Major Disinfo Campaign: Undiscovered Planet Approaching from Outer Solar System NOT! (Too late for this lie)

The plot thickens!  The cover-up plan to zoom in a rogue planet and claim a fiction is the real Planet X will fail per the Zetas:

ZetaTalk: Venus Transit Veer (written June 6, 2012)

 ... if the cover-up plans to zoom an imaginary planet in from the Kuiper Belt to explain what the public is seeing in Red Filter photos, or to claim that the Sun has developed quad poles to explain the disturbed Earth magnetosphere and daily wobble, then they are too late.

The truth is out there! Venus is not a magnetic planet. It did not take this path because of some gravity influence beyond Neptune or a quad pole on the Sun. It took this path because something huge, a gravitational giant, was to the right of the Sun and in its orbit. That something is Planet X, announcing itself in no uncertain terms. This is the proof that amateur astronomers have been waiting for, the proof that explains all the signs that have been present since 2003. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Fueled by anger over years of being belittled and dismissed, amateur astronomers will be a force that refuses to be silenced!  [Emphasis added.]

The Establishment Lie that a mysterious, previously unknown planet is coming from the outer solar system is making a reappearance in the U.S. mainstream media.  With naked eye sightings of Planet X on the increase, this cannot be a coincidence.  Some articles even use the term "Planet X" to name what is allegedly coming from the direction of Neptune to confuse and distract from the truth contained in ZetaTalk and on the unique Pole Shift Ning.  ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift ning are THREATS to the cover up of Planet X and the pending pole shift, bar none.  You should assume that any site that reports on earth changes or signs in the sky that is pushing this Establishment Lie are debunkers.

The huge number of videos, satellite images, and ground-based photos reveal Planet X is coming from the direction of the sun and has been in the inner solar system since 2003.  Planet X cannot be in two places at once:  It cannot be both in the inner solar system and approaching from the outer solar system, duh!

All establishment/mainstream articles about nomad or rogue planets that fail to mention the truth about Planet X should also be considered lies and disinformation not fit to publish.



Richard A. Lovett for National Geographic News

Published May 11, 2012

An as yet undiscovered planet might be orbiting at the dark fringes of the solar system, according to new research.

Too far out to be easily spotted by telescopes, the potential unseen planet appears to be making its presence felt by disturbing the orbits of so-called Kuiper belt objects, said Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro....

Once considered the ninth planet in our system, the dwarf planet Pluto, for example, is one of the largest Kuiper belt objects, at about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) wide. Dozens of the other objects are hundreds of miles across, and more are being discovered every year.

What's intriguing, Gomes said, is that, according to his new calculations, about a half dozen Kuiper belt objects—including the remote body known as Sedna [disinformation; please see below ZetaTalk]—are in strange orbits compared to where they should be, based on existing solar system models. The objects' unexpected orbits have a few possible explanations, said Gomes, who presented his findings Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Timberline Lodge, Oregon.  "But I think the easiest one is a planetary-mass solar companion"—a planet that orbits very far out from the sun but that's massive enough to be having gravitational effects on Kuiper belt objects.
Mystery Planet a Captured Rogue?
... Based on his calculations, Gomes thinks a Neptune-size world, about four times bigger than Earth, orbiting 140 billion miles (225 billion kilometers) away from the sun—about 1,500 times farther than Earth—would do the trick....

Gomes speculates that the mystery object could be a rogue planet that was kicked out of its own star system and later captured by the sun's gravity.  Or the putative planet could have formed closer to our sun, only to be cast outward by gravitational encounters with other planets.

However, actually finding such a world would be a challenge.

To begin with, the planet might be pretty dim. Also, Gomes's simulations don't give astronomers any clue as to where to point their telescopes—"it can be anywhere," he said....  [Emphasis added.]

NASA’s history of discovery on wandering rogue planets that seem to travel through space independent of a central Sun is not a pretty one. Similar to the Flat Earth theory, they clung to their theories righteously, angrily attacking the facts and any messenger bringing them those facts as though their egos were a holy place and the truth were the enemy. When ZetaTalk presented concepts that explained the behavior of such rogue or traveling planets, their failure to follow a circular orbit around a sun and the speed at which they can move through space, Nancy and ourselves were ridiculed for not understanding “the laws” of nature as purported by their God Newton.

Little by little, inch by inch, they have admitted our facts, always in the context of a HUMAN discovery, such is their arrogance. If one revisits the history,  one sees that only since the start of the ZetaTalk saga have humans proposed theories and pursued discovery that remarkably parallel OUR explanations. Now wandering planets,  previously denied entirely as even possible, are readily admitted. Previously NASA’s pet theory of “escape velocity” was asserted as a law, where now traveling planets that can escape the gravity draw of a sun, are admitted.

Since NASA et al were so very busy defending their egos and precious theories, why have we begun to see articles in print wherein astronomers have discovered wandering planets? Why, after the search in the 1980’s for what was called “nemesis”, a gravity body in the direction of the constellation of Orion that was causing perturbations in the outer planets, is this theory now being reactivated? When Planet X was discovered there in 1983, all such talk of a gravity force there was forbidden, as JPL and NASA did indeed find Planet X with their infrared cameras. Is there some benefit to be gained by admitting that traveling planets exist, and encouraging the public to think that such a planet may exist just on the outskirts of the solar system?

