Marshall Masters took great umbrage at the new ZetaTalk published on 3/30/2013, wherein they note his decade of deception on the whereabouts of Planet X, and refusal to acknowledge that Planet X, aka Nibiru, had arrived in 2003 and was showing up on SOHO, Stereo, videos, photos, and just plain naked eye viewing as the readership here at the Pole Shift ning is so very aware. He went onto Coast to Coast to tout his newest feature, a so-called sighting of a Blue Kachina seen from a webcam at a Costa Rica volcano.

The problem with this is that the objects DOES NOT MOVE FROM ITS PLACE VS A VS THE HORIZON HOUR AFTER HOUR. Does this move with the Ecliptic? Marshall makes some technical sounding gibberish saying it moves at "a sharp angle from the Ecliptic" rather than "following the Sun". Well the slant of the Eclipic moves during the day. Is it dust on the lens? As you can see from the screen shots below, it looks like a piece of dust to me, with a blue oil smear from some cleaning fluid on the lens nearby.

How could Coast to Coast am be that mislead, to allow this as a feature of discussion! Note that the "object" which Marshall calls "Yogi" even stands in front of a dense cloud from the volcano! Shining through the dense cloud, with no reduction in brightness? It is  clearly a spec on the lens, of either the cam or the glass enclosure for the cam. How can Marshall be misleading the public like this? How can anyone take him seriously

There have been a group of individuals tracking an "unknown object" in the sky.  It is from a fixed live-feed camera at 10 thousand feet.  It is showing up regularly, weather permitting.  Another group is tracking an object they believe will be able to regularly be seen by the eye in June.   Can the Zetas clarify what  these two groups are actually seeing?  
[and from another]
To clarify the difference between what Marshal Maters (YOWUSA) and ZetaTalk state: he is one that does not deny the existence of Planet X, just claims it is not in the inner solar system and that all the photos and videos taken since 2003 are false. Yup, that's the short and long of it. Also all the SOHO images, false. Cheap cameras, lens flares, no one but he and his team can discern the truth.

As it becomes obvious that Planet X is near the Sun, within the orbit of Venus, and as word that Obama’s planned announcement to this effect is going forward and cannot be stopped, various parties who formerly debunked ZetaTalk are changing their story. Marshall Masters of YOWUSA is one who did not deny that Planet X existed, but attempted to ally with the cover-up by claiming it was out in space somewhere, at an undetermined location. He also has claimed that the myriad photos, videos, and SOHO images of the Planet X complex showing its location all these years are a result of cheap cameras or lens flares. Everyone is mistaken, except for Marshall Masters and his supposed team of experts.

Marshall is suddenly trying to straddle the fence, claiming in his latest analysis,
designed to accompany his latest appearance on Coast to Coast am, that debris visible on the horizon from a Costa Rico webcam at sunset is a “blue kachina”, to be followed by the “red kachina” ie Planet X. He still cannot clarify its location, despite George Norry asking this repeatedly. Marshall also stated that Planet X is lost in the glare of the Sun, without explaining how this could be happening year round unless the complex was close to the Sun, within the orbit of Earth. Why these contortions?

Marshall is banking on the hope that Obama’s announcement will not clarify how LONG Planet X has been in the inner solar system, nor perhaps even its exact location. Thus, he can discard, suddenly, a decade of debunking ZetaTalk while cooperating with the cover-up, and appear as a hero for predicting its arrival in the summer of 2013! Will this succeed? In that the world has been capturing the Planet X complex on film, and seeing it naked eye, with or without the assist of red or mylar filters or welder’s lens, and in that there is a vast collection of these images on the ZetaTalk website and the Pole Shift ning, this gambit will not work. If you want to see the truth, watch Nancy’s latest video on the bolide blitz
and avoid the latest switcheroo game from Marshall Masters.

Post Script: this is NOT an April Fools blog.

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