MADISON, N.C. -- WFMY came across a huge sinkhole on Webb Road near Madison.

The Bridge Department was called to Webb Road around 4:00 p.m. Thursday to block off the road because of the potential dangers of the massive sinkhole.

Officials with the Bridge Department said three pipes under the road that are supposed to help carry water could not handle the pressure of an abundance of water from severe weather. The pipes cracked under the pressure, and the road was swept away in flood waters.

James Tilley has lived on Webb Road since 1979, and he said he hasn't seen anything like this in decades.

“In the early 80’s the state department of engineering said they was gonna take the bridge out, which they did, and they put three pipes in which was gonna carry the water," Tilley said. "Well you can see where the pipes are now and where the road is - it didn’t work.”

The department says it expects even more of the road to collapse because it has numerous cracks in it. They say it'll take weeks to fix. A portion of Webb Road will be closed because of it. Webb road is a residential area but luckily, there are no homes within the portion that's blocked off. Still, its an inconvenience according to those who live there.

"It'll take me longer to get where I need to go," Tilley said.

A farm right across the sinkhole on Webb Road is also suffering. Moses Sharpe's family tends to the tobacco farm and he said the rain and subsequent flooding has been devastating.

“They’ve been tending this they’re whole life and to have it destroyed in the matter of a night is mind blowing,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe said he estimates they lost $100,000 dollars worth because of flooding.