Planet X String of Pearls (Taken during a flight to Spain)

These images ware taken during a flight from the UK to Spain between 09.00am and 11:00am GMT.  The images were taken with a Samsung Galaxy II and a floppy disk membrane, as previously mentioned by Nancy.  Please take a look and add your comments.





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Comment by Carl Odell on October 16, 2012 at 6:35pm

The disk was a Nashua MF2 HD which is usually composted of a plastic membrane and a magnetic coating of HD: 1.2 µm cobalt doped iron oxide.  I would think that this blocks the visible light range, as I understand that using the floppy membrane can transmit dangerous amounts of ultraviolet or infrared radiation.  The images were taken over a period of approximately 2 hours from different windows, and I expect the movement maybe to the location/time changes.  I thought of possible flaring but not from all the images and the close proximity of the object as the images are not shown in succession.  Also some have zoom and some not.

I have included one without the filter, which is why I used the membrane.

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