proposes alternative theories for the Earth changes, it has openly identified itself as an arm of the cover-up, servicing the establishment.


The blog below originated on The Extinction Protocol site and is being posted under a one-time exception to the Main Establishment Lies ban so that ning members and readers can be made aware of the facts.


Large-scale seismic activity rising along planet’s southern pole

January 15, 2012 – ANTARTICA - A strong and shallow series of earthquakes have erupted near the remote South Shetland Islands region of Antarctica on Sunday, experts from the U.S. Geological Survey said. The earthquakes in the intense tectonically-activated series measured a 6.6 magnitude, followed by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake and 5.1 and 5.6 aftershocks. The epicenter of the earthquakes was at various depths of from one kilometer (0.62 miles) to 14 km (9.2 miles) below the earth’s surface and some 464 kilometers west of Coronation Island in distance. No destructive tsunami was created, according to the U.S. NOAA warning center. The earthquake series is worrisome because it’s further evidence of what I have been warning about [1] for over the past 6 months, that the Southern hemisphere, particularly around the periphery of Antarctic, is shows increasing signs of seismic destabilization. On January 12, there was a swarm of five moderate earthquakes which erupted south of Africa- the strongest of which was a 5.3 and a 5.5. On January 13, the South Sandwich Islands, north of Antarctica, was hit with a 5.1, and 5.2. On January 14 the region was struck again with a 5.0 earthquake and another 4.9 on January 15th. Not only are earthquakes increasing along the southern polar region but in November of 2011, the Tasmania’s Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem centre found that the South Ocean was storing more heat than any other ocean on the planet. The shape of the earth, a mal-formed spheroid,[2] whose center of gravity is becoming increasing displaced [3] by the turbulent shifting of the planet’s mass [4] due to a wave of strong earthquakes that have rattled the planet[5] over the last 7 years. These large mega-thrust earthquakes are exacting a  terrible toll of stress on the planet’s angular momentum.[6] In 2004, the planet suffered a devastating 9.1 mega-thrust earthquake in the Indian Ocean near the Sunda Strait. In February of 2010, Chile was rocked by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake and in March of 2011, Japan was similarly hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. In April of 2011, the European satellite Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, or GOCE released a detailed map of Earth’s gravity field. (See quakes and mounting stress increasing around South Pole.)

The digital 3-dimensional model shows planet Earth’s dimensional gravity signature is now severely deformed and this is increasing mechanical stresses within the planet’s interior- which will further aggravate thermal gradient. As the planet is generating more energy in rotation to do the same work under greater resistant pressure- it is adding an additional burden to a stressed system that is already in dire need of a catastrophic correction. The fact that Earth has oceans to create tidal budge on its sides and absorb massive earthquake seismic shocks may be the only thing that has saved the planet thus far from shifting over. Earth’s unbalanced model is further compounded by two additional factors [7]. The planet’s magnetic field is degrading from a magnetic polar migration and subsequent reversal and the disproportionate weight of the Antarctica ice-cap has created a wobble or precession in the planet’s spin, which has recently fluctuated according to some scientists[8]. Throw in the planet’s angle of inclination of 23° degrees and you have an unstable system that is bobbling along in space as it spins in tilted and trembling fashion. If any more large earthquakes strike the planet in the near future, her stability will erode further and the dangers of a catastrophic crustal correction becomes more likely, similar to what has already happened on Uranus, which is sitting on its side, and Mercury (with a magnetic field that is already 150 times weaker than Earth’s) whose magnetic field has also slipped and is experiencing an unexplained thermal anomaly at the southern pole. All of these factors are increasing tectonic-plate stresses and earthquake activity on a very dangerous region of the planet that is already tinged by deep submarine volcanism[9].
–The Extinction Protocol 
[Footnotes in red added.] 


Right off the bat the signs are bad as the writer is claiming a predicting talent which is not backed up by any demonstrated accuracy track record, as is ZetaTalk.

