December Blossoms - Further Proof of the Wobble

Springtime flowers, shrubs and trees are blooming earlier than ever before according to many residents in the United Kingdom.

While temperatures in the UK were well above average from mid December 2012 through early January 2013, temperatures were slightly warmer during this same period one year ago and such early blooms were not reported.

This Year: Dec 2012 - Jan 2013


Last Year: Dec 2011 - Jan 2012


Although unseasonable warmth is often associated with early blossoms, it is the seasonal change in day length that determines when the flowering process can commence, a mechanism known as photoperiodism.  UK's long-day vegetation should flower only when day length (more specifically, length of night) meets their critical photoperiod, which usually begins no earlier than late February.

For complete blossoming to appear on trees and shrubs within days of the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere proves that a significant variance in the duration of normal night time darkness is occurring.  This variance can only be explained by the Earth wobble, per the Zetas.

"The Earth wobble takes the form of a Figure 8, when seen from above the N Pole. This forces Europe to tilt toward the northwest when the Sun is over Europe, to be followed by a swing of N America to the northeast as the Sun moves overhead there."  ZetaTalk

"The magnetic N Pole of Earth is now positioned over eastern Siberia, which is bitterly cold while Norway and Sweden, just as far north, are warm. The magnetic N Pole of Earth receives less sunlight, and as the globe then leans to the right the northeastern part of N America likewise is cold. The lean to the left, next in the Figure 8 wobble, gives Europe more sunlight while the magnetic N Pole is on the far side of the globe, as does the bounce back from the Polar Push which gives Alaska its warm temps." ZetaTalk


Witch Hazel in December?

In some parts of the country, including Cambridge, blossom has started to appear on trees – a sight normally seen in March.

Keen gardener Jane Pagano, of Portishead, was surprised after seeing her witch hazel tree blossom in December – several weeks earlier than expected.  And this is the first time she can remember it ever flowering in December.

Also out in flower at her garden at Denny View was her yellow-flowered mahonia plant, which she also expected to burst into colour in late January or February.

The tubs and baskets filled with pansies, violas, polyanthus and even poppies have also started to bloom around the town.

"We would not expect the tubs and baskets around the town to start blossoming yet - more like in mid February - but they have got going already."

Cherry Blossoms in January?

Visitors to Cambridge have marveled at trees lit up with pink flowers in the historic city.

Blossom usually appears in March and is a sign that spring is on its way, but visitors to Cambridge were able to enjoy the beautiful spectacle in the first week of January.

Camellia in January?

SPRING has sprung for Sheila Smith, and it's only January!

Keen gardener Sheila, from Knightsway in Newent has a Nobilissima Camellia in full flower with about 50 blooms and as many buds.

The display is usually only seen in February at the earliest, but the mild conditions have brought it out early.

Mrs Smith said: "It is out in full bloom, I can't really believe it. It is about eight foot tall. I bought it about 20 years ago, it was just a little thing then.

"It has never flowered this early before, I was a bit shocked to be honest. It started showing signs that it might flower early just before Christmas."

Other early blossoms in the UK:

Christmas Daffodils?

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Comment by Howard on February 23, 2013 at 7:43pm

Flowering Pattern Goes Haywire in India (Feb 23)

While some flowers have begun to bloom much earlier than they normally do, others haven’t flowered at all.

Flowers such as jacaranda and ‘Flame of the Forest’ have bloomed early.  Jacaranda, for instance, generally blooms in April but some of the flowers began blooming as early as January.

“Jacaranda is one such flower, which has bloomed early this year. ‘Flame of the Forest’, which can commonly be seen towards the end of March, began blooming in December — which is quite strange,” notes Kakoli Mukhopadhyay.

Meanwhile, eggplant crops haven’t been flowering at all. The opposite goes for mangoes. Generally, the mango flowers come up in the month of March, April and May — but this year, they are blooming early,” he adds

Devidas, a vegetable vendor, says that unripe mangoes will soon be flooding the market. “The season for raw mangoes generally begins in mid-April and goes on till mid-May. But the flowers have already bloomed and we will soon start getting the raw fruit for sale."


Comment by Howard on January 27, 2013 at 1:09am

Earliest Blooms Ever Recorded in 2012 (Jan 24)

Plants in Wisconsin and Massachusetts flowered the earliest since record-keeping began in 1852.

How do scientists know spring flowers are blooming much earlier than they did years ago? By looking at meticulous records kept by American naturalists Henry David Thoreau and Wisconsin’s Aldo Leopold.

Researchers from Boston and Harvard universities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison said some species are blooming almost a full month earlier.

Their study used Thoreau’s records of 32 native plant species in Concord, Mass., gathered between 1852 and 1858, and data of flowering times for 23 species in southern Wisconsin compiled by Leopold, between 1935 and 1945.

In 2012, Wisconsin plants bloomed on average nearly a month earlier than they did just 67 years earlier.

Wisconsin Master Gardener Marilyn Rebarchek, who tends the International Riverside Friendship Gardens in Riverside Park claims “Last year, I noticed an early bloom on the spring shrubs and perennials. They were about five weeks early.”

She also has tree peonies blooming earlier than they did just five to 10 years ago.

“Typically, they were the first or second week in June. Now they’ve moved up a couple of weeks for sure.”

Other plants that are blooming earlier in her garden are coneflowers and black-eyed Susans, which used to be the stars of the fall garden.

“I’ve noticed a difference of a few weeks. They’re really blooming in the summer now, in August,” she said. “And we’re supposed to get them for fall color. Those are the two that stand out the most for me.”


Comment by Howard on January 17, 2013 at 3:51am

Comparing temperatures in Gloucester UK where many of these early blooms were reported shows that last year was even warmer than this year between December 21 and January 1.  Yet such prolific early blooming did not occur.

This Year: Dec 2012 - early Jan 2013


Last Year: Dec 2011 - early Jan 2012


Comment by Andrew Veresay on January 16, 2013 at 7:55pm

this winter we had several occasions when spring flowers (camomiles and dandelions) blossomed, and i saw BEES flying over them. weather is becoming wilder and wilder, switching faster and faster.

Comment by Howard on January 15, 2013 at 3:50am

Hundreds of Snowdrops Blooming Weeks Early in UK (Jan 14)
SNOWDROPS have started to bloom at Painswick's Rococo Garden weeks ahead of schedule.

Hundreds of the white flowers have come up weeks early this year much to the amazement of garden director Paul Moir.

"I have never known the speed they have come up. It is just staggering," said Paul, who has worked at Rococo Garden for 25 years.

Rococo Garden has one of the largest naturalistic plantings of snowdrops in the country and each year a carpet of the white flowers covers an area below the Eagle House.

Hundreds of visitors travel to Painswick to see the flowers and with temperatures plummeting this week experts anticipate the main display to be at its best towards the end of January and early February.

"I'm not a global warming advocate. I believe that things move in cycles and we are in one that starts early and finishes late."


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