When it became obvious that Planet X was zooming into the solar system, at the speed we had predicted, the establishment realized they would likely have to invent an excuse in case the passage was not swift. What if a body were visible, for months or years, so the public became restless and rebellious? While frantically ridiculing Nancy and ourselves, they had their cover-up minions purport that Planet X was “out past Jupiter”, and spread rumors of spots that Google Sky would not display. All the while, of course, Planet X and its Moon Swirls were showing up on SOHO and Stereo images, seen naked eye, and recently made a nice appearance during the May 20-21 lunar eclipse. Should Planet X itself suddenly become visible to all, they will announce that the suspected nemesis body at the fringes of the solar system MOVED, and will likely use a number of our explanations for the speed of bodies in space to
explain its rapid arrival!
Additional Relevant ZetaTalk:

The NY Times published a story yesterday about the military giving NASA two telescopes to use that were originally intended for spy satellites pointed in Earths direction. NASA said they plan to "investigate the mysterious dark energy speeding up the universe's expansion".  Is there another meaning behind these telescopes given to NASA? [and from another] Ex-Spy Telescope May Get New Identity as a Space Investigator [June 4] Equipped with a coronagraph, which blocks light from the sun’s disk to look for exoplanets, the former spy telescope could see planets down to the size of Jupiter around other stars. [and from another] Military gives NASA two space telescopes more powerful than Hubble [June 4] Although America’s space agency has perpetually seen its funding threatened and reduced in recent years, few would argue that the nation’s defense agency, the Pentagon, suffers from the same problem. That disparity is so great that Pentagon official dialed up NASA last year and revealed that the National Reconnaissance Office had secretly developed not one, but two space telescopes more powerful than Hubble, adding that the military just didn’t bother to deploy them.

During a time of massive budget cuts, the DOD is giving away expensive equipment it has never been able to use? The DOD cannot discard outdated war planes or weaponry without selling it to an ally. How is it that space telescopes capable of gathering detailed information - for instance, on Iran’s nuclear installations - is now considered trash? This maneuver is simply to provide NASA with an excuse to claim it just noticed a rogue planet inbound from the Kuiper Belt, a planet they plan to use to explain the real Planet X that has been present in the inner solar system since 2003. How else to explain why NASA has been able to look into outer space, but not notice what has been occurring in their own backyard? [Emphasis added.]


Prior ZetaTalk:

POINT OF PASSAGE, EARTH VS PLANET X (sling orbit of Planet X)


ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 7, 2010:  NASA is frantic to take the lead, having stonewalled the subject up until now. When Planet X was inbound from 1997 to 2003, we, the Zetas provided coordinates by which a dim star with bright fuzz around it could be seen tracking to our coordinates. Then in early 2003 when it passed from the night sky to be lost in the glare of the Sun, there were dramatic photos showing an approaching planet surrounded by a swirling double helix dust cloud on either side. After that, we entered the era of the Second Sun, when Planet X was close to the Sun in the line of view, but showing up on SOHO and certainly making an impact on the Earth's magnetosphere....


ZetaTalk Chat for May 21, 2011:   ... Denying the alien presence was only one of NASA's problems, however, as they were also covering up the existence of Planet X. A "smoldering brown dwarf", our term for Planet X, brought ridicule, as per NASA a brown dwarf could only be gaseous and as large or larger than Jupiter. A hybrid between a planet and such a failed star could not exist, and thus NASA had no term for such a thing. Meanwhile increasing evidence available to the public that Planet X is right there next to the Sun is creating great anxiety at NASA. It is showing up on SOHO and Stereo images and creating signs in the sky worldwide. Could they somehow leap ahead of their decades of a cover-up with dramatic announcements, once again?

The great fanfare that the announcement of what is termed "rogue planets" has received is no accident, as NASA hopes to suddenly discover that one is the elephant in the room, there all along creating magnetic problems for planet Earth and causing the increase in earthquakes and plate movements. Rogue Planet is the term Nancy chose when the Troubled Times teams began to track Planet X inbound at our coordinates. NASA is even placing the only "Hot Neptune" possible of sustaining life at 21.4 times the mass of Earth, where we have always stated it was 23 times the mass. Are they trying to say, "Zetas Right Again"? As with the arguments about coming clean over the cover-up over the alien presence, there is much debate in smoke filled rooms over this approach also. Any admission is going to generate rage in the public. Look behind the great fanfare that this announcement received to see the heated arguments behind closed doors.... [Emphasis added.]

