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ZetaTalk Q&A for February 25, 2012:

My question is regarding the YouTube strange sounds video posted by Gerard yesterday: On the Strange Sounds blog I posted a response as follows: Not trying to discredit anyone on the Montana video/audio. I believe what is recorded. But I'd really be interested in Zeta feedback on it because it reminds me of what happened in Close Encounters of the Third Kind - the musical sounds that the spacecraft emitted. The sound produced in Missoula is what is called in music a major seventh chord. In the key of C it would be C-E-G-B; in this case with an extra underlying G as the first note. I have a hard time believing that anything in nature could create this without help - possibly ET help. The notes are played separately up the scale/chord and then down the scale/chord. Could the Zetas please comment on what the source might be?


Missoula lies in a valley between mountain ranges that are riddled with rivers draining the steep mountain sides. If Kiev has multi-tonal trumpets because the reservoir is vibrating, and Belarus has horns because the river there is vibrating, then why should Missoula be exempt? The regions where the vibrating Earth plays music are where water is being vibrated. Elsewhere, it sounds like a roar, like Godzilla rising from the sea and roaming the land. Noise is sound where every frequency is heard. Music is controlled such that harmonics, or coinciding or duplicating frequencies are heard.

That several distinct tones were heard in Missoula, each in turn, only means that the body of water producing them increased its frequency from tone to tone. In Kiev, chords were heard, as more than one arm of the reservoir was set to vibrating. The thrumming or fan beating sound that preceded the Missoula tones was the rock layers being pulled apart, as the N American continent is being pulled into a bow, as we have often explained. As the jerking apart and rebound of the underlying rock layers picked up the pace, the pitchof the music the nearby river produced climbed. Simple as that.



ZetaTalk from the Jan, 21 2012 Q&A:

Strange sounds are heard all over the world! Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] My question pertains to the noises, similar to the ones heard in Kiev, happening over the past week all over the world. Here is a video compilation of some of the places experiencing these noises, some of the videos have been accused of being a hoax, and the essence of my question for the Zetas is; what is going on? I've managed to locate some videos from Australia, posted recently, that seem to verify what others have posted from other users located in different parts of Australia, one of the videos located here. It would appear we are seeing the "Kiev Effect" taking place worldwide now, and only recently on this scale; there is obviously more to this than meets the eye, would the Zetas care to comment?


Where initially only a hum, and only in certain notorious parts of the world, rock under stress has become noisy. Known as the Taos hum, the sound of a diesel engine running somewhere underground was an early entry. Then the Seattle drums entered the arena, rhythmic booming which was ascribed to flapping manhole covers. Booms from snapping and heaving rock were reported in the New Madrid region and humming along the St. Lawrence Seaway increased.

But in 2011, it became clear that where we predicted that the Earth would moan during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, it was not going to be silent between then and now. The trumpets of Kiev and the horns of Belarus went viral on the Internet, followed quickly by a roar over Tampa Bay that sounded like Godzilla emerging from the sea. Now, in early 2012, this has spread to the drums of Costa Rica and the howl of Alberta and the Borneo snore.

Where is this leading? At least half the Earth, at any given point in time, will be having some sort of tension in its rock. Clapping and grinding fault lines, vibrating bodies of water, trembling rock strata resisting being pulled apart, and snapping rock under compression or being bent. All will be noisy, and the most likely reaction among those who hear it will be to conclude that the End Times have arrived. However known in various cultures around the world, allhave some reference to the coming times. The establishment will be unable to explain away these sounds, and once again the Internet will be sought and will lead inevitably to our explanations.



Is it the mysterious sound of the so-called coming Apocalypse? Some think that the mysterious sound heard in Costa Rica at around 12:30am this morning is exactly that.

Ronny Quintero, a seismologist said the event should be studied at the exact time and location of the anomalies to determine with certainty that there was no earthquake. He added that depending on the location of those who claim they heard the rumble or ”The Hum” it is easy to dismiss the possibility of tectonic movements.

This news has rattled the social web whereas Costa Ricans and the world over are scrambling to figure out what this mysterious sound could have been. Authorities have yet to comment on the subject although OVSICORI, the Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization is saying there is no Earth movements recorded at the time of the strange sound.

Here is a YouTube video showing how it sounded.

It is important to note that this is not the wind nor was it filmed anywhere near the ocean. The sound was heard throughout the entire country from Heredia to Perez Zeledon.

Strange Sound Heard Throughout Costa Rica
January 11, 2012
Is it the mysterious sound of the so-called coming Apocalypse? Some think that the mysterious sound heard in Costa Rica at around 12:30am this morning is exactly that. It is important to note that this is not the wind nor was it filmed anywhere near the ocean. The sound was heard throughout the entire country from Heredia to Perez Zeledon. The Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization is saying there is no Earth movements recorded at the time of the strange sound.


