Switzerland: massive rockfall in Preonzo, Ticino


14.05.12. 300 000 cubic meters of earth and rock from the unstable cliff overlooking the town of Ticino in Switzerland Preonzo gave way overnight. The highway below was closed and residents nearby evacuated.

The landslide occurred in several phases and lasted well into the night. The largest boulders tumbled down into the valley, the highway was closed A2 for several hours.

The industrial area at the foot of the mountain, discharged from this weekend, was apparently spared. No damage has been discovered so far, but further research is still required and access to the site is prohibited.

Some 500'000 cubic meters are always unstable and may collapse in turn.

The Director of the Cantonal Forestry expressed relief that the landslide occurred in several parts, major damage have been prevented.



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Comment by bill on May 17, 2012 at 11:14pm

Huge landslide in southern Switzerland

Comment by Muzz on May 17, 2012 at 7:19am

Geologists should be having a field day with this.  So much rock strata in the process of failing.  And looking at those cracks there is a lot more on its way, these are not a common occurrence but something that has recently had a large force causing it, as the decaying house is testament that the house has been there for a very long time.

If this area was a place well known for Rock Strata failing, no building or structure would ever be built there, nor would it last its entire lifetime.  Such incredible unpredictable ground movement, can only be explained by our trusted friends the Zetas.

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