Near Sunset 03/31 18:39 * 03/29 13:16 Interval Among Clouds and Strong Rain ! * 04/01 11:50 What Should I Think? * 04/02 16:09 Sun and More

Near Sunset 03/31 18:39

03/29 13:16  Interval Among Clouds and Strong Rain !

4/01 11:50 What Should I Think?

Nancy's Comment: I know this is not an April Fools day joke, knowing Alberto. This appears to be a photo without filters, letting the clouds dim the glare of the Sun. There are Moon Swirl orbs on all sides of the Sun, at the 1 o'clock, the 10:00 o'clock, and the 4 o'clock. The wafting tail to the left is also faintly visible, lighting the clouds somewhat.

04/02 !6:09 Sun and More

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Comment by J Ph on April 1, 2013 at 5:17pm

great photos! interesting enough, col. chris hadfield of the ISS posts daily photos of earth and space. Today he posted a photo of the sun ;-) is this a concession? is PX showing in the pic? I reckon he shot this on an upside down perspective. you can view the original post here
Nancy's Comment: someone posted in the log asking about the light near the Sun and the tube, the Moon Swirl tube. I suspect the light blog is a reflection in the ISS window, but the tube is not! A slip up by someone to allow this photo to be posted. Here's the poster comment, which got ignored: What is the smaller bright dot beside the sun? Correct me if wrong, but I'm assuming the sun to be the rayed object, and the blue streak a comet. I am referring to that smaller white blotch just above the sun and slightly to the left. Is that an orbiting object? Or am I misinterpreting this image and the sun is the tiny white blotch while the rayed object is a light on the technological structure dimly shown just below the two bright spots and the blue streak.

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