Sea Recedes near Jakarta - Tsunami Warning or Pre-Sink Hump? (NEW ZetaTalk)

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[Karangantu: 55°30'5''N, 37°20'3''E], Banten: Sea water along the northern waters of Banten since yesterday, Tuesday (4/2), suddenly receded up to one kilometer from the shoreline. Even in the middle of the sea appeared mainland as the winding road that connects the Coral Antu with small islands in these waters. Receding water left many dead fish. Fishing boats are also stuck in the mud. This phenomenon makes people worried at the same confusion. [SOURCE]



Feb. 03, 2014: Karangantu waters receded 20 metres



Residents over the mangrove trees to see the sea recede from the shoreline in village Karangmulya, Bantam Village, District Kasemen, Serang, Monday (3/2). According to a fisherman, Jonah, receding tides this phenomenon occurred last three days, which resulted in difficult fishing boats dock and reduced fish catches in the Karangantu.

SERANG - Noon to late yesterday , the sea water at low tide along the coast Karangantu 20 meters from the beach . As a result , the medium fish and the anglers and residents who have fished the coastal Area disappointed not to be able to fish . Yunus , a fisherman in Karangantu , District Kasemen , Serang , claimed to have never seen the water recede far. Typically , Even if retroactively , will not reach as far as 20 meters . And conditions as it usually will not last long . Afternoon when the sea water is usually already started to put back . " I do not never see sesurut it , " he said , Monday ( 3/2 ) .

Yunus claimed when the strange weather conditions such as rain now often sea water instead recede . He even worried that this natural phenomenon is warning of major disasters , such as tsunamis . As he heard , first tsunami originated from the sea water receded to much . " Hopefully not , " he said . Smith Daryanto , residents Lopang Beautiful , District of Serang , Serang , admitted that he had since been in the dock at 11:30 Karangantu for fishing . When it comes , the water was still up on the shoreline and mangroves wetting . Around 14:00 then the water gradually receded to about 20 meters . He admitted that he had long fishing in the area , even before the pier was built . "I have about 10 years of fishing here . From the 1990's fishing this weekend and liked each nginep , " said Smith .

Smith stated due to reflux of the sea water he does not get any fish . He estimated the fish medium . So hard to find . Though he usually always get a fish every time fishing . However , he admitted that he was not scared by the phenomenon of the receding tides . " I do not dapet fish at all today. Weird , " he said . Post Commander Navy at the Navy Base Bantam Nana Sunaryo usual guard post near the beach stating that tide around 13:00 . The water reflux is normal and normal , and will not cause a tsunami . This condition usually will last until 21:00 and after that it will reinstall . "If it is like to ebb away . If the tide also like to go into here ( the office ) . 's No way that this is a sign of a tsunami , " he said .

Nana stated conditions ebb and flow of sea water occurs regularly every month . When the tide is low , a sign of good weather and is good for fishing . No waves and wind made ​​fishing and fishermen can get a fish in the sea . Head of Data and Information Meteorology , Climatology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) Tri Attack Cahyo said yesterday there was no indication of an earthquake in the region Kasemen whole or in Banten . He therefore appealed to people not to panic with the notion of a tsunami . Therefore , the tsunami is usually preceded by an earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale , which entered into the class of shallow earthquakes . " The day we did not detect any earthquakes . If the presence of water may recede due to gravity month . So , people do not need to worry , " he said . ( Tohir )

A drawback will occur as the shoreline recedes dramatically, exposing normally submerged areas. Drawback can exceed hundreds of metres, and people unaware of the danger sometimes remain near the shore to satisfy their curiosity or to collect fish from the exposed seabed.

What would cause land in a sinking region to rise such that the sea recedes from the shore? Such an exposed sea shore, with fish suddenly out of the water and boats stranded, is famously known as a warning sign for a pending tsunami. The water recedes and then comes back with a vengeance. The Indonesian island of Java is sinking, as part of the 7 of 10 plate movements, and this has been going on for three years. Jakarta holds the sea at bay with sea walls but is below sea level to the extent we predicted in 2010.
Why would a region near Jakarta find itself rising from the sea, then, as occurred in Banten recently? A land mass that is being pushed under another, as is happening along the Sunda Plate border wrapping to the south of Java, does not always slide smoothly. There are catch points where the slide resists, and the land being pushed under will heave, rise, during this time. This does not mean that the normal configuration will not return, after the slide is forced. And when the normal configuration returns the land will be LOWER than before. Banten should thus be wary.

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