Nibiru Sightings to Explode - Dr Zakharovich in the News

This is deliberate. This is part of the announcement. This is brand new but is likely to have a buzz of discussion on the Internet about the passing Asteroid 2016 WF9. But the photos they will be talking about will be the Nibiru Moon Swirls! Oh my. Here we go! This is a portion of a future Newsletter, presented early, because it is so so relevant.

A brouhaha over a Russian astronomer’s statements has recently erupted in the media. Dr Zakharovich states that NASA is lying about an asteroid scheduled to pass by the Earth on February 25, saying it will arrive on February 16, and is not an asteroid but debris from the Nibiru entourage.  This hit the press on January 26th and was the subject on the open lines on Coast to Coast
last Friday night, January 27th. Asteroid 2016 WF9
is also located at present just above the Constellation Cetus, along the Ecliptic.

Is Asteroid Due to Crash into Earth Sparking Mass Tsunamis Next Week?
January 26, 2017
The object, known as 2016 WF9, is hurtling towards Earth and is being tracked by NASA. NASA says the object, which could be a comet or an asteroid, will safely pass Earth at a distance of nearly 32 million miles on February 25. But Russian astronomer Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich has said the space agency is wrong. Dr Zakharovich believes the object could hit on February 16 sparking catastrophic tsunamis and causing the planet’s seas to boil. The Russian says the mysterious object comes from the rogue planet Niburu, also called Planet X, on the edge of the solar system.  The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun.
If the public bothers to look for asteroid 2016 WF9 they are highly likely to notice all the Moon Swirls of Nibiru which blow in that direction. But the moons in the Moon Swirls are many, not a single asteroid, so would raise questions and discussion on the Internet. Per the Zetas, that’s the idea! The Sky Live site
provides exacting coordinates for viewing, so amateurs can line up their scopes and peek away! After all, this asteroid is supposed to pass close to the Earth. Let the viewing begin!

In addition to bringing up the word Nibiru, this brouhaha also brings in the concept of a retrograde orbit, that Nibiru has a retrograde orbit. The angle of the fireballs screaming into the Earth’s atmosphere matters, as asteroids do NOT come directly from the direction of the Sun. Asteroid 2016 WF9 is indeed an asteroid, but the fireball that was heading into Chelyabinsk in February, 2013 came directly from the Sun. This was indeed a bolide from the trash in the tail of Nibiru.
ZetaTalk Comment 2/16/2013:
Clearly not an asteroid, the Chelyabinsk meteor came from the direction of the Sun, where Planet X, aka Nibiru, is wafting its vast debris ridden tail. Does the Chelyabinsk meteor usher in a new era of larger and more devastating fireballs descending upon the Earth? Without a question, and all will be coming from the direction of the Sun.

So why the emphasis in Dr Zakharovich’s opinion on Asteroid 2016 WF9 changing direction FROM a retrograde orbit. Is it even relevant? It is now coming in a normal counterclockwise orbit. The emphasis is to present yet another term in the discussion that will lead to ZetaTalk. The Zetas Path diagram, presented in 1997, shows this turn in direction for Nibiru as it came inbound. The Zetas described the REASON for the turn to a retrograde orbit. Dr Zakharovich is CONFIRMING ZetaTalk thus, as well as confirming that Nibiru exists. Per the Zetas, this is all part of the gradual awakening that is part of the announcement process.  

ZetaTalk Comment on 1/28/2017:
We stated early in the ZetaTalk saga, even before Nibiru became visible in observatory sightings in 2001, that it has assumed a retrograde orbit. It did so to evade what we have called the Sweeping Arms
of the Sun, which reaches out from the Sun as it rotates in a counterclockwise motion. The Sun rotates in this direction, and forces all the planets in the inner Solar System to orbit in this direction. Thus asteroids from the Asteroid Belt are likewise impelled to travel in a counterclockwise manner. Debris in the tail of Nibiru is on the increase, and after struggling to claim it is space junk returning to Earth or annual meteor showers or perhaps an asteroid, the media fell silent.

Why would a Russian astronomer state that a passing asteroid is an escapee from the tail of Nibiru? By whatever means, the awakening of the public to the existence of Nibiru and thus the pending passage of Nibiru will not be blunt and direct. There will more than likely be an increasing awareness of the SIGNS that Nibiru has arrived. One of these signs, of course, is the plethora of bolides and fireballs screaming to Earth since 2004. As in the case of the Chelyabinsk bolide,
which came from the direction of the Sun, vs Asteroid 2012 DA14, which tracked in on the Earth’s orbit just behind the Earth, both in their counterclockwise orbits, this discussion will tend to prove Nibiru’s presence near the Sun.

As can be seen by photos of the Nibiru system, this tail curves out from Nibiru in a clockwise manner, a retrograde manner, curling under the Sun and thence up to the left. Nibiru itself also has a retrograde rotation. What will be the result of this Russian astronomer’s claims? More headlines with Nibiru in the title. More discussion on just what rotates in a retrograde manner in the Solar System. More awareness that the rash of fireballs and bolides afflicting the Earth are retrograde at their arrival. More examination of the history of asteroid WF9 in October to the present, and more “discoveries” in the news.

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