ISS String of Pearls Photo, Released by NASA, Genuine! (NEW ZetaTalk)

Can the Zeta's give a quick comment if this "Gravity inspired" released picture shows Nibiru aka Planet X? The picture was taken nearly four years ago on 11/22/2009. I looked on the soho and secchi sites for any possible correlating picture but didn't see any. It doesn't look like any lens flare and doesn't match up with lens flare in the picture from the sun. Is it Nibiru or Nibiru related? It's too coincidental that it's just at the right spot and NASA picked now as the time to release it seeing how it's just over four years old. I adjusted the gamma some and on closer inspection it looks to be giving off it's own lens flare or something independent of the sun and the flare the sun is giving off:
[and from another]
S129-E-007592 (22 Nov. 2009) --- The bright sun greets the International Space Station in this Nov. 22 scene from the Russian section of the orbital outpost, photographed by one of the STS-129 crew members.

This is a genuine capture of what is called a String of Pearls presentation of the Moon Swirls in the tail of Planet X, and is a deliberate release by NASA in the run-up to the announcement. This lineup happens only rarely, when several Moon Swirl tubes are aligned side-by-side in parallel due to the whip of the tail, and when the angle of view from the camera or eye is such that the end points are facing the camera. Sunlight funnels down the length of the Moon Swirl, bouncing from the sides so that the light is focused out the end, like a flashlight. Here the Moon Swirl orbs appear with different color hues, like a rainbow, due to the angle of the exiting light focus, as red light bends more readily than blue, etc.

Regardless of how this photo might be debunked by those anxious to still deny the presence of Planet X near the Sun, this String of Pearls is not a lens flare for the following reasons.
- Flares line up in a line from the center of the Sun, but the string does not.
- When the brightness is dimmed to the point where the flares disappear, the string does not.
- The flares are magenta colored, and when magenta is exaggerated in the photo all appear a darker magenta. The string, however, does not.
- When gamma adjusted, the orbs in the string appear a rounded shape, as the light from the center of each flashlight Moon Swirl is more intense at the center.
- The string is not a ghost, or a ghost of a ghost, as the Sun has no ghosts nor do any other objects in sight have ghosts within the camera.

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