China: 10 acres of rice fields Xiaogan collapsed on the ground

Jan 15, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, Xiaogan Yunmeng county estates across the Po Tanzhen what happened six groups of land subsidence, collapse area of about 10 acres, 580 villagers, local government transfers, set the point of a settlement, now no casualties and property losses.

What is the estate of six groups of macro Casino salt brine area. After the incident, the local government staff on-site rescue organization, set up the warning line, to avoid further expansion of the accident. Relevant experts to carry out inspections, cause of the accident investigation continues, the current local people emotional stability.

7 pm yesterday, the reporter to the scene to interview.

Spray the ground 10 meters from 'black water column.'

Local villagers said Chen Mei-embroidered, 14:30 the same day, she was upstairs cleaning when I heard someone shout out, 'something went wrong, something went wrong.' Her on to the roof and saw a sight that stunned: far at the rice fields constantly filled with black water, straight to the sky spraying(

'Water column 10 meters high.' Embroidered Mei Chen said, the rice fields everywhere to spray the water column, simply to count the number of high column of water three stories high. Water at the same time, the rice fields of poles, cotton stalks and other things to sink, about to be flooded large areas of rice fields has become an instant Blackpool.

Seeing the situation, Chen quickly went down the open space outside the house there are many villagers ran out, the village cadres also arrived at the scene, and the organization of the evacuation.

Last night, reporters at the scene saw the incident to have been martial law, Yunmeng county government related to leadership experts are on-site survey to cause subsidence(News News

According to Tan Zhen-related personnel across the Po, the cloud collapse should be located about 200 meters east of the road, what the former estate of six groups of about 40 meters through field visits, an area of about 10 acres of land subsidence, collapse at a large gush of water . from the group appeared in the recent housing cracks, subsidence and cracks near the village of danger to life and property safety, but no casualties.

After the accident, wind up the local power outage the power sector in a timely manner to avoid secondary disasters.

580 villagers in the village safe transfer.

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