[2]  Planet Earth is not “malformed.” There is a bulge around the equator, a symptom of the centrifugal force brought into play by the Earth’s spin.  Use of the term “malformed” carries the inference that there is some pre-existing formation or Earth defect which may in some way be causing an imbalance.  This is, of course, ridiculous and nothing more than a none-too-subtle attempt to reinforce the rest of this unlikely tale.

[3]  The centre of gravity of planet Earth is the heavy, dense core.  Although there is turmoil in the core symptomatic of the bombardment of particles incoming from Planet X, the core is not becoming “increasingly displaced.”  This is likely an attempt to explain away the well-documented Earth Wobble, without implicating the true cause of the Wobble, Planet X.  Naturally, there will be a dramatic displacement of the core during the pending Pole Shift, when it jumps to align with the passing Planet X.  This is temporary as the core and crust will realign after the Passage of Planet X.

[4]  That would be said Earth Wobble.  Thanks!

[5]  Here they have it backwards, as it is the above-mentioned Earth Wobble which causes a banging together of plates. There is also the predicted 7 of 10 scenarios, ongoing now, which are about plate movement.  It is not the other way around, as stated in the EP article. This appears to be a precursor excuse for the slowing rotation, which is the main strategy here, suggesting the tail is wagging the dog.

[6]  How the writer arrives at these ridiculous hypotheses is anyone’s guess.  There certainly is zero supporting evidence for this stuff, and it is mere speculation or the musings of the scientifically challenged.  The “angular momentum” to which they are referring is either, again, Earth Wobble, or the Earth’s spin on its tilted axis, and of course earthquakes are having an effect on neither.  It is Planet X inspiring an Earth Wobble and 7 of 10 scenarios which in turn are causing earthquakes!! This appears to be a precursor excuse for the Severe Wobble, Static Lean to the Left, 3 Days of Darkness, Sunrise West, suggesting that massive quakes can cause the planet to tip over.

[7]  There is no “deformed gravity signature” making the Earth “work harder” to keep up it’s spin.  Oh, and it’s the tides that are saving us from “seismic shock”?  Again, ridiculous!  Earth is not an “unbalanced model.”  They make Earth sound like some diseased old man with a hump on his back, ready to fall over at any moment.  Nonsense!  How did she last over 4 billion years?  Yes, there are stresses on this planet, but these stresses are symptoms of the near presence of another magnetic planet, Planet X.  The Planet of the Passage, Planet X, passes by approximately every 3,657 years, and a Pole Shift WILL be the result. This is a classic disinfo explanation currently being used to explain the magnetosphere anomalies and Earth Wobble.

[8]  Earth’s magnetic field is not “degrading,” why would it?  Yes, there is turmoil in the magnetosphere, another symptom of magnetic particle flows emanating from Planet X.  And yes, the Wobble is increasing, as predicted by the Zetas, which was not predicted by any “scientists.” Again, the tail wagging the dog.

[9]  Ah, a “catastrophic crustal correction.”  That would be the pending Pole Shift.  But how would the Earth induce this in itself?  Of course, it could not.  It takes another giant magnet, a/k/a Planet X, to cause the little magnet (Earth) to jump into alignment with the bigger magnet (Planet X) when that bigger magnet passes between the Earth and the Sun, the Sun being the Earth's usual aligning influence.  This is all information readily available in the body of ZetaTalk.  And comparisons to Uranus, a gas planet, are ridiculous.  Not being magnetic, Uranus is much less influenced by Planet X.

There are lots of hypothetical events described in this EP article, along with some actual earthquakes, and all apparently caused by each other.  Some weird, perpetual domino-fall where everything is knocking each other over but … without a cause.  Well, Planet Earth is not broken and ready to fall over.  The Extinction Protocol and all the rest of the cover-up minions do not want the public to know this, but there is a cause.  It’s Planet X (or, for EP and the cover-up artists, 'That Which Shall Not Be Named').

There are two sites in the world where the Truth about Planet X and the pending Passage can be gleaned: and  No others.

Some relevant ZetaTalk, relaying the truth on these matters like no 3rd density human can:

ZetaTalk: Gravity Field

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