2012/09/22 17:35 Moon Swirls Visible Now! (NEW ZetaTalk) Announcement Push!

I did invert and increased brightness, will be asking the Zetas what this means.


Alberto's photos, and others, have shown the corpus of Planet X being brighter, more illuminated, and the vast tail of Planet X being blown toward the Earth and also greatly illuminated. Now we have yet another feature, as these objects captures are NOT lens flares nor are they ghosts, as each orb has a different aspect. The dust cloud can be seen, disbursed around the Sun, thus not as visible as formerly when it was clustered in front of the Sun. The disbursed tail allows the Moon Swirls and the charged dust the moons attract to have more visibility. This has been a deliberate move by the Council of Worlds, to nudge the pending announcement. Each of these orbs is the view down a Moon Swirl tube, and in many the individual moons can be seen! If Alberto is getting this, so are others, and the Internet is abuzz!


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Comment by Recall 15 on September 24, 2012 at 3:25pm

Image captured Sept 24 2012 time 7.06.56 CT

Using a Web cam in the roof and a floppy disk inside as a red filter:

Invert Image:

i will move this web cam to center the Sun

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