2014/04/20 Concentric Circles and Easter Colors! * 2014/04/22 More * 2014/04/23 Consistent * 2014/04/24 Again!

Dear Nancy ,it's raining today hoping for a change I'll send 2 photo of Easter with natural presence of monsters , note the stranger change of color in different hours. Incredible.Alberto

I believe that in different hour image change color and I think due magnetic fields . Filters used are the same : orange inside and mylar external . whatch these two I send , first normal, second violet. Alberto 

Nancy's Comment: Many of use have been having dizzy spells last couple days, which is due to that magnetic whallop that Planet X can deliver. This apparently also changes the color of the filtered capture! Making it green!

All day same figure .Alberto

3 photo 3 color 1 objet present in the 3 photo like mobil body in 3 different position seem disc or crater.zoom monster right. Alberto

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