Indonesia: North Jakarta nearly 70 percent , BELOW the sea!!/ Land Singkawang position BELOW sea level!!

70 Percent of Flood Prone Areas Koja

Koja (Pos Kota) - Region Koja, North Jakarta nearly 70 percent of its territory, under the sea. In the event of rain or high tide, the area is always flooded area with an average altitude of nearly 30 to 50 cm.

To anticipate, Head Koja, Dedy Tarmizi had to clean the cabins wild and clean lines that dianggab cause of a puddle or clogged.

"This is the most effective way to prevent flooding. For that I appealed to residents to remain a healthy environment of each, "said Dedy Tarmizi.

As performed in RW 7 Lagoa, RW 1 Koja, Pinang Kali, Kali and Kali Sindang Malay Dam. The area around the drains cleaned and dredged mud in the hope when it rains or tidal inundation does not occur.

"The region is prone to inundation and flooding. So we make the environment clean with the citizens so that later if there is rain or high water is not stagnant, "explained Head residents who responded to requests about the dredging of waterways in the area of ​​Lagoa.

If this activity is maintained, hopefully the water in fast flowing water channel citizens towards its mouth into the times. Dedy Tarmizi also ask the board of RT / RW maintaining greenery on the banks of times, so that banks remain pristine and protected from illegal buildings.

Responding to the request, Chairman of RW 13, Lagoa, Koja, Asni welcomed. In fact, she is also very excited because his boss wanted to see the figure of spaciousness and down with his staff to take action mutual help clean waterways.

In the action of these waterways clean, the district also assisted a number of volunteer officers from the Agency of Water Works of North Jakarta to transport muds kerukan of waterways. (Jim / b)


Flood Prone Singkawang

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, Singkawang - Deputy Mayor Singkawang, Edy R Yacoub, stating that the land Singkawang position below sea level.

With such conditions, said Edy, Singkawang is flood-prone areas. "All we can do is make the water was not stagnant," said Wawako met on Wednesday (26/10/2011).

Anticipating this possibility, Wawako hopes to add the channel and keep it functioning. "I urge people not throw garbage in the drainage, because it can clog water course," he said


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