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 10, 2011: NASA has been struggling with evidence of Planet X and its Moon Swirls and vast dust cloud appearing in SOHO and Stereo images since 2003, without success. When the Earth was blocked in its path by Planet X in December, 2003, the Earth then stalled in her orbit, NASA dealt with this by simulating the background of stars and planets in the images. They started out air brushing evidence of Planet X out of the images, programmed cut-and-past operations that showed obvious edit lines....
... Asked to explain themselves, the red faced [U.S.] Senators could not. What are they to say, that Planet X exists? That ZetaTalk is correct? That they are aware of the dangers and personally preparing but are denying the public information about the real threat? That they want the citizens to attend to their jobs, and if they attempt to prepare for a coming cataclysm instead, they will be arrested and detained indefinitely? What you are seeing here is a panic in the cover-up. This is just the tip of the iceberg, in what is coming.


ZetaTalk: Meaning of Sedna
(written March 16, 2004)

It looks like NASA is really trying to tell the public something with this so called Sedna discovery. They put up some bizarre diagram showing Sedna as a huge Red Object low in the SW evening sky near Venus. What is NASA's true message with the much toted Sedna discovery and why now, when it was discovered last November?

Going into 2003 NASA and their lackeys attempted to confuse the public by calling all manner of items Planet X. Should one do a search on the Internet, the true meaning of the inbound planet and the meaningful discussion about it would be lost in the noise. At this moment, when NASA has made so much of a ball of ice smaller than the Moon, located so far beyond Pluto to be considered a non-entity, months after it was discovered and even announced to the scientific community, one must wonder why. And the public is wondering why. Consider what NASA would do to confuse the common man so that terminology long used to describe Planet X would be associated by this hoopla with that distant ball of ice. Look at the commonalties in this attempted association. It is presented as red, presented as having an elliptical orbit, is presented as having an orbit of 10,500 years which is an approximate multiple of the 3,600 orbit ascribed to Planet X, putting it close to the time of the last Ice Age on Earth, and is called the 10th planet though tinier than the Moon!

Why, when it is so tiny that the most powerful scopes were used to discover it in the first place, is it being presented as something the common man could see in the SW skies, larger than Mars or Venus? Because NASA also has a dilemma in the Earth’s dark twin rounding the bend and coming up behind it in the orbit path they share. This will become visible soon, if not already, and will come close to the Earth before other dramas intervene. What is the common man to presume? Ah, that’s Sedna, saw it on the NASA site. What other messages are buried in this confusion attempt by NASA? You should be looking in toward the Sun for the real monster 10th Planet, not out into the dark skies, and they once again are pointing the public in the wrong direction. You should assume if NASA tells you about this with fanfare, they would surely tell you about something more momentous, and this is anything but the truth. Unfortunately, one thing remains the same. They lie, and care not for the tax payer whose funds they are using to ensure themselves safe place to go when the cataclysms starts.

ZetaTalk: Attack the Messenger
(written April 19, 2003)

ZetaTalk has had a tumultuous history, with those embracing it demanding perfection, within the guise of human understanding, and protection, as though the messenger had responsibility for sanctity from the impact of the message, and vicious attacks by those not wanting to hear the message in the first place. Thus, friend and foe are hardly discernible. Human astrophysics states that Planet X could not have an orbit such as we have described, a sling orbit past two foci, back and forth, rather than round and round. Yet Planet X is approaching dead on toward the Sun during the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, exactly as we have described. Human astrophysics also states that the speed of Planet X during its rapid approach from the mid-point between its two foci until it enters the solar system just months ahead of the passage is not possible. Yet within the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, this has occurred exactly as we predicted.

... Those embracing ZetaTalk but demanding that the message be rewritten to comply with human astrophysics or human understanding are not embracing the message or even thinking clearly or for themselves, they are simply demanding a lack of conflict. "Tell me what to believe, and reconcile every statement with every other statement", they cry, as they cannot or are unwilling to sort the facts out for themselves, being infantile in this regard.

Likewise those demanding protection, rescue, are infantile. The one delivering the message frightened them, so is responsible for replacing the fear with comfort. Here again the human is not taking responsibility for themselves, but is stomping their foot like a child, expecting others to rush in and act as a parent. If the weatherman reports a storm, do they call the weather station and demand delivery from the storm? In fact, this is their first impulse, to utter “What are you going to do about it!” when bad news is announced, but they have learned by derision to suppress this impulse in human society. Their prayers are regularly pleas for improvements in their own lives, demands made of God to fix the dilemma he has placed them in. Since we, the Zetas, are presumed powerful, and interactions with aliens not a settled matter in human society, they are trying for what they can get.

Those who attack the messenger because the message is uncomfortable are in fact making an understandable, though primitive, response. The mosquito stings so you slap the mosquito, the apple is sour so you fling it into the bushes, someone reeks of body odor while attempting to kiss you and you give them a shove. Push it away, the child’s first response to something offending, with no further thought about repercussions. Adults, in human society, are supposed to be logical, entertain facts, digest, discuss, and conclude. They most often do none of this, but simply react, as a child, to the offending substance of message, rejecting it. These are not leaders of men, as this type of reaction makes them scarcely suitable for any life but swinging from trees, but as Internet access is granted to anyone, they write email and post their simplistic reactions on message board. “Go away, you’re crazy, I don’t want to hear it”, they cry, and when the shift occurs will be found huddled in some corner making these demands still.

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