ZetaTalk from the Jan, 14 2012 Q&A:

There is a subset of the Caribbean Plate called the Panama Plate, though this subset moves as one with the Caribbean Plate. Nevertheless, there is a fault line running through Costa Rica, and during the incessant pressure of the slow moving S American roll fault lines can pull apart and bang back together again, like clapping. As the recent cold spells in India reveal, the N Pole of Earth is pushed violently away when the Sun is over New Zealand and the magnetic N Pole of Earth (currently over Siberia) comes up over the horizon. This equates to midnight in Costa Rica, which is when the drums were heard. Residents there should get used to these midnight drums, which will be with them for some time.

Please collect Strange Sounds, Earthquake-lights and the like, in this Post.

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Comment by M. Difato on July 24, 2017 at 9:06pm

Loud Boom Remains Under Investigation

 Raleigh County W. Virginia - Shortly before 11p.m. last night (July 20) people heard a loud boom in Bradley  and Beckley all the way to Ghent. 

 People in the Prosperity area said their homes shook and that the sound woke them up. 

 "The house just kind of shook a little bit huge boom I got up to go check on the wife and see and then looked

outside but it sounded like someone had hit one of the peers or something outside the house, a  loud

boom" Randall Brickey said.

 59News reached out to several different agencies and local military bases in the area to find out if the sound

could have come from a sonic boom. So far, no one claims to know what happened.

The National Weather service had several reports of a loud noise as well as a bright flash of light in the

sky. They said this is not weather related.

 Lawrence Messinna with the department of Military affairs and homeland security says they have ruled out any

land explosions, mine explosions, or arson as the cause.

A spokesperson from the Green Bank Telescope said a meteorite was highly unlikely as the cause last night.

Comment by Ovidiu Pricopi on July 15, 2017 at 6:30am

Trumpet SOUND-aka TECTONIC PRESSURE-Stretching , HUNGARY Jun 28, 2017

Comment by M. Difato on June 18, 2017 at 8:28pm

 Trumpet Sounds coming from the sky (June 13) Orleans, Canada


I played quietly around 9 pm when I heard strange sounds coming from outside, so I went out and filmed it with my phone. We hear the barking of the neighbor's dog, who seemed particularly excited by these noises.


Comment by M. Difato on May 7, 2017 at 9:08pm

 Charleston,SC - Lowcountry residents reported hearing a loud boom Friday morning (May 5), which could

be another of the legendary and mysterious booms reported as far back as the 1800s.

People in North Charleston, Mount Pleasant and West Ashley reported hearing the boom and feeling brief shaking just after 8:30 a.m.

Military activity?

Steve Jaumé, of the College of Charleston Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, said

no earthquake activity has been recorded in the area and it was most likely a sonic boom from an aircraft


Officials at Joint Base Charleston said they heard the boom and agreed it was most likely an aircraft,

but say it wasn't one of theirs.

The Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Shaw Air Force Base and McEntire Joint National Guard also

say none of their planes could have created a sonic boom along the South Carolina coast this morning,

so the big boom remains a mystery.

A similar boom was reported in January 2016, with no definite explanation ever given...."


Comment by M. Difato on May 4, 2017 at 3:06am

"Sonic Boom" Registers as M2.9 "earthquake" near Lake Tahoe - Authorities cannot explain why!

 May 03, 2017. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) a "Sonic Boom" near Lake Tahoe on the California / Nevada border, registered on their Seismic sensors as a magnitude 2.9 EARTHQUAKE!

This is the SECOND TIME in two weeks that a "sonic boom" has been heard and felt in this specific region and no one can explain why it is taking place.

According to the military, there have not been any rockets or aircraft operating in the area which might account for such an event. Further, no one has reported seeing any type of meteor or other sky phenomena which would explain this.

THE USGS reported it as follows:

M 2.9 Sonic Boom - 8km S of Truckee, California
2017-05-02 21:12:55 UTC39.253°N 120.174°W 0.0 km depth

Back on April 22, local media around Lake Tahoe reported a meteor explosion had caused a sonic boom, and attributed that to the Lyrid Meteor Shower which was peaking at the time. Local reports on April 22 said:

"A loud boom that was heard and felt Sunday about 8am could be related to the Lyrid meteor showers.

While folks at the National Weather Service in Reno said they did not feel or hear anything, they did see something.

