SpaceX: explosions rock launch site in Florida during testing - Council of Worlds again? (+ New ZT)

It would appear that the billionaire Elon Musk and his SpaceX endeavours have resumed attempts to test rockets aimed at their attempts to escape the Earth and so avoid the pole shift as this one seems to have been shot down on the landing pad by the Council of Worlds as they have done before.

This one could also be called a triple wammie as it was SpaceX, Facebook and Israel who were all funding the launch.

quote: "SpaceX was scheduled to carry an Israeli communications satellite into orbit, with Facebook using some of that capacity."


Recently, launches were allowed, unfettered by interference when they gave up attempts for Mars and just focused on the ISS,

SOZT:  Musk only recently had success with re-use of his rockets when he limited the launch to resupply of the ISS. This was the case in July, 2015 and in December, 2015. In both cases we pointed out the relationship to the cargo, the mission, and his success. The April 8 mission was also to resupply the ISS. The Council of Worlds has been at war with the elite who were blocking the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, and its pending passage. Wars come to an end when they are won, and when they are won the need to frustrate the enemy also ends. EOZT


whereas previously, they were dramatically stopped in their tracks; and not just SpaceX but Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic also:

SOZT  The Council of Worlds considers this to be war against the selfish elements among the elite who are using their knowledge about the pending passage to retain their privileged positions while preventing the common man from coming to terms with what is in their near future. These elite should expect more than exploding launches, in their future.  EOZT


It seems they think they can still get away with their plans!




This latest disaster on a Space X launch was a financial and progress blow to several entities – Elon Musk of Space X, Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook, Israel Aerospace Industries, and NASA. That the explosion happened early in the process, during a pre-launch test, shows that a strong message is being given. Previous messages to Musk involved his intent to help the elite escape Earth
prior to the Pole Shift, while participating in the cover-up over Nibiru. When the elite relented, allowing the multi-prong’d announcement about Nibiru to proceed, Musk was allowed to succeed with an ocean platform landing.
The explosion thus was not aimed at Musk or his company.

NASA was simply leasing its launching pad, and was not the target either. FaceBook is immensely popular and international, and Zuckerberg had announced almost a year ago that he intended to promote his via satellites and drones, to provide service to parts of the world with scarce access to the internet. Africa is clearly a key target. It should be no surprise that Africa is also a key target of many elite, who anticipate the high ground of Africa and its future temperate climate to be ideal for settlements and survival. Europe and India will migrate to Africa in droves, prior to the Pole Shift. 

Where satellites will be torn from the skies during the passage, prior to the Pole Shift itself they will function to some degree. Thus, those who have migrated to Africa, and set up settlements and formulated defense of their perimeter, will be accessing the internet via one of Zuckerberg’s satellites. As the satellites fail, these will be replaced with the Zuckerberg drones already in operation. ALL communications in the vast region of Africa will be known to Zuckerberg and his elite allies, who obviously include Israel. This information would be used for enslavement and control, and it is THIS effort that the Council of Worlds will not allow.    

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