Rolling Africa - At least 12 killed as 11-story dwelling collapses in Egypt

At least 12 killed as 11-story dwelling collapses in Egypt

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Photo posted by user Ayman_Attia (Image from

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At least 12 people died, as an 11-story building collapsed in Egypt’s second-largest city of Alexandria, reports Al-Arabiya. The building also caused three more nearby houses to tumble with it.

The incident took place in the western part of the coastal city, in Naser Al Dawla Street. Construction works at the first building to collapse were finished not long ago. 

Sixteen people have already been pulled out of the rubble, among them two children aged 7 and 5. All of them sustained various injuries and were sent to hospital, says Youm 7 news website.

Witnesses say the building to crash first was home to four families and a bakery, reports Agence France Presse.

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – An Alexandria building collapse struck Egypt today. The Alexandria building collapsed on Naser Al Dawla Street today July 14, 2012. Officials report the death toll could still rise.

The eleven story structure was not occupied on Naser Al Dawla Street when it started to collapse Saturday. Officials confirm that as many as twelve residents have been killed....  But in a news briefing, they confirmed the first building’s collapse prompted three more abutting residences to fall as well.

The death toll includes children as young as five years old. Officials tell news that the first building to collapse recently finished construction. Cause of the collapse remains unknown. reports that search and rescue efforts remain underway. The numberof persons injured remains unknown.

Earlier this year, three Rio de Janeiro buildings, all commercial, collapsed in the evening hours. The buildings were twenty, ten, and four story structures.Officials thereafter tried to determine if a gas leak or a structural failure was the cause of the destruction. Witnesses told news that the collapse wasn’t sudden. They said they saw a “roll” ahead of the collapse that was similar to an earthquake.

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Comment by Muzz on July 15, 2012 at 2:38am

As per Nancy and the Zetas warning in "Safe Locations" on the site:

EGYPT Alexandria

This building collapse and plenty of other evidence is proof that South Africa is rolling, and the Med is certainly being effected, and it is time to heed those warnings... Zetas right yet again, thank you @Bill

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