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The Annual Fund Raiser for Ning Fees has begun. Goal is to collect funds sufficient to cover not only the yearly Ning Fees (approximately $800/year) but also to prepare for additional bandwidth charges. As awareness of Nibiru increases, we can anticipate the public will pour into the PoleShift Ning pages to seek the truth. The Pole Shift Ning is known for timely reporting of pertinent Earth changes, as well as astute analysis that rips the cover off any excuses that might be presented. Note that unlike other sites reporting on Nibiru and its approach, the Pole Shift Ning has sustained interest, for this reason. We expect an explosion of interest soon!

The PoleShift Ning is also the home for hot-off-the-press new ZetaTalk, hosting the weekly Q&A. ZetaTalk is internationally known, and only 31,664 websites have more traffic than ZetaTalk. Compare this to Marshall Master’s website,, which has 833,324 sites with more traffic – 1/20 that of ZetaTalk. ZetaTalk has 20,090 websites linking to it where the Marshall Master’s site has only 1,110 sites linking to it – again, 1/20 that of ZetaTalk. Acutely aware of the accuracy of ZetaTalk, dedicated members post images of Nibiru taken with filters or via SOHO or from webcams, erratic twisting of the Magnetosphere as shown by BATSRUS, and plate movements disasters.

Please use the Donate button at the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the page, to assist with this fund raiser, and thanks for supporting the ning.

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 11, 2017 at 5:35pm

Goal was met! Thank you!

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