Indonesia: Seawater Flood Hit Village Lukun/ Soak Flood Line on the Trans - Sulawesi Pinrang

January 2, 2014


Meranti , Riau24 - Rob has been a flood that struck in Lukun village , sub-district high cliffs east , Meranti Islands Regency , on Wednesday ( 01.01.14 ) . at the site of observation , tidal or flood tide that commemorate this land seemed to fill the page roads and houses in the village , street Precisely port .

However, these roads are still used by people as the only way despite floods inundate the way up to an adult's knee .

From the information gathered reporters , from this incident No casualties or material , reason , some residents who were home around the flooded area is the home stage .

According to the statement of one of the residents , Amran ( 50 ) said , tidal flooding is expected to occur , see the erratic weather conditions .

Still explained Amran , to anticipate things that are not in want , he hopes the local government take immediate steps to anticipate floods may be higher for the next few days .

" This will be a high flood rob again for Day miraculous " he said .



Soak Flood Line on the Trans - Sulawesi Pinrang.

Jan 01, 2014


PINRANG , - Strip flooded trans - Sulawesi , on Wednesday ( 01/01/2014 ) , after three major rivers in the district Duampanua , Pinrang , South Sulawesi , overflowed due to heavy rain which flushed the area since Tuesday ( 31/12 / 2013) yesterday . Flooding occurs in the trans - Sulawesi lanes , Bungi precisely in the Village , District Duampanua , Pinrang . This path is the path that connects the vital South Sulawesi , West Sulawesi , Central Sulawesi , and North Sulawesi .

Heavy rain caused rivers can not accommodate the flow of water .

Residents who would fill the New Year's holiday with family was trapped in floods . In fact , almost a commotion as they scramble for a limited traverse the road , causing another vehicle bumper . There was no officer directing traffic . The passing motorist was assisted local people to penetrate the flood .

According to one resident , Pelda Zaenal , flooding is considered severe than ever before .

" Three estuaries sea water overflowed while being simultaneously so the flood tide can not be avoided . Hopefully there is a shallow estuary dredging in anticipation of flooding , " said Zaenal .

In addition to soaking the track trans - Sulawesi , floods also submerged thousands of homes , agricultural areas , and plantations .


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Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 2, 2014 at 11:29am

Given all the quakes outlining the Philippine and Mariana plates, it is clear that the 7 of 10 phase affecting the Sunda Plate is completing. This is yet another sign!

Thank you Khan for your faithful reporting on these matters!

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