“I can tell you that I was speaking to a co-worker and she saw a flash across the sky,” meteorologist Mark Faucette told Lake Tahoe News. “If they are bright enough to see in the daytime, they are slightly bigger than the usual meteor.”

But Faucette stressed that he is no expert in these matters and that it is pure speculation on his part that what people heard-felt was related to the Lyrids – which were to peak this morning.

No one at CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Lab – where they deal with matters that are outside the Earth’s atmosphere – was available for comment.

Police dispatch in South Lake Tahoe said their phone has been ringing off the hook from callers asking what the commotion was. They don’t know what the cause of the noise was.

The latest "sonic boom" cannot be attributed to any meteor shower because none are taking place now.

Locals are beginning to fear the sounds are being generated from within the earth in advance of a possibly staggering earthquake to come.

Comment by M. Difato on April 29, 2017 at 8:55pm
Published on Apr 29, 2017

The phenomenon of trumpet sound in Rijeka, Croatia. 
Scary noises from the sky.

Comment by SongStar101 on March 31, 2017 at 11:47am

Mystery loud bang in Bodmin shakes homes and leaves people baffled

Residents in Bodmin were baffled after hearing a loud bang which left houses shaking and led to armed officers being called out.

People living mainly in the Fair Park end of the town say they were left frightened by the mysterious bang that was heard at around 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

The source of the noise caused a debate on social media, with a firework, sonic boom and rook scarer among the theories.Writing on the Bodmin Voice community page on Facebook, some residents said the bang left their houses shaking, while others said the noise was so loud that they thought a car crash had occurred outside their properties.

The bang could be heard by residents living in places including Burden Close, Broomfield Drive, Foster Drive, Trelawney Road, Flamank Park, Monument Way, Whitestone Crescent, Old Market Place, Kinsman and Treningle View.

Adam Freeman believes the cause of the bang was a firework after seeing one go off near his house. "It was right outside my place, not sure why anyone would want to let them off in the day though," he said.

"I was in the garden and saw what either looked like a firework or a tiny rocket exploded above me in a cloud of smoke. It was so loud and scared the dogs."

Others appeared to disagree, claiming such a loud bang couldn't have been caused by a firework.

Georgia Stanton said: "I've had a firework go off over my old house before and it was nowhere near as loud as this! It vibrated through our room, my fiancé and I both sprung out of our seats and looked the window but couldn't see anything."

Police were informed about the noise.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "A call reporting a loud bang, possibly gun fire in Bodmin, was made at around 5pm yesterday.

"An armed response vehicle attended the area and localised searches took place, but nothing was found. Units stood down at around 6pm."

Comment by Yvonne Lawson on March 26, 2017 at 10:23pm

Trumpet-like alien sound is finally heard in the UK after being a worldwide mystery for almost a DECADE

A couple's quiet night in was ruined when they were spooked by loud, unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes. 

Calvin Kirlew, 24, and his partner, listened in 'shock' as trumpet-like sounds blared across the night sky in Nottingham, East Midlands. 

A video of the sounds has left viewers baffled after Calvin uploaded it to his Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

Read more: 

Comment by M. Difato on January 24, 2017 at 10:54pm

Mysterious noises in Tilo Slovakia - 21, Jan. 2017

Comment by M. Difato on January 20, 2017 at 1:09am

Mysterious 'Loud Boom' Reportedly Rattles Homes in North Carolina Town (Jan 16)
The residents of Mount Holly, a town in North Carolina, have been puzzled by a mysterious "loud boom" that reportedly shook several homes earlier this week.

The Mount Holly Police Department "received more than 30 calls from various parts of the city and even neighboring communities" about the noise on Tuesday evening, said Chief of Police Don Roper.

"People were saying they heard a very loud boom or explosion or loud bang, and some folks said it shook their houses and rattled the windows," Roper told ABC News today.

"It sounded like a bomb just went off outside our house," one caller said, according to 911 audio obtained by ABC's affiliate WSOC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Several officers immediately went out that night to check areas where callers reported hearing the sound, according to Roper.

But they found "nothing," he said. "There was no evidence of any type of injuries or damage."

There have been several other reports of similar loud noises in the area this past week, Roper said.

One was identified as a train releasing its air brakes and another was an "atmospheric disturbance" -- but what caused the "loud boom" on Tuesday evening remains a mystery, Roper said.

"There's certainly been a lot of chatter and theories on social media, but we weren't able to confirm anything," he said. "We do want people to know we do not feel there is any danger or cause for concern." ~

 ( Neighbors, police puzzled by mysterious 'sonic boom' in North Carolina

"..Tuesday’s incident was not the first time something like this has happened recently, as residents reported hearing a similar noise Saturday night...."

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