I found this very nice Colombian web site - Humanitarian Situation Room.


Map of the country with events marked:

Chart of events for the past months:

You can note a clear uptick after the Christmas Hammer struck.

The site also has a concise list of current events, with links to the reports.

Here are a few examples from yesterday, January 4th 2012:

Red Alert Suan, Atlantic, increasing the Magdalena River
They exceed the benchmark levels of involvement and to any growing the river may overflow.

Landslide in the village of San Felix in Bello, Antioquia
Total of ten villages are inhabited by some 8,000 people the disadvantaged. To business related to paragliding are affected as the increased flow of tourists come this way, as the San Pedro to San Cristobal is dangerous in many places has large unpaved and subsidence in which motorcyclists and often fall an accident many vehicles.

224 families affected by the flooding of the Cauca, Bolivar, Valle del Cauca
En Bolívar, uno de los municipios más afectados, el comandante del Cuerpo de Bomberos, señaló que son alrededor de 224 familias las afectadas por la creciente del Cauca, de éstas 200 cuyas casas quedaron bajo el agua y las demás que perdieron sus cultivos

Landslides destroy 160m of the road in Coral
virtually the road leading from the town of La Plata Pital gone on a stretch of approximately 160 meters to the height of the El Coral, local rural plateña.

There are links to the news sources where available.

Please, someone who speaks spanish fluently should check all those news out, some may be the very current events, while some may be descriptions of past events. Thank you.

A few more from the day before, January 3rd 2012:

Four districts of North Tunja are affected by rain
North Tejares, Torres del Este, Assisi and Capitol were the northern neighborhoods of Tunja that recorded flood emergency after heavy rain was recorded at 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon.

Landslides have affected 20 homes on the slopes of Cerro La Popa in Cartagena
The land down the hill of La Popa on Monday night and destroyed the courts clogged some of the back walls of 20 houses.

Like I said, some of those events are probably from the past year, december or even before, so I would like some spanish speaking people to check them out and report the current events back to the Ning.

Thank you and stay safe.

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