Argentina: massive rock collapse in reserve of La Lobería, Río Negro


31.07.12. New landslides of footpaths in nature reserve La Lobería. This area, located on a cliff top, where you can see sea lions, has already for several months been closed to visitors after the first walkways collapse. The Environment Secretariat reported that between last Wednesday and Friday were new caving steep banks big square on a protected natural area La Punta Bermeja Lobería. This time the damage was more serious - dropped into the abyss of the observation deck, the footpaths, that were for use by the general public, footbridge and a large area around courtyard house.

The first collapse of cliffs of more than 20 meters, occurred in November last year, and this situation has led to the closure of the site for public use. In the Department of environmental protection reported, that currently conducting the study of the sensitivity of the rocks by the professionals of the Río Negro National University. The aim is to develop a strategic plan to revamp the area and open to visitors.

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