Ruptured Water Main Destroys Rio de Janeiro Suburb

A child died and dozens of people have been injured after the burst water main released a torrent of water over a residential area in Campo Grande just after 5:00am on July 30.

Three-year-old, Isabela Severo dos Santos, was taken to the hospital but did not survive after swallowing large amounts of water.

According to authorities seven people remain hospitalised.

Local television showed images of a giant fountain of water crashing down on buildings, destroying homes and sweeping away cars in the ensuing current.

Cars were tossed like toys by the powerful torrent of water which swept away numerous homes.

People could be seen wading through the floodwaters trying to climb on to a roof. The burst pipeline, operated by State Company for Water and Wastewater (Cedae), has now been shut down but large volumes of water are still leaking and continue to flood the neighbourhood.

The flood forced more than 140 people out of their homes. Globo's internet portal, G1, reported that water in some places reached up to 2m.

The cause of the rupture was not immediately clear. Power to the neighborhood has been cut.

"The tip of S America does not roll, but remains nailed in place. This is due to the Antarctic Plate, which also abuts the south Andes. The Antarctic Plate is not compressing, as it is one solid piece. For the top portion of S America to roll to the west, something must thus give, and to some extent this is the southeastern portion of S America."

ZetaTalk: January 15, 2011



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