Argentina: 6 meter tidal surge floods Comodoro Rivadavia

By intense surge this afternoon cut traffic in Comodoro.

Mar 12, 2013


It was from the 17 in Hippolytus Yrigoy to avoid transit through Ducós Avenue, a key location in the city. Yesterday, the rough seas cord exceeded the waterfront and flooded the entire area.

Water complicated traffic since yesterday. Today, more problems.

The coordinator of the Ministry of Security of Comodoro Rivadavia, Antonio Zúñiga, announced Tuesday that starting from the 17 will be cut back traffic on Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen to Cagliero height for vehicles that do not travel on the Avenue Ducós after the intense storm surge.

In this context, he asked the drivers' respect indications of inspectors will cut into the schedule to avoid any accident since yesterday (the swell) exceeded the waterfront cord which affected most the frontage ".

Meanwhile, Undersecretary of operational control of the Municipality Ricardo Murcia, said that "by the time the traffic on Avenida Ducós circulates normally, but at 17, traffic personnel mounted an operation to prevent as it announced a intense surge tidal reach six meters (20 feet). "

Thus, the reported that the trucks will be diverted to the road cutting the Avenida Roque Gonzales Ducós and talk with the school authorities Perito Moreno for kids to leave an hour early.

Also, Zuniga explained that yesterday, before the storm surge flooding around the College Perito Moreno, "people worked Volunteer Fire and Civil Defence who collaborated with educational institutions and Transit cuts made ​​to keep motorists moving by the